How to track NASA’s Orion spacecraft on its voyage back to Earth

NASA's Orion spacecraft has been in space since last month, and is about to begin its journey back from the moon. You can track its voyage home in real time......»»

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Apple"s 2024 iPad & iPhone chip plan has been detailed in a new leak

A low-profile leaker with a very good track record has spelled out what they believe to be Apple's entire iPad chip plan and what chips they expect to see in the iPhone 16.Using iPad Pro and Apple PencilThe data spans multiple posts and products. Det.....»»

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Daily Telescope: Two nebulae in Orion for the price of one

What happens if you observe the same patch of sky every night all winter? Enlarge / The Flame and Horsehead nebulae in Orion. (credit: Andrew Desrosiers) Welcome to the Daily Telescope. There is a little too much dark.....»»

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First US moon lander in half a century stops working a week after tipping over at touchdown

The first U.S. spacecraft to land on the moon since the Apollo astronauts fell silent Thursday, a week after breaking a leg at touchdown and tipping over near the lunar south pole......»»

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World resource extraction could surge 60% by 2060, UN warns

Extraction of Earth's natural resources could surge 60 percent by 2060, imperiling climate goals and economic prosperity, the UN said Friday, calling for dramatic changes in energy, food, transport and housing......»»

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Planning for a smooth landing on Mars

A U.S. mission to land astronauts on the surface of Mars will be unlike any other extraterrestrial landing ever undertaken by NASA......»»

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The NASA Mars helicopter’s work is not done, it turns out

NASA’s Mars helicopter has been grounded since January 18 after suffering damage to one of its rotors as it came in to land. But its work is not done......»»

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Odysseus lunar lander sends a ‘fitting farewell transmission’ to Earth

Intuitive Machines' record-breaking Odysseus lunar lander lost power on Thursday, though it may be in touch again soon......»»

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Artemis II lunar crew rehearses splashdown in the Pacific

The four NASA astronauts set to fly by the moon next year have been out training for the final stage of the mission: the splashdown......»»

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Mercury rising: Study sheds new light on ancient volcanoes" environmental impact

Massive volcanic events in Earth's history that released large amounts of carbon into the atmosphere frequently correlate with periods of severe environmental change and mass extinctions. A new method to estimate how much and how rapidly carbon was r.....»»

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To the moon and back: NASA"s Artemis II crew rehearses splashdown

Their mission around the moon is not expected until September 2025 at the earliest, but the four astronauts on NASA's Artemis II mission are already preparing for their splashdown return......»»

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Scientists discover radiation from massive stars shapes planetary systems

How do planetary systems such as the solar system form? To find out, CNRS scientists taking part in an international research team studied a stellar nursery, the Orion Nebula, using the James Webb Space Telescope. By observing a protoplanetary disk n.....»»

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A bright idea for recycling rare-earth phosphors from used fluorescent bulbs

Recycling facilities collect glass and mercury from thrown-away fluorescent bulbs, but discarded lighting could also supply rare-earth metals for reuse. The 17 metals referred to as rare earths aren't all widely available and aren't easily extracted.....»»

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How to Fix Find My Not Working on iPhone

iOS 17 users have been running into an issue where the Find My app has stopped working properly on their iPhone. Fortunately, there are several manual fixes for the problem. Apple’s Find My app lets users track their iPhone, useful if the devic.....»»

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Scientists reveal how first cells could have formed on Earth

Roughly 4 billion years ago, Earth was developing conditions suitable for life. Origin-of-life scientists often wonder if the type of chemistry found on the early Earth was similar to what life requires today. They know that spherical collections of.....»»

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Could fiber optic cable help scientists probe the deep layers of the moon?

An increasing number of seismologists are using fiber optic cables to detect seismic waves on Earth—but how would this technology fare on the moon, and what would it tell us about the deep layers of our nearest neighbor in space?.....»»

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Scientists create new idea on how to hack a warming planet: drying the upper atmosphere

Government scientists have cooked up a new concept for how to potentially cool an overheating Earth: Fiddle with the upper atmosphere to make it a bit drier......»»

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Private US moon lander still working after breaking leg and falling, but not for long

The first private U.S. spacecraft to land on the moon broke a leg at touchdown before falling over, according to company officials who said Wednesday it was on the verge of losing power......»»

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Astronomers reveal a new link between water and planet formation

Researchers have found water vapor in the disk around a young star exactly where planets may be forming. Water is a key ingredient for life on Earth and is also thought to play a significant role in planet formation, yet until now, astronomers have n.....»»

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SpaceX reschedules this week’s Crew-8 launch to the space station

NASA and SpaceX are making final preparations for Crew-8's flight to the International Space Station in a launch targeted for Saturday night......»»

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Rivian updates iPhone app with support for Live Activities while charging

Rivian is rolling out an update to its iPhone app with support for Live Activities. This lets Rivian drivers track their car’s charging progress right from their iPhone’s Lock Screen or the Dynamic Island on iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 15. more.....»»

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