Microsoft confirms which Xbox games are going to Switch, PlayStation

Hi-Fi Rush, Grounded, Pentiment, and Sea of Thieves are going multiplatform. Enlarge / Four Xbox console exclusives will soon be exclusive no more. (credit: Microsoft) During a "business update" video podcast last week,.....»»

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Amazon’s Fallout series is crossing over with two Fallout games

Fallout 76 and Fallout Shelter are both getting new content based on the new Amazon Prime TV show adaptation of the franchise......»»

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Three episodes in, the Fallout TV series absolutely nails it

Hyperviolence, strong characters, cool visuals, and some humor make a good show. Like the games, the show depicts a Vault Dweller making her way out into the Wasteland......»»

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No two worms are alike: New study confirms that even the simplest marine organisms tend to be individualistic

Sport junkie or couch potato? Always on time or often late? The animal kingdom, too, is home to a range of personalities, each with its own lifestyle. In a study just released in the journal PLOS Biology, a team led by Sören Häfker and Kristin Tess.....»»

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Fallout 4 is finally getting free Xbox Series X and PS5 upgrades

PS5 and Xbox Series X/S native versions of Bethesda's Fallout 4 will finally launch this month in the wake of the premiere of Amazon's Fallout show......»»

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China Is Using AI to Sow Disinformation and Stoke Discord Across Asia and the U.S., Microsoft Reports

A new report by Microsoft Threat Intelligence outlines how China’s influence operations have ramped up their use of artificial intelligence. Faking a political endorsement in Taiwan ahead of its crucial January election, sharing m.....»»

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The Ultimate Guide to Popular Linux Games in 2024 – Insights

With the gaming world constantly evolving, Linux has emerged as a formidable platform for gamers seeking diversity and freedom in their gaming experience. This guide, brought to you with insights from, dives deep into the thriving ecosyst.....»»

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"Fallout" review: Video game adaptation is a wild nuclear Western

Walton Goggins, Ella Purnell, and Aaron Moten star in Prime Video's adaptation of the "Fallout" games. Early on in one of Fallout's many flashbacks to the late 21st century, actor Cooper Howard (Walton Goggins) worries about the ending of a Wes.....»»

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year of Xbox Game Pass Core for less than $50 at Newegg

As of April 10, get 12 months of Xbox Game Pass Core for $48.99 at Newegg. That's $11 off its normal price of $59.99 and an 18% discount. SAVE $11: As of April 10, get an Xbox 12 Month Game Pass Core digital code for $48.99 at Newegg with promo.....»»

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Windows 11 update fixes record number 147 flaws. This is why I switched to macOS.

Microsoft dropped a Tuesday patch that fixes a record number of flaws. In case you missed it, on Tuesday, Microsoft dropped a patch to rectify some Windows 11 issues. "Some," however, is an understatement.According to KrebsonSecurity, the Redmo.....»»

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"Fallout"s music might be polarizing, but here"s why it"s perfect

Prime Video's "Fallout" TV adaptation features plenty of the music from the Bethesda games — and here's why it's important. The Fallout games are synonymous with a few things: a crumbling, retro-futurist American aesthetic; brutal combat with.....»»

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The best dating sites for finding serious long-term relationships

Looking for a serious relationship? Here are the top dating sites and apps for finding a long-term partner, updated as of April 2024. Dating is rough, especially at a time when we're dealing with AI-generated BS, fuckbois looking to play games.....»»

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Grow plants from fantasy games with this IRL initiative

Collaborating with "Guild Wars 2", SeedSaga lets gamers sow IRL seeds from their favourite video game plants. The landscapes of the fantasy game Guild Wars 2 are dotted with luscious plants, many of which, like the blue flax flower, are inspire.....»»

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The best "Fallout" games to play after watching Prime Video"s TV series

Welcome to the Wasteland, Vault Dweller. If you've watched Prime Video's "Fallout", here's which games to play. In the wake of Prime Video's highly anticipated Fallout series, fans new and old may be looking into diving back into the Wasteland.....»»

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I tested Intel’s XeSS against AMD FSR — and the results speak for themselves

In a lot of modern games, you'll have the choice between AMD FSR and Intel XeSS, and there are some significant differences between them......»»

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Microsoft Surface Laptop 5 is discounted from $1,300 to $800

The Microsoft Surface Laptop 5 is a stylish and practical laptop for general daily use. It's on sale at a great discount at Best Buy today......»»

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NYT Strands: answers for Thursday, April 11

Strands is a tricky take on the classic word search from NYT Games. If you're stuck and cannot solve today's puzzle, we've got help for you here......»»

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Slay the Spire 2, Vampire Survivors meets Contra, and other “Triple-i” games

More than 30 games in 45 minutes, and a lot of them look wishlist-able. Enlarge / Norland is a game that communicates its intent well through screenshots. (credit: Hooded Horse) The Triple-i initiative is a gaming showca.....»»

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How to connect a MacBook to a TV

Connecting your MacBook to a TV is a great way to enjoy shows, movies and games on a bigger display. Here’s everything you need to know on how to do it......»»

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Microsoft finds a sneaky way to slip more ads into Windows

Microsoft is testing a stealth way to include ads to the Windows 11 Start menu......»»

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iOS 17.5 expands Puzzles collection with leaderboards and new ‘Quartiles’ word game

Following the addition of crosswords in iOS 17, Apple News+ is expanding its catalog of games as part of iOS 17.5. Starting with iOS 17.5, there is a new game called “Quartiles” available in the News app, which prompts players to select from a gr.....»»

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