Pet food warning from FDA: Stop feeding this food to your pet immediately

The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) issued a warning for Darwin’s Natural Pet Products raw cat food, telling customers not to feed their pets two different products from the company. The warning comes after the detection of Salmonella str.....»»

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Chile"s distant paradise where scientists study climate change

Hidden inside pristine forests in Chile's deep south, known as the end of the world, lie potential early warning signs of climate change......»»

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Kenya "effectively" lifts ban on genetically modified crops

Kenya's new president says the Cabinet has "effectively" lifted the country's ban on openly cultivating genetically modified crops, reversing a decade-old decision as the East African country struggles with food security and a deadly drought......»»

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Small eddies play a big role in feeding ocean microbes

Subtropical gyres are enormous rotating ocean currents that generate sustained circulations in the Earth's subtropical regions just to the north and south of the equator. These gyres are slow-moving whirlpools that circulate within massive basins aro.....»»

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Long-term tracking of whale feeding behavior via satellite is now possible with new tag

Oregon State University researchers have developed a new satellite tag that allows them to better track whales' behavior, including previously unobservable feeding events during dives......»»

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Increasing evidence that bears are not carnivores

Bears are not cats or dogs, and feeding them like they are likely shortens their lives......»»

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Single-cell tools give insight into active antibiotic resistome in soils

Soil antimicrobial resistance (AMR) is posing increasing health risks due to possible transmission to humans through direct contact and through the food chain. However, soil AMR studies have relied mostly on environmental DNA that could come from dea.....»»

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Lab-grown pigments and food by-products: The future of natural textile dyes

As the environmental impact of the fashion and textile industries becomes clearer, the demand and need for sustainable alternatives is growing. One international research group aims to replace toxic synthetic dyes with natural alternatives, ranging f.....»»

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Ultra-processed foods are trashing our health and the planet

Our world is facing a huge challenge: we need to create enough high-quality, diverse and nutritious food to feed a growing population—and do so within the boundaries of our planet. This means significantly reducing the environmental impact of the g.....»»

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Hurricane Ian Is a Warning From the Future

Tropical storms are increasingly likely to batter the US as oceans warm—and will continue to wreak havoc so long as climate change remains unaddressed......»»

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Researchers explore driving factors affecting sustainability of endorheic regions

Coactions of subtle climatic variations and mounting anthropogenic interference on the water-food-ecosystem-economy nexus create a new challenge in ensuring the security of water, food and ecosystems in most endorheic regions......»»

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Two Microsoft Exchange zero-days exploited by attackers (CVE-2022-41040, CVE-2022-41082)

Attackers are leveraging two zero-day vulnerabilities (CVE-2022-41040, CVE-2022-41082) to breach Microsoft Exchange servers. News of the attacks broke on Wednesday, when researchers with Vietnamese cybersecurity company GTSC released a warning saying.....»»

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Study finds that climate change added 10% to Ian"s rainfall

Climate change added at least 10% more rain to Hurricane Ian, a study prepared immediately after the storm shows......»»

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FDA’s rotten definition of “healthy” food is finally getting tossed

For now, salmon and nuts are not eligible for "healthy" label, but sugary cereals are. Enlarge (credit: Getty | REDA&CO) The US Food and Drug Administration on Wednesday proposed a long-awaited revision to the definition of th.....»»

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More than superfood: Researchers study use of duckweed

In Asia, duckweed has been used as a food for a long time. The research group CritMET: Critical Metals for Enabling Technologies at Jacobs University Bremen recently discovered that duckweed is not only rich in nutrients, it also stores rare earths t.....»»

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Agricultural rewilding can help restore the environment and support production of high-welfare food, researchers say

Rewilding landscapes using elements of farming practice can help to restore ecosystems and produce high-welfare, high-quality food, researchers say......»»

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New FDA baby formula warning: Stop using this recalled formula right now

It hasn’t been a great year for parents with newborn babies. The massive Abbott baby formula recall in early 2022 triggered a nationwide product shortage. We then saw additional recalls and baby formula warnings. Mother’s Touch baby formula is th.....»»

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The Sustainable Future of Food Must Bring Everyone to the Table

At this year’s RE:WIRED Green event, food scientists and environmental justice activists mapped out how we can end world hunger and preserve our planet......»»

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Scientists say a One Health approach to plant health is vital to achieving sustainable global food security

A team of scientists argues that a One Health approach to plant health is vital if we are to sustainably feed a growing population expected to reach 10 billion by 2050......»»

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Coyotes in New York City do not need to rely on human food

Researchers in New York City have analyzed the DNA of urban coyotes and discovered that the coyotes eat a variety of native prey species and supplement this diet with human-sourced food items. The study is published in PeerJ......»»

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Research reveals bed bugs produce potentially dangerous amounts of histamine

University of Kentucky (UK) College of Agriculture, Food and Environment entomologists made eye-opening discoveries in a recent bed bug study, finding the bugs produce large amounts of histamine that may pose risks to humans......»»

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