Gene Munster: Apple should buy Rivian after cancelling Apple Car

Loop Ventures analyst Gene Munster says Apple has to make a big move after cancelling the Apple Car, and that buying Rivian would be the answer.Rivian R1TFollowing the apparent cancellation of its Apple Car project, Munster has told CNBC that he was.....»»

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Apple Music adds new daily "Heavy Rotation Mix"

Apple has quietly added another favorites-style station to Apple Music, a Heavy Rotation Mix which is updated daily.The new "Heavy Rotation Mix" on Apple MusicFollowing its Valentine's Day themed "Love" and "Heartbreak" stations, Apple Music has now.....»»

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Tesla aims to ship new Roadster next year, Elon Musk says

Musk said in a post on X that the Roadster's production design will be completed and unveiled by the end of this year......»»

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EV startup Fisker signs two more U.S. dealers, Bul Auto Sales and Karma Indy

Fisker said the two new partners plan to open three locations in New York, Florida and Indiana. The EV maker switched from direct sales to franchised dealers in January......»»

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Most data breaches on enterprise attack the supply chain

Cl0p, with its MOVEit campaign, is still making headlines......»»

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Amazon"s latest Fire TV update has broken some third-party apps

You may find that some of your Fire TV apps aren't working today, as Amazon cracks down on modding......»»

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Bosch, Microsoft team up to explore how generative AI can make vehicles safer

Robert Bosch, the world's largest parts supplier, and tech giant Microsoft are partnering to explore ways to use generative artificial intelligence to boost the effectiveness of vehicle safety systems......»»

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Alabama IVF Patients Are Running Out of Time

“I feel so powerless in this state.”.....»»

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Humanity Is Dangerously Pushing Its Ability to Tolerate Heat

Extreme heat waves are already here, and they are killing tens of thousands of people. Blasting through 2 degrees Celsius of warming means they’ll happen many times more frequently......»»

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Review: Coast Runner Desktop CNC Mill

We got to check out this unassuming little machine. the coast runner really has guts and the price isn't too bad either. The post Review: Coast Runner Desktop CNC Mill appeared first on Make: DIY Projects and Ideas for Makers......»»

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Highlights of results from space station science in 2023

The International Space Station is a microgravity research lab hosting groundbreaking technology demonstrations and scientific investigations. More than 3,700 investigations conducted to date have generated roughly 500 research articles published in.....»»

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Researchers leverage machine learning to improve space weather predictions

There are three levels of severity for space storms: geomagnetic storms, solar radiation storms and radio blackouts. These storms produce different effects on Earth, including satellite, GPS, communications and electrical grid issues, as well as heal.....»»

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Costa Rica coffee farmers innovate as rainfall plummets

Costa Rican coffee farmers were once blessed with abundant rains but as precipitation grows fickle they are being forced to innovate to keep producing one of the world's favorite brews......»»

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Smart learning software helps students study math during lockdowns and beyond

Intelligent tutoring systems for math problems helped pupils remain or even increase their performance during the pandemic. This is the conclusion of a new study led by the Martin Luther University Halle-Wittenberg (MLU) and Loughborough University i.....»»

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Research team develops a more durable coating against ice

Ice-repellent coatings have been around for some time, but until now they have been very sensitive and detach quite quickly from the surfaces they are meant to protect. A research team led by Anna Maria Coclite and Gabriel Hernández Rodríguez from.....»»

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Swimming in sewage: UK water forecasts are not keeping people safe, say researchers

The UK's bathing water forecasts need urgent improvement to prevent beach goers from swimming in sewage without warning, a new study has shown......»»

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Researchers find three companies own more than 19,000 rental houses in metro Atlanta

Three corporate landlords control nearly 11% of the single-family homes available for rent in metro Atlanta's core counties, according to a new analysis led by Taylor Shelton, a geographer at Georgia State University......»»

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China names its capsule and lander for its upcoming human lunar missions

In a recent announcement, the Chinese Space Agency (CSA) unveiled the names for its forthcoming lunar mission components. The CSA have been working toward sending humans to the moon through a series of robotic missions. The 22-ton capsule that is tak.....»»

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Eco-friendly catalyst and materials research explores pathways to renewable energy

The search for sustainable and affordable energy conversion technologies has highlighted the importance of the oxygen reduction and oxygen evolution reactions (ORR and OER). These processes are crucial for the efficiency of devices such as fuel cells.....»»

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Innovative computational tools provide new insights into the polyploid wheat genome

A new review led by Associate Professor Weilong Guo (College of Agronomy and Biotechnology, China Agricultural University, Beijing, China) explores the polyploid wheat genome through new computational tools. The research is published in the journal a.....»»

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