Carbon emissions from the destruction of mangrove forests predicted to increase by 50,000% by the end of the century

The annual rate of carbon emissions due to the degradation of carbon stocks in mangrove forests is predicted to rise by nearly 50,000% by the end of the century, according to a new study published in Environmental Research Letters. Mangroves in regio.....»»

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Study reveals giant store of global soil carbon

Soil carbon usually refers only to the organic matter component of soils, known as soil organic carbon (SOC). However, soil carbon also has an inorganic component, known as soil inorganic carbon (SIC). Solid SIC, often calcium carbonate, tends to acc.....»»

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Food security in developed countries shows resilience to climate change

A study by the University of Southampton has found that market forces have provided good food price stability over the past half century, despite extreme weather conditions......»»

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Report links H&M, Zara to environmental destruction in Brazil

Fast fashion giants H&M and Zara have used cotton from farms linked to massive deforestation, land-grabbing, corruption and violence in Brazil, a report by the environmental group Earthsight said Thursday......»»

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"Fallout" review: Video game adaptation is a wild nuclear Western

Walton Goggins, Ella Purnell, and Aaron Moten star in Prime Video's adaptation of the "Fallout" games. Early on in one of Fallout's many flashbacks to the late 21st century, actor Cooper Howard (Walton Goggins) worries about the ending of a Wes.....»»

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An economist explains: Textbook economics is badly flawed when it comes to climate change

The federal carbon tax increase that has raised gas prices by three cents per liter in most Canadian provinces has been met by nationwide protests, many featuring slurs against Prime Minister Justin Trudeau......»»

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Corporate climate pledge weakened by carbon offsets move

The world's main benchmark for vetting corporate climate action has been accused by its own staff of "greenwashing" after allowing businesses to use carbon credits to offset pollution from their value chains......»»

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Ghost roads speed destruction of Asia-Pacific tropical forests, finds study

Researchers mapping tropical forests have found many more roads than declared by official sources, which is raising fears of a huge increase in environmental degradation as the pace of road building increases......»»

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Panama plans dry alternative to drought-hit canal

Panama on Wednesday unveiled plans for a "dry canal" to move cargo between the Pacific and Atlantic oceans due to low water levels in its century-old maritime channel......»»

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New report "braids" Indigenous and Western knowledge for forest adaptation strategies against climate change

There are 154 national forests in the United States, covering nearly 300,000 square miles of forests, woodlands, shrublands, wetlands, meadows, and prairies. These lands are increasingly recognized as vital for supporting a broad diversity of plant a.....»»

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The limits of ice: What a 19th-century expedition trapped in sea ice for a year tells us about Antarctica"s future

In 1897, the former whaling ship RV Belgica left Antwerp in Belgium and set sail due south. It was the first voyage of what would become known as the Heroic Age of Antarctic exploration. It did not go to plan......»»

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Psychological health of investors and stock market linked, study finds

A recent study by two Ball State University faculty members has found a clear and robust link between local stock market downturns and an increase in antidepressant use among investors......»»

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As streaming prices rise, Hollywood seeks to revive failed anti-piracy law

Dramatically rising streaming prices have lead to an increase in video piracy, and major Hollywood studios are now asking Congress to pass a new law to address it. The exact same law, in fact, that it tried and failed to get passed in 2012, after.....»»

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The science of static shock jolted into the 21st century

Shuffling across the carpet to zap a friend may be the oldest trick in the book, but on a deep level that prank still mystifies scientists, even after thousands of years of study......»»

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Certified timber harvesting of tropical forests proves beneficial for gorillas and elephants

Forest Stewardship Council (FSC)-certified timber harvesting areas in Gabon and Congo boast a greater abundance of larger mammals, such as leopards, gorillas, and elephants, than non-FSC forests......»»

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New spectrometer helps identify alternative catalyst materials for affordable hydrogen fuel cells

Fuel cells are quickly becoming a viable, clean energy alternative to commonly used fossil fuels, such as gasoline, coal, and oil. Fossil fuels are non-renewable energy resources that release carbon dioxide into the atmosphere......»»

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Study shedding new light on Earth"s global carbon cycle could help assess liveability of other planets

Research has uncovered important new insights into the evolution of oxygen, carbon, and other vital elements over the entire history of Earth—and it could help assess which other planets can develop life, ranging from plants to animals and humans......»»

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Peter Higgs: physicist who predicted "God particle"

Nobel laureate Peter Higgs gave his name to one of the great scientific discoveries of the last century, earning a place alongside Albert Einstein and Max Planck in physics textbooks......»»

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Mysterious bones may have belonged to gigantic ichthyosaurs

Several similar large, fossilized bone fragments have been discovered in various regions across Western and Central Europe since the 19th century. The animal group to which they belonged is still the subject of much debate to this day. A study carrie.....»»

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A new iPad Pro is coming, but how much more expensive will it be?

A new iPad Pro is coming, and it’s been described as the biggest refresh since 2018. With these improvements, however, will reportedly come a price increase. How much more expensive will the new iPad Pro models be, and how much of an increase would.....»»

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Study explores changing design of birdfeeders as influenced by unwanted guests

The first birdfeeders were made in the 19th century, and their design rapidly evolved during the 20th century. Researchers at the University of Helsinki and Aalto University consider the evolution of the birdfeeder to be an example of multispecies de.....»»

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