Amazon Unlawfully Confiscated Union Literature, NLRB Finds

An anonymous reader quotes a report from Motherboard: Amazon illegally prohibited an employee from giving workers pro-union literature, confiscated that literature, and gave workers the impression that their organizing activity was being surveilled a.....»»

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This top-rated emergency solar generator is only $245 today

Save big on this practical and highly portable emergency solar generator from Progeny available at Amazon today......»»

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AirPods, Apple Watch, iPad just got MAJOR price cuts at Amazon

After Apple's new product announcements, Amazon is offering discounts for devices such as the AirPods Pro, the Apple Watch Series 6, and the 2021 iPad Pro......»»

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This powerful solar generator is down to $180 at Amazon today

Keep safer in a storm or while camping with this great solar generator that's down to just $180 right now......»»

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Surprise! Amazon is having a flash sale on must-have smart home tech today

The Amazon flash sale is going on now. Tons of in-demand items got huge markdowns for this event......»»

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Learn all about Apple"s M1 with this 350-page deep dive

Handley’s technical analysis involved multiple experiments, and lots of reading up on Apple patents and related literature. It’s the sort of deep dive that’s likely only going to appeal to serious hardware enthusiasts and engineering types –.....»»

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Study finds some shark species tougher than others when it comes to surviving catch and release

A new landmark study of over 300 sharks found that some species are extremely resilient to the stress of being caught and released in commercial longline fisheries while other species are much more likely to die......»»

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Amazon is celebrating yesterday’s Apple announcements with DEALS!

After Apple's announcements that include the iPhone 13 and Apple Watch Series 7, Amazon is offering discounts on different AirPods, iPads, and MacBooks......»»

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The best Amazon TV deals and sales for September 2021

If you're shopping for a new television, don't overlook Amazon. These Amazon TV deals have just what you need......»»

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Pair your shiny new iPhone 13 with a MacBook Air on the cheap today

If you're going to buy the new iPhone 13, you might want to also take advantage of Amazon's offer for the 2020 MacBook Air, which lowers its price to $850......»»

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Onyx made a portable E-Ink monitor that can be yours for $800

E-ink displays have forever changed e-readers such as Amazon's Kindle and note-taking tablets like the Remarkable, and over the past few years they've been implemented in several commercial and industrial applications, from the lowly price tag in som.....»»

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Amazon One palm scanning technology is now being used as admission in events

Amazon began using its palm scanning tech in September 2020 with the opening of its Amazon Go Stores. Since then, the retailing giant expanded its Amazon One technology to over 60 stores, offering a convenient way to pay for your groceries and goods......»»

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Europe plans a Chips Act to boost semiconductor sovereignty

The EU will use legislation to push for greater resilience and sovereignty in regional semiconductor supply chains. The bloc’s president trailed a forthcoming ‘European Chips Act’ in a state of the union speech today. Ursula von der.....»»

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Constructor finds $55M for tech that powers search and discovery for e-commerce businesses

One of the biggest problems in the world of e-commerce is the predicament of shopping cart abandonment: when shoppers aren’t getting to what they want fast enough — whether it’s finding the right item, or paying for it in a quick an.....»»

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Can’t afford the Apple Watch Series 7? These older models are on sale today

With the unveiling of the new Apple Watch Series 7, Amazon brought down the prices of the Apple Watch Series 3, Apple Watch SE, and Apple Watch Series 6......»»

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Here’s what we want to see in the next Amazon Echo smart speaker

If Amazon announces a new smart speaker at its fall event, there are several features we'd like to see included......»»

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You can now pre-order the brand new iPad 10.2 and iPad Mini at Amazon

The newly unveiled 9th-generation iPad and 6th-generation iPad Mini are now available for pre-order from Amazon, with the tablets to release on September 24......»»

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The Apple Watch 7 just got announced, so the Series 6 and SE are super cheap

Right now at Amazon, you can get the Apple Watch SE for just $330 or save over $50 on the Apple Watch Series 6......»»

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It’s all in the ink: Vinland Map is definitely a fake, new analysis finds

“There is no reasonable doubt here. This new analysis should put the matter to rest.” Enlarge / The Vinland Map purports to be a 15th-century map with a pre-Columbian depiction of the North American Coast. A new analysis has confirmed that t.....»»

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Software tool that finds spots for water-quality devices will work in Northeast

A computer software package widely used in the Midwest to strategically position riparian buffers and other structures aimed at protecting water quality on agricultural land can be used effectively in the eastern United States, with some limitations,.....»»

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Urban stormwater study finds little difference between managed, unmanaged flows

At a time when many municipalities are seeking to control urban stormwater by investing heavily in green infrastructure—such as water-quality ponds, infiltration basins, porous pavement and riparian plantings—a new study suggests that these expen.....»»

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