Desert dusts convert coral reefs into carbon storage

An international study comparing data from Heron Reef and the Middle East's Gulf of Aqaba has disproved the long-held theory that coral reefs only have the capacity to emit CO2......»»

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VW diesel settlement helping to cut Great Lakes emissions

The Mackinac Island Ferry Co. plans to use a $3 million grant from Michigan's Volkswagen settlement fund to convert one of its boats from diesel to electric power......»»

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Novel catalyst for highly selective photoelectroreduction of carbon dioxide to ethanol

Artificial photosynthesis (AP), using sunlight to produce valuable chemicals and fuels from carbon dioxide (CO2), is a promising strategy to achieve solar energy storage as well as negative carbon cycle......»»

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A new approach to assessing policies in the climate crisis

Abruptly melting ice sheets, the collapse of coral reefs and rainforests: nature is complex—and climate policy must consider physical "tipping points" as well as uncertainties and measurement problems. How can the fight against the greenhouse effec.....»»

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Carbon nanotube films as ultrasensitive photodetectors: Progress and challenges

Semiconducting single-walled carbon nanotubes (s-SWCNTs) are being used to develop a third generation of optimized shortwave infrared photodetectors that will improve pixel size, weight, power consumption, performance and cost over photodetectors mad.....»»

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This ultra-durable, water-resistant 2TB portable SSD is $75 off today

The SanDisk Extreme Pro portable SSD with 2TB of storage space and an IP55 rating for water and dust resistance is on sale from Best Buy with a $75 discount......»»

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Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Carbon just got a massive $1,800 price cut

The Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Carbon is well-designed for working on the move and it's currently on sale at Lenovo with a hefty price cut......»»

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Free data-center heat is allegedly saving a struggling public pool $24K a year

Deep Green deploys data centers in places that could use wasted data-center heat. Enlarge (credit: Getty) A public pool in the UK is expected to save £20,000 (about $24,000) and cut carbon emissions by 25.8 tons annual.....»»

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Modeling superfast processes in organic solar cell material

In organic solar cells, carbon-based polymers convert light into charges that are passed to an acceptor. This type of material has great potential, but to unlock this, a better understanding is needed of the way in which charges are produced and tran.....»»

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Producing synthetic gas from atmospheric carbon dioxide using a transition-metal-free catalyst

Japan has declared carbon neutrality by 2050 as a government target to reduce net greenhouse gas emissions to zero by 2050. In order to substantially reduce CO2 emissions, it is important not only to control CO2 emissions through existing processes,.....»»

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Giant underwater waves may affect the ocean"s ability to store carbon

Underwater waves deep below the ocean's surface—some as tall as 500 meters—play an important role in how the ocean stores heat and carbon, according to new research......»»

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Researchers propose electrodriven chemical looping ammonia synthesis mediated by lithium imide

Ammonia (NH3) is a promising energy vector for the storage and utilization of renewable energies. Artificially synthesizing NH3 from its elements requires harsh reaction conditions (400-500 °C, 10–30 MPa) because N2 is inert and nonpolar with a st.....»»

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Long-term study of SS Thistlegorm wreck suggests artificial reefs are as full of life as natural reefs

A team of oceanographers at the University of Bologna and The Inter-Institute Center for Research on Marine Biodiversity has found, via a seven-year study, that artificial reefs may provide a unique opportunity to study new ways to protect natural co.....»»

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Insect Farming Is Booming. But Is It Cruel?

More than a trillion insects are raised each year as high-protein, low-carbon animal feed, but the practice might have an ethical blind spot......»»

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Hornetsecurity VM Backup V9 protects users against ransomware threats

Hornetsecurity launched VM Backup V9 – the newest version of its virtual machine (VM) backup, replication and recovery solution. This latest iteration offers ransomware protection leveraging immutable cloud storage on Wasabi and Amazon S3, with Mic.....»»

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Newbie firm plans $2,800 add-in card that holds up to 21 PCIe 4.0 SSDs, 168TB 

Apex Storage claims consumer shipments begin this year. Enlarge / SSDs not included, of course. (credit: Apex Storage) For high-capacity storage needs, the average consumer turns to hard disk drives (HDDs). They're gen.....»»

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High-loading single cobalt atoms on ultrathin MOF nanosheets for efficient photocatalytic carbon dioxide reduction

Using solar energy to convert CO2 into synthetic fuels is currently one of the most promising technologies to achieve carbon neutrality with the embedment of sustainable energy into our modern economy. However, the efficiency of photocatalytic CO2 co.....»»

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Dealmaster: Save nearly 60% on Lenovo’s Yoga convertible

Also, the ThinkPad X1 Carbon Gen 10 is still 50 percent off. The deck has a fingerprint reader/power button above the keyboard. (credit: Scharon Harding) Lenovo is back this week with a few terrific deals on some of its bestselling l.....»»

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Do solar farms lower property values? A new study has some answers

Researchers looked at sale prices of 1.8 million homes near utility-scale solar plants. Enlarge / A field of solar panels and windmills in the desert. (credit: Getty) A new study finds that houses within a half-mile of a.....»»

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OneDrive 14.2 review: Professional cloud storage for large files

Selecting iCloud over Microsoft OneDrive may seem like a no-brainer for Apple users, but it might not be that simple.OneDrive 14.2 reviewDeciding between iCloud and OneDrive is not the same as choosing between two different applications. The Mac and.....»»

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Toyota"s plans for hydrogen-powered, carbon-neutral race car go up in flames

Toyota's modified Corolla race car caught fire during testing because of a leak in a hydrogen fuel line......»»

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