High-speed electron camera uncovers new "light-twisting" behavior in ultrathin material

While taking snapshots with the high-speed electron camera at the Department of Energy's SLAC National Acceleratory Laboratory, researchers discovered new behavior in an ultrathin material that offers a promising approach to manipulating light that w.....»»

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XGIMI Horizon Ultra review: 4K projector for those serious about image quality

I’m not exactly an expert on TVs and displays, but I chose a high-end TV for my living room to get the best possible experience when it comes to immersiveness, brightness, and color accuracy. But now I’ve had the chance to try something different.....»»

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Impacts of extreme drought on forest ecosystems reveal species-specific adaptation differences in Northeast China

A recent study from China has shed light on the profound impacts of extreme droughts on forest ecosystems, particularly in water-limited regions. The findings revealed significant differences in how various tree species respond to such stressors......»»

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Research team develops light-activated compounds to treat neuropathic pain

Light can be used to activate drugs in specific parts of the body through photopharmacology. This innovative approach involves modifying the chemical structure of a drug by adding a light-activated molecular switch, such as azobenzene. This allows th.....»»

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Shining a light on Colorado"s little-known fireflies

Owen Martin steps carefully through the knee-high grass growing up around a long-abandoned railroad track near Sawhill Ponds in Boulder, Colorado. It's almost pitch black out. The sun set 45 minutes ago, and the only light now comes from the distant.....»»

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Investigating variation in the permafrost active layer over the Tibetan Plateau from 1980 to 2020

The Tibetan Plateau hosts the world's largest permafrost region in the middle and low latitudes. Compared to the high-latitude Arctic permafrost, the permafrost here is thinner, warmer, and more sensitive to global warming. The active layer is a cruc.....»»

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This super-expensive Analogue Pocket is about to go on sale

Analogue announced its latest special-edition Pocket, and it's made out of aluminum. However, that material comes at a cost......»»

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Apple debuts new short film shot entirely on iPhone 15 Pro Max

Apple continues to tout the iPhone’s camera system as being up to the task of filmmaking. Today the company debuted a new short film shot entirely on the iPhone 15 Pro Max, alongside a companion video showing how it was done. more….....»»

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Prussian blue analogs unlock affordable, long-lasting lithium-ion batteries

Prussian blue (PB), a well-known pigment used to dye jeans, has been recognized as an emerging material for next-generation batteries. A team of researchers, led by Professor Hyun-Wook Lee in the School of Energy and Chemical Engineering at UNIST has.....»»

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Understanding the role of RNA methylation in cancer

RNA modification could serve as a therapeutic target for certain types of cancer, according to a new study published in Molecular Cell, which sheds new light on the complex process underlying RNA transcription......»»

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Neural networks made of light can make machine learning more sustainable

Scientists propose a new way of implementing a neural network with an optical system which could make machine learning more sustainable in the future. The researchers at the Max Planck Institute for the Science of Light have published their new metho.....»»

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Melting high-mountain glaciers would release greenhouse gases into atmosphere, suggest scientists

The retreat of high mountain glaciers has accelerated since the 1980s, resulting in increased glacier runoff. However, it remains uncertain whether melting mountain glaciers enhance or release greenhouse gases, and whether areas exposed to glacier re.....»»

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Sonos’ Arc soundbar is about to major revamp – Sonos Lasso

Sonos has recently made headlines for releasing their first over-ear headphone, the It brought the high-quality sound that Sonos customers are used to, but brought it into a portable and personal package. While they were not perfect, they are still.....»»

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CRAZY SALE knocks 61% off the 256GB SanDisk Extreme PRO memory card!

If you’re looking for a memory card for your camera or drone, then you don’t want to miss out on this deal for the SanDisk Extreme PRO! The post CRAZY SALE knocks 61% off the 256GB SanDisk Extreme PRO memory card! appeared first on Phandroid......»»

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Belle II experiment reports the first direct measurement of tau-to-light-lepton ratio

The Belle II experiment is a large research effort aimed at precisely measuring weak-interaction parameters, studying exotic hadrons (i.e., a class of subatomic particles) and searching for new physical phenomena. This effort primarily relies on the.....»»

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Methane flux in North Sea varies with tides, study shows

Methane, a strong greenhouse gas that naturally escapes from the bottom of the North Sea, is affected by the pressure of high or low tide. Methane emissions from the sea floor can be just easily three times as much or as little, depending on the tide.....»»

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Insight into one of life"s earliest ancestors revealed in new study

An international team of researchers led by the University of Bristol has shed light on Earth's earliest ecosystem, showing that within a few hundred million years of planetary formation, life on Earth was already flourishing......»»

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Settlement near in Conn. Subaru dealership spot delivery lawsuit after March ruling

A settlement is near after U.S. District of Connecticut Judge Omar Williams this spring refused to dismiss a consumer's lawsuit over a Vernon, Conn., car dealer's spot delivery behavior. Pablo Castellanos-Hernandez alleged Suburban Subaru violated th.....»»

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Exclusive Insta360 Action Camera X4 Bundle debuts at Apple Stores

Insta360 launched the earlier this year and now the company has launched a special bundle at Apple Stores in the US, Canada, Australia, and more. Here’s what comes with the Apple Action Bundle. more….....»»

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9to5Mac Daily: July 11, 2024 – iPhone camera rumors, Apple and Google’s new tool

On today’s episode of 9to5Mac Daily, we discuss the news that the iPhone 16 Pro will get the same 5x zoom camera as the Pro Max, with bigger upgrades expected next year. We also cover Apple’s new feature that makes it easier to switch from Google.....»»

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Take a summer cosmic road trip through images from NASA"s Chandra, Webb

It's time to take a cosmic road trip using light as the highway and visit four stunning destinations across space. The vehicles for this space get-away are NASA's Chandra X-ray Observatory and James Webb Space Telescope......»»

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