Data Science and Machine Learning Drive Innovation in Civil Engineering at Stevens

Stevens professors are accelerating research in civil engineering disciplines, from developing smart infrastructure to predicting storm surges Machine learning—fueled by data analytics, data mining—is one of the most pervasive and applica.....»»

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Tesla refutes Elon Musk’s timeline on ‘full self-driving’

What Tesla CEO Elon Musk says publicly about the company’s progress on a fully autonomous driving system doesn’t match up with “engineering reality,” according to a memo that summarizes a meeting between California regulators.....»»

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Better way to determine safe drug doses for children

To make drugs and their development safer for children, researchers have developed a method that could help determine safe drug doses more quickly. In their study, the team created a model of how organs develop that is more data-driven and consequent.....»»

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New method identifies tau aggregates occurring in healthy body structures

Researchers used microscopy and machine learning to distinguish tau protein aggregates occurring as part of healthy functions from those occurring in disease......»»

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Gene therapy in Alzheimer"s disease mouse model preserves learning and memory

Researchers have used gene therapy to prevent learning and memory loss in a mouse model of Alzheimer's disease, a key step toward eventually testing the approach in humans with the neurodegenerative disease......»»

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CytRx Notes Topline Data From Trial of Arimoclomol in Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis

LOS ANGELES–(BUSINESS WIRE)–CytRx Corporation (OTCQB: CYTR) (“CytRx”), a specialized biopharmaceutical company focused on research and development for the oncology and neurodegenerative disease categories, today noted that Orp.....»»

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Styra Recognized as a Cool Vendor in the May 2021 Gartner Cool Vendors for Software Engineering Technologies

Gartner research highlights the importance of cloud-native authorization REDWOOD CITY, Calif.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Styra, Inc., the founders of Open Policy Agent (OPA) and leader in cloud-native authorization, announced today that the company.....»»

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Archaeologists pinpoint population for the Greater Angkor region

Long-running archaeological research, boosted by airborne lidar sensing and machine-learning algorithms, finds that Cambodia's Greater Angkor region was home to 700,000-900,000 people......»»

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Extra Crunch roundup: How Duolingo became an edtech leader

The pandemic has just pushed edtech mainstream, but language-learning startup Duolingo had already spent the past decade figuring out how to build a successful edtech app. In our latest installment of the EC-1 series, Natasha Mascarenhas goes deep wi.....»»

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Longevity startup Gero AI has a mobile API for quantifying health changes

Sensor data from smartphones and wearables can meaningfully predict an individual’s ‘biological age’ and resilience to stress, according to Gero AI. The ‘longevity’ startup — which condenses its mission to the pith.....»»

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Tesla engineer: Musk’s FSD timeline “does not match engineering reality”

Musk described full autonomy as "basically a solved problem" in 2016. Enlarge / Elon Musk in 2020. (credit: BRENDAN SMIALOWSKI / Getty) In January's Tesla earnings call, an analyst asked Elon Musk about his belief that Tesla would achieve Lev.....»»

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96% of US users opt out of app tracking in iOS 14.5, analytics find

Some of the first data on user behavior exceeds advertisers' worst fears. Enlarge / The Facebook iPhone app asks for permission to track the user in this early mock-up of the prompt made by Apple. (credit: Apple) It seems that in the United St.....»»

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EXCLUSIVE: Google Snaps Up Network-on-Chip Startup Provino

New technology promises faster, more efficient processors for AI Google has quietly acquired Provino Technologies, a start-up developing network-on-chip (NoC) systems for machine learning, an IEEE Spectrum investigation has discovered. The lat.....»»

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Reconfigurable Optical Networks Will Move Supercomputer Data 100X Faster

Newly designed HPC network cards and software that reshapes topologies on-the-fly will be key to success Imagine being able to read an entire book in a single second, but only receiving the pages individually over the course of.....»»

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Sharing Data without Sharing Revenue

As data continues to become of one the most valuable intangible assets on the balance sheet, monetizing that data is a topic in every board room. There are many ways to monetize data, including data brokering – a well-known concept in most industri.....»»

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Did our ancestors kill all the island megafauna?

Study adds data to a long-running argument. The bones of a pygmy mammoth. (credit: National Park Service/Justin Tweet) Humans haven't always been great to nature. But at least our ancestors may not have killed off island megafauna in the dista.....»»

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To buy time for a failing startup, recreate the engineering process

The drastic approach I took to recovering our company is often referred to as a “full reset" -- the old company is essentially annihilated and a new company is formed from the remaining pieces. Jason Meller Contributo.....»»

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Decapitated flatworms still sense light

A team of researchers from the Institute for Stem Cell Science and Regenerative Medicine, the Technology & Research Academy University and the University of Hyderabad, all in India, has found that flatworms are able to sense light exposure even after.....»»

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14 great sci-fi books to read before they become TV shows

From The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy to Paper Girls, we've put together a preview of the next batch of science fiction TV series being adapted from books......»»

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Scientists Create Record-Breaking Laser With Mind Blowing Power

An anonymous reader quotes a report from Motherboard: For the Korean research team led by senior author Chang-hee Nam, a plasma physicist and professor at Gwangju Institute of Science & Technology, their breakthrough in laser science may be a physica.....»»

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Light Could Move Data 100X Faster Through Supercomputers

Newly designed optical interface network cards and a software program that provides on-the-fly reconfigurability will be key to success Imagine being able to read an entire book in a single second, but only receiving the pages i.....»»

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