How Russian threats turned this country into the go-to expert on cyber defense

When people like the German Chancellor Angela Merkel or the King of Belgium want to learn more about cybersecurity, they go to Estonia......»»

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Russian Arctic warming leads to major ice loss

Glaciers and ice caps in two archipelagos in the Russian Arctic are losing enough meltwater to fill nearly five million Olympic-size swimming pools each year, research shows......»»

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Kuda, the African challenger bank, raises $55M at a $500M valuation

Kuda Bank, the London-based, Nigerian-operating startup that is taking on incumbents in the country with a mobile-first, personalised and often cheaper set of banking services built on newer, API-based infrastructure, has been on a growth tear in the.....»»

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Chinese Hackers Used Mesh of Home Routers To Disguise Attacks

An anonymous reader quotes The Record: A Chinese cyber-espionage group known as APT31 (or Zirconium) has been seen hijacking home routers to form a proxy mesh around its server infrastructure in order to relay and disguise the origins of their attac.....»»

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US Justice Department Says Russians Hacked Its Federal Prosecutors

In January America's federal Justice Department said there was no evidence that Russian hackers behind the massive SolarWinds breach had accessed classified systems, remembers the Associated Press. But today? The department said 80% of Microsoft emai.....»»

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Growth roundup: Investing in community, targeting developers, new marketer recs

“The best thing a startup can do, and I’m seeing it happen more and more, is investing in community early on,” growth marketing expert Max van den Ingh of Unmuted tells us. “When I was leading growth at MisterGreen, we created a c.....»»

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Russian Hackers Continue With Attacks Despite Biden Warning

Security researchers say they have uncovered an ongoing hacking campaign carried out by suspected Russian spies who are continuing to stage attacks amid U.S. pressure on the Kremlin to curtail its alleged cyber-intrusions. From a report: The Californ.....»»

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Design expert Scott Tong outlines 4 concepts founders should consider when designing products

At Early Stage 2021, design expert Scott Tong walked us through some of the ways founders should think about design, what design means and the steps that come before focusing on the pixels. In the last decade, high-quality design has become.....»»

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In heat emergency, Greece adds checks for fires, power cuts

Greek authorities ordered additional fire patrols and infrastructure maintenance inspections Friday as the country grappled with a heat wave fed by hot air from Africa that is expected to last more than a week......»»

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The "Hydrogen Olympics" Lit a Torch for the Clean Fuel"s Future

An energy expert explains why Japan—along with much of the rest of the world—is committing to the clean-burning fuel -- Read more on»»

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Russia blames space station lab incident on software failure

A Russian space official on Friday blamed a software problem on a newly docked science lab that briefly knocked the International Space Station out of position......»»

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Cheltenham’s GCHQ to massive, cyber-oriented tech startup campus right next door

Since the UK’s spying headquarters of GCHQ was established in the city in the 1950’s, Cheltenham has attracted large firms like IBM, Raytheon, Microsoft, BAE Systems to the region. However, startups like Truststamp, Bamboo Technologies, Ripjar, H.....»»

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ISS Briefly Loses Control After New Russian Module Misfires

destinyland shares a report from CNN: An unusual and potentially dangerous situation unfolded Thursday at the International Space Station, as the newly-docked Russian Nauka module inadvertently fired its thrusters causing a "tug of war" with the spac.....»»

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Russian module suddenly fires thrusters after docking with space station

"Until you exhaust all your contingency plans, you're not really starting to worry." Enlarge / Russian "Nauka" module approaches the International Space Station. (credit: Roscosmos) Flight controllers at NASA and Roscosmos averted a disaster o.....»»

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International Space Station briefly loses control after new Russian module misfires

An unusual and potentially dangerous situation unfolded Thursday at the International Space Station, as the newly-docked Russian Nauka module inadvertently fired its thrusters causing a "tug of war" with the space station and briefly pushing it out o.....»»

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Forget “App Tracking Transparency”: Facebook is enjoying more ad revenue than ever

Facebook's CFO predicts the worst is yet to come, though. Faebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg. (credit: Facebook) For months, Apple and Facebook waged a PR war (with threats of a legal one) over App Tracking Transparency, a change in recent versions o.....»»

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Tencent Is World"s Worst Stock Bet With $170 Billion Wipeout

China's unprecedented crackdown on its technology industry has turned Tencent Holdings from a market darling into the world's biggest stock loser this month. From a report: The Chinese Internet giant had tumbled 23% in July as of Wednesday, set for i.....»»

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Sean Gallagher and an AI expert talk about our crazy machine-learning adventure

Join our headline experiment post-mortem today, July 28, at 1 pm Eastern time! Recorded on July 28, 2021. Click here for transcript. We've spent the past few weeks burning copious amounts of AWS compute time trying to invent an algorithm.....»»

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Russian lab module docks with space station after 8-day trip

Russia's long-delayed lab module successfully docked with the International Space Station on Thursday, eight days after it was launched from the Russian space launch facility in Baikonur, Kazakhstan......»»

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White House Calls on America"s Most Critical Companies To Improve Cyber Defenses

The White House is signaling to U.S. critical infrastructure companies, such as energy providers that they must improve their cyber defenses because additional potential regulation is on the horizon. From a report: U.S. President Joseph Biden signed.....»»

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Israel Begins Investigation Into NSO Group Spyware Abuse

Israeli government officials visited the offices of the hacking company NSO Group on Wednesday to investigate allegations that the firm's spyware has been used to target activists, politicians, business executives, and journalists, the country's Mini.....»»

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