Earthquakes are shaking North Georgia: Here"s what may be behind them

The Peach State is not typically a hotbed of seismic activity, but residents in pockets of North Georgia have been feeling some unexpected vibrations lately after the area was jolted by four small earthquakes over the last week......»»

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The "15-minute city" might not be realistic for North America, researchers find

In the "15-minute city," a concept popularized in Europe, everything a resident might need on a daily basis is a short walk or bicycle ride away. A study by Transportation Research at McGill University (TRAM) suggests, however, that this model may no.....»»

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Amazon is swapping plastic pillows for paper in its packaging

Plans to transition to paper packaging will see Amazon remove at least 95% of plastic air pillows from North American packages......»»

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Researchers release first national study on partner-friendly support for dual-career academic jobseekers

In the first national study analyzing the support of academic couples, researchers at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill have developed a full ranking of universities by their partner-friendly status and resources for dual-career academi.....»»

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Auto supplier ZF launches $62M expansion in suburban Detroit

ZF North America Inc. is working on a $62 million expansion in Macomb County in Michigan, where the automotive supplier is building out its international R&D base for airbag, seat belt and steering wheel systems. ZF LIFETEC, the company’s passiv.....»»

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Longtime Bosch North America president Mike Mansuetti to retire, succeeded by regional mobility chief

Mike Mansuetti, the longtime head of Bosch's North American business, will retire this year and will be succeeded by Paul Thomas, the company's head of mobility in the Americas, the world's largest auto parts supplier said......»»

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What actually makes avocados bad for the environment?

The soaring demand for avocados in Europe and North America has led to a trebling of global production in just over 20 years. However, this popular fruit is increasingly controversial because of the environmental impacts of farming and distributing t.....»»

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Invasive, shelled creature seen in popular Georgia lake, experts warn

An invasive, shelled creature was spotted in a popular Georgia lake, as experts warn the public of potential environmental and health risks......»»

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Should FEMA recognize extreme heat and wildfire smoke as "major disasters?"

The nation's top emergency response agency has long been a lifeline for cities and states struggling with disaster. When hurricanes strike, earthquakes rattle, and tornadoes carve paths of destruction, the Federal Emergency Management Agency moves in.....»»

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Apple’s big-budget F1 movie finally has a release date, hitting cinemas worldwide

The highly-anticipated Apple Original Films project has finally gotten a release date. The as-yet-untitled F1 movie, starring Brad Pitt and Damson Idris, will premiere in cinemas on June 25, 2025, with a North America release on June 27. The film.....»»

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Stellantis recalls nearly 1.2 million vehicles in North America for rearview camera issue

Stellantis has issued 30 recalls in the U.S. so far this year affecting about 2.2 million vehicles, NHTSA data shows......»»

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Opinion: The world no longer needs new fossil fuels, and the UK could lead the way in making them taboo

North Sea oil and gas has become a battleground issue in the UK general election......»»

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Four dead, over a dozen missing as extreme weather hits China

At least four people were killed when record rains hit parts of southern China, state media reported Tuesday, while more than a dozen were missing even as the north baked under some of its highest temperatures this year......»»

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Marsquakes could reveal whether liquid water exists underground on red planet

If liquid water exists today on Mars, it may be too deep underground to detect with traditional methods used on Earth. But listening to earthquakes that occur on Mars—or marsquakes—could offer a new tool in the search, according to a team led by.....»»

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Wildfire north of LA rapidly spreads as hot, gusty winds continue

Firefighters are battling a series of wildfires that broke out across California over the weekend amid early summer heat and dry, gusty winds......»»

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Ex-Volvo Cars Americas chief Anders Gustafsson"s second act: Revive Polestar"s North America business

Gregor Hembrough, who launched Polestar's North America business in the midst of the pandemic, will leaves for a global sales role with the automaker......»»

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Stellantis exec departures raise alarm among U.S. dealers, salaried workers

Four prominent North American executives have left in recent months as CEO Carlos Tavares pushes Stellantis to improve its performance and cut costs......»»

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Survey shows decline in North Dakota breeding duck numbers

The North Dakota Game and Fish Department's 77th annual spring breeding duck survey conducted in May showed an index of about 2.9 million birds, down from 3.4 million last year......»»

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North Macedonia"s beekeepers face climate change challenge

Every day, Magda Miloseska dons a white, protective suit and enters the domain of the honeybees in the backyard of her small weekend house in North Macedonia......»»

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Taylor Swift made "ground shaking" UK debut: Seismologists

Taylor Swift fans literally made the earth move as the US singer-songwriter began her UK tour, the British Geological Survey said on Thursday, with seismic activity recorded six kilometers (nearly four miles) away......»»

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Research finds dolphins with elevated mercury levels in Florida and Georgia

In a study with potential implications for the oceans and human health, scientists have reported elevated mercury levels in dolphins in the U.S. Southeast, with the greatest levels found in dolphins in Florida's St. Joseph and Choctawhatchee Bays......»»

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