Metamaterials and origamic metal-organic frameworks

Origami is a paper folding process usually associated with child's play mostly to form a paper-folded crane, yet it is, as of recently a fascinating research topic. Origami-inspired materials can achieve mechanical properties that are difficult to ac.....»»

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In a doughnut in Japan, unlocking the power of the Sun

With its tangle of pipes and pumps leading to a metal pot the size of a five-storey building, Japan's JT-60SA machine looks to the untrained eye like a contraption from 1970s sci-fi......»»

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Study investigates chemical composition of metal-poor star HD 1936

Using the Ankara University Kreiken Observatory (AUKR) in Turkey, astronomers have performed high-resolution spectroscopic observations of a metal-poor star known as HD 1936. Results of the observations campaign, published February 15 on the preprint.....»»

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Study details toxic elements found in stranded whales, dolphins over 15 years

Whales and dolphins get their nutrients and essential elements through their diet. While eating fish, squid, octopus, crustaceans, and other marine mammals, they are also exposed to heavy metal contaminants......»»

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Physicists develop new solar cell design for better efficiency

Physicists at Paderborn University have used complex computer simulations to develop a new design for significantly more efficient solar cells than previously available. A thin layer of organic material, known as tetracene, is responsible for the inc.....»»

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Researchers conduct comprehensive review on preparation of MOF-based flame retardants via coordination bond cleavage

Since the first report of metal-organic framework (MOF)-based flame retardants in 2017, this research area has exploded. However, improving the flame-retardant efficiency of MOFs and expanding their application areas remain critical challenges. The p.....»»

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Metal Prices Are Soaring. So Is Metal Theft

It’s a multi-billion-dollar global problem, and in a rapidly electrifying world, the profits—and ease—of stealing metals is only going to increase......»»

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Harnessing light with hemispherical shells for improved photovoltaics

In the pursuit of sustainable energy solutions, the quest for more efficient solar cells is paramount. Organic photovoltaic cells have emerged as a promising alternative to traditional silicon-based counterparts due to their flexibility and cost-effe.....»»

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Acoustic invention enhances ultrasound to access enclosed metal spaces

The inside of underwater pipes and enclosed nuclear containers were inaccessible—until recently. Acoustics researchers in Penn State's College of Engineering have developed a way to convey energy and transmit communications through metal walls usin.....»»

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New synthesis method uses light reaction on a water surface

By forming chemical bonds between atoms, complex molecules such as those needed for medicines, crop protection products, or high-performance materials are prepared using synthetic chemistry. Such synthesis reactions typically require organic solvents.....»»

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Uncovering the physics of how electrons screen against conductivity-killer in organic semiconductors

California's Silicon Valley and Utah's Silicon Slopes are named for the element most associated with semiconductors, the backbone of the computer revolution. Anything computerized or electronic depends on semiconductors, a substance with properties t.....»»

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Scientists use AI to identify new materials for carbon capture

Generative AI techniques, machine learning, and simulations give researchers new opportunities to identify environmentally friendly metal-organic framework materials......»»

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A new optical metamaterial makes true one-way glass possible

A new approach has allowed researchers at Aalto University to create a kind of metamaterial that has so far been beyond the reach of existing technologies. Unlike natural materials, metamaterials and metasurfaces can be tailored to have specific elec.....»»

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New research opens avenues for more efficient and stable blue OLED displays

New research from scientists at Durham University reveals an unexpected pathway toward brighter, more efficient, and more stable blue organic light-emitting diodes (OLEDs)......»»

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Scientists find new way to roll atomically thin nanosheets into scrolls

Researchers from Tokyo Metropolitan University have come up with a new way of rolling atomically thin sheets of atoms into "nanoscrolls." Their unique approach uses transition metal dichalcogenide sheets with a different composition on either side, r.....»»

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New AI tool discovers realistic "metamaterials" with unusual properties

A coating that can hide objects in plain sight, or an implant that behaves exactly like bone tissue—these extraordinary objects are already made from "metamaterials." Researchers from TU Delft have now developed an AI tool that not only can discove.....»»

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Surprise physics in insulating material offer path for faster tech

Researchers led by Cornell have discovered an unusual phenomenon in a metal-insulating material, providing valuable insights for the design of materials with new properties by way of faster switching between states of matter......»»

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Scientists develop new molecular system made from abundant element manganese for photooxidation

Highly reducing or oxidizing photocatalysts are a fundamental challenge in photochemistry. Only a few transition metal complexes with Earth-abundant metal ions have so far advanced to excited state oxidants, including chromium, iron, and cobalt. All.....»»

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Cold-resistant bacteria found in the Arctic can degrade crude oil

The Arctic region is being actively developed by humans, but it negatively affects the environment. The fact is that Arctic soils, which contain little organic matter, are susceptible to the toxic effects of hydrocarbons that get there as a result of.....»»

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New techniques for making qubits out of erbium

Qubits are the building block for quantum technology, and finding or building qubits that are stable and easily manipulated is one of the central goals of quantum technology research. Scientists have found that an atom of erbium—a rare-earth metal.....»»

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MXene-coated devices can guide microwaves in space and lighten the payload

One of the most important components of satellites that enable telecommunication is the waveguide, which is a metal tube for guiding radio waves. It is also one of the heaviest payloads satellites carry into orbit. As with all space technology, reduc.....»»

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