Caterpillars borrow weapons from viruses in battle against parasitic wasps

Exactly how the caterpillars are winning this tiny evolutionary arms race is the subject of an article just published in the journal Science by an international research team including scientists from University of Saskatchewan (USask)......»»

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As autumn approaches here"s why we see more spiders in our houses and why wasps are desperate for sugar

The tell-tale signs that autumn is here are clear to us; the days are getting shorter and the temperature is decreasing. We take this as a sign to pull out our winter woolies and think about turning on the radiators. But how do insects know that wint.....»»

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Stop making employees turn on webcams during meetings

The latest battle in office life may be over whether or not to keep the camera on during virtual meetings......»»

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The best weapons in Deathloop

Deathloop features a handful of weapons with plenty of different mods and perks. Here are the best weapons in Deathloop and the best Trinkets to use with them......»»

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Samsung: Uphill battle in foundry business?

According to market research reports, the global wafer foundry market size was about US$82 billion in 2020, with TSMC having a 55% global market share, and Samsung taking only 15%. In terms of profit in the global wafer foundry sector, TSMC took near.....»»

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Apple denies Fortnite a return to the App Store

Apple will not allow Fortnite back on its devices until its legal battle with the video game's maker, Epic Games, has fully concluded, potentially delaying the game's return to iPhones by several years......»»

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Fantastic Beasts 3 now has an official title and 2022 release date

Warner Bros. sets a new release date for Fantastic Beasts: The Secrets of Dumbledore, as the battle for control of the wizarding world escalates in the sequel......»»

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Fortnite vs. Warzone: Which battle royale should you play?

Fortnite and Call of Duty: Warzone are battle royales with lots of similarities and differences. Here, we compare two of the most popular games in the world......»»

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How to save your weapons and gear in Deathloop

Infusing your gear is the only way to build an arsenal in Deathloop. How does Infusion work, and how do you save your weapons between loops in Deathloop?.....»»

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Apple Bans Fortnite Until Appeals Are Exhausted in Legal Fight

Apple plans to keep Fortnite off of its App Store until appeals are exhausted in its legal battle with Epic Games, the maker of the popular battle-royale game. From a report: Apple sent a letter to Epic Tuesday saying that it "will not consider any f.....»»

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Blowing up medieval gunpowder recipes

First used for battle in China in about 900 A.D., gunpowder spread throughout Eurasia by the end of the 13th century, eventually revolutionizing warfare as a propellant in firearms and artillery. Meanwhile, master gunners tinkered with gunpowder form.....»»

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iPhone 13 vs. Samsung Galaxy S21: Battle of the flagships

The iPhone 13 may be Apple's best smartphone to date, but is it better than the Samsung Galaxy S21? We find out in this head-to-head phone comparison test......»»

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Pokémon Unite comes to mobile with an all-new battle pass

To celebrate the mobile release of Pokémon Unite, players will be able to earn a variety of space-themed items......»»

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Salesforce reaches Net Zero energy usage, announces updates to Sustainability Cloud

Salesforce has often preached about responsible capitalism, and today at Dreamforce, the company’s annual customer extravaganza, it announced a notable achievement in the battle against global climate change. The company said that it has achiev.....»»

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Moths use acoustic decoys to dodge bat attacks

In dark skies around the world there unfolds a nightly battle between bats and the nocturnal insects upon which they feast. You'd have thought bats, equipped as they are with echolocation, in which they navigate using sound, would have no trouble gob.....»»

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Directed energy weapons shoot painful but non-lethal beams: Are similar weapons behind Havana syndrome?

The latest episodes of so-called Havana syndrome, a series of unexplained ailments afflicting U.S. and Canadian diplomats and spies, span the globe. They include two diplomats in Hanoi, Vietnam—which disrupted Vice President Kamala Harris's foreign.....»»

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Destiny 2: Beyond Light: Where to find Xur for the weekend of September 17

The weekly vendor in Destiny 2 offers some of the toughest loot to find, including exotic weapons and armor. Here's how to track down Xur......»»

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The microbial molecule that turns plants into zombies

A newly discovered manipulation mechanism used by parasitic bacteria to slow down plant aging, may offer new ways to protect disease-threatened food crops......»»

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Ground-breaking bacteria-killing viruses unite with antibiotics to fight devastating antibiotic-resistant bacteria

Mycobacterium abscessus, a relative of the bacteria that cause tuberculosis and leprosy, is responsible for particularly severe damage to human lungs and can be resistant to many standard antibiotics, making infections extremely challenging to treat......»»

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Best cheap Alienware deals for September 2021

Here's a handful of the best Alienware deals on laptops, desktops, and accessories for your battle station......»»

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Behold the humble water flea, locked in a battle of mythological proportions

In Greek mythology, Hydra was a monstrous water serpent that lived in a swamp and terrorized nearby residents. When intrepid Hercules sliced off one of Hydra's multiple heads, two more heads grew back in its place......»»

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