BlackBerry and Upstream Security join forces to protect software-defined vehicles

BlackBerry announced a partnership with Upstream Security to enable automakers to strengthen the overall security posture of their vehicles, by leveraging the rich telemetry data and edge compute capabilities from BlackBerry IVY. Upstream’s clo.....»»

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Composition of gut microbiota could influence decision-making

The way we make decisions in a social context can be explained by psychological, social, and political factors. But what if other forces were at work? Hilke Plassmann and her colleagues from the Paris Brain Institute and the University of Bonn show t.....»»

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Ring Pan-Tilt Indoor Cam vs. Wyze Cam Pan v3: Which is the better pan-tilt camera?

Should you pick up the Ring Pan-Tilt Indoor Cam or Wyze Cam Pan v3? Here's a look at these two versatile security cameras to help you decide......»»

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Live talk at noon Monday: Women and diversity in the auto industry

Cheryl Thompson, founder and CEO of the Center for Automotive Diversity, Inclusion and Advancement, will join Automotive News for a live chat......»»

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How I upgraded my water heater and discovered how bad smart home security can be

Could you really control someone's hot water with just an email address? Enlarge / This is essentially the kind of water heater the author has hooked up, minus the Wi-Fi module that led him down a rabbit hole. Also, not 140-degre.....»»

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Tesla"s March registrations fall 12% as rivals gain EV share, U.S. data shows

Overall, registrations for battery-electric vehicles rose 3.8% in March compared with the year-earlier month. Ford, Hyundai and Kia gained significant share in the EV segment, S&P Global Mobility said......»»

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If you use a VPN, don’t skip this important Windows 11 update

Microsoft has released patch to fix VPN issues that cropped up after its April security update......»»

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More efficient bioethanol production might be possible using persimmon tannin to help yeast thrive

While ethanol in alcoholic beverages impairs drinkers' motor functions, it is that same substance that can power motor vehicles in a cleaner, more sustainable manner. What is necessary for the production of ethanol is yeast, but ethanol is among the.....»»

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The genetic basis and process of inbreeding depression in an elite hybrid rice

Inbreeding depression is defined as reduced fitness or performance arising from increasing homozygosity of progenies due to successive inbreeding, whereas heterosis refers to the superiority of a hybrid over its parent resulting from the increase in.....»»

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I tested two of the best antivirus services. Here’s which one you should get

Bitdefender vs Malwarebytes: Which Windows antivirus and security suite protects your data best and which offers the best value for the money?.....»»

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CallRevu buys TotalCX, aims to dominate dealership calling tech

Private equity firm Serent Capital wants to grow CallRevu into a major player for retail automotive industry call monitoring analytics software......»»

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iOS 17.6 Beta: When Will Apple Release It?

In the days since iOS 17.5’s release we’ve been asked about an iOS 17.6 update and when Apple might release the software for the iPhone. We can’t say for sure, only Apple knows the dates, but we can help set iPhone owners expectatio.....»»

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Thunderbolt Share simplifies dual-PC workloads—but requires new hardware

App comes out in June, but you'll need a PC or dock licensed to use it. Enlarge (credit: Intel) Intel this week announced new Thunderbolt software made for connecting two PCs. Thunderbolt Share will require Intel-licens.....»»

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Hybrids replace EVs on industry"s center stage

Consumer preferences shift to hybrids and plug-in hybrids as interest in fully electric vehicles cools......»»

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Concerns over addicted kids spur probe into Meta and its use of dark patterns

EU is concerned Meta isn't doing enough to protect children using its apps. Enlarge (credit: Getty Images | Chesnot ) Brussels has opened an in-depth probe into Meta over concerns it is failing to do enough to protect ch.....»»

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OWASP dep-scan: Open-source security and risk audit tool

OWASP dep-scan is an open-source security and risk assessment tool that leverages information on vulnerabilities, advisories, and licensing restrictions for project dependencies. It supports local repositories and container images as input sources, m.....»»

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Palo Alto Networks partners with IBM to deliver AI-powered security offerings

Palo Alto Networks and IBM announced a broad-reaching partnership to deliver AI-powered security outcomes for customers. The announcement is a testament to Palo Alto Networks’ and IBM’s commitment to each other’s platforms and innov.....»»

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A golden layer unlocks sharper imaging and faster scanning with X-rays

Scientists have made a breakthrough in significantly improving the sharpness of X-ray imaging and potentially boosting the speeds at which X-ray scans can be processed. This lays the groundwork for both better medical imaging and faster security clea.....»»

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Cloud security incidents make organizations turn to AI-powered prevention

Cloud security incidents are alarmingly on the rise, with 61% of organizations reporting breaches within the last year, marking a significant increase from 24% the year before, according to Check Point. This trend underscores the escalating risk land.....»»

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How to use Startup security in macOS to protect your Mac

There are several utilities you can use on your Mac to secure it at startup. Here's how to use them to keep your Mac and data safe.There are ways to shore up startup security in macOS. Computer security is an important topic in today's digital world.....»»

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iPad Pro vs Air, 10, and mini: How does the full 2024 lineup compare?

Now that the new and Air have been released, we have a fresh 2024 lineup of Apple tablets that includes the iPad 10 and iPad mini. Join along for a look at how all the devices are similar and different with iPad Pro vs Air, 10, and mini. more….....»»

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