Indigenous spiritual teaching in schools can foster reconciliation and inclusion

Indigenous education has become an area of growing concern for public schools across Canada. We are living in an era of reconciliation where Indigenous populations are growing and interest in confronting our shared histories continues to develop. Par.....»»

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Targeting seed microbes to improve seed resilience

Fonio (Digitaria exilis), a type of millet, is the oldest indigenous crop in West Africa and one of the fastest-maturing cereals. Despite its low yield, the combination of quick maturation and drought tolerance and its ability to thrive in poor soils.....»»

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Gender can shape how teaching assistants are evaluated, study finds

Male teaching assistants are more likely to receive higher ratings than their female counterparts, and both genders are perceived as more valuable when exhibiting traits historically associated with their respective roles in society, a Cornell study.....»»

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Walleye struggle with changes to timing of spring thaw, researchers find

Walleye are one of the most sought-after species in freshwater sportfishing, a delicacy on Midwestern menus and a critically important part of the culture of many Indigenous communities. They are also struggling to survive in the warming waters of th.....»»

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Advancing climate change research and policy demands knowledge from Indigenous Peoples, study says

As you read this, many regions of the world are implementing crisis plans against drought while, simultaneously, torrential rains wreak havoc in other corners of the planet, submerging cities and crops under the forces of wild waters......»»

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Predatory fish use rapid color changes to coordinate attacks, scientists discover

Striped marlin are some of the fastest animals on the planet and one of the ocean's top predators. When hunting in groups, individual marlin will take turns attacking schools of prey fish one at a time. Now a new study reported in the journal Current.....»»

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How governments handle data matters for inclusion

Governments increasingly rely on large amounts of data to provide services ranging from mobility and air quality to child welfare and policing programs. While governments have always relied on data, their increasing use of algorithms and artificial i.....»»

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Cybersecurity crisis in schools

Primary school systems handle sensitive data concerning minors, while higher education institutions must safeguard intellectual property data, making them prime targets for cyberattacks, according to Trustwave. These attacks not only threaten the saf.....»»

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School focus on grades and test scores linked to violence against teachers

Violence against teachers is likely to be higher in schools that focus on grades and test scores than in schools that emphasize student learning, a new study has found......»»

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Study suggests anti-Black racism may account for conservatives" negative reactions to jobs requiring DEI statements

According to new research from Rice University and the University of Nebraska at Omaha, conservative-leaning job applicants indicate being less likely to pursue positions that require personal statements on diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI), and.....»»

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Biology textbooks do not provide students with comprehensive view of science of sex and gender, say professors

The teaching of science has long generated controversy in the United States—from evolution in the early 20th century to climate change today. Debates have also often emerged around how textbooks teach concepts related to social groups, and in parti.....»»

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How Americans really feel about the teaching of controversial topics in schools

While Americans overwhelmingly agree on the fundamental value of public education, a new study by researchers at USC reveals deep partisan divides on sensitive topics like LGBTQ+ inclusion and racial justice in K-12 curricula......»»

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Taiwan"s Indigenous languages are under threat—what can NZ learn from their successes and failures?

There has been a global push to revitalize Indigenous languages since the late 1980s......»»

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Indigenous Colombians fret as sacred mountain glaciers melt

In the shade of a sacred tree, Indigenous wise men chew coca leaves as they mull the threats to their home among the melting, snow-capped peaks of Colombia's Sierra Nevada mountains......»»

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Research highlights power of interactive, gesture-based lessons when teaching abstract math concepts

Researchers at Colorado State University are exploring how non-verbal communication could be leveraged by faculty to reach educational goals and support individual learning around abstract math concepts......»»

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This Pong spiritual successor will break your brain and spirit

If you're looking for a challenging game that'll break your brain, this Pong deconstruction is for you......»»

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Data suggest Indigenous fathers help build stronger communities: How they can be better supported

When approaching how to support the needs of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander families, there is a tendency in favor of strengthening and empowering mothers, rather than fathers......»»

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Trauma-informed approaches to discipline matter for equitable and safe schooling

Schools across North America are increasingly implementing policies and practices to reduce suspensions and expulsions......»»

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Data science shown to expedite return of ancestral Indigenous remains

The return of the ancestral human remains of Australian and other Indigenous peoples held in anthropological collections could be sped up using machine-based deep learning according to a new study led by QUT computer scientists......»»

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Max will serve up live sports in Dolby Vision

Live sports on Max may look a bit better than on other services, thanks to the inclusion of Dolby Vision for HDR......»»

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Schools may be underestimating how many kids are homeless

School districts could be severely underestimating how many kids are homeless in their communities, allowing those children to fall through the cracks, a new study warns......»»

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