How VCs and founders see 2021 differently

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Instacart to eliminate about 2,000 jobs and GitHub head of HR resigns

Hey y’all. You’ve just landed on Human Capital, the weekly newsletter that details the latest in labor, and diversity and inclusion in tech. The week kicked off with GitHub making a public apology to the person the company terminated for caut.....»»

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SpaceX Re-Schedules Record-Breaking Launch With 143 Satellites to Sunday

Ars Technica reported Saturday that "The Falcon 9 rocket was ready. Its payload of 143 satellites were ready. But Mother Nature was not ready." Although SpaceX pressed ahead with fueling of the Falcon 9 booster on Saturday morning, the company scru.....»»

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How Law Enforcement Gets Around Your Smartphone"s Encryption

Long-time Slashdot reader SonicSpike shares a recent article that purports to reveal "how law enforcement gets around your smartphone's encryption." Lawmakers and law enforcement agencies around the world, including in the United States, h.....»»

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Chrome 88 Released, Removing Adobe Flash -- and FTP

Google released Chrome 88 this week — and besides improving its dark mode support, they removed support for both Adobe Flash and FTP. PC World calls it "the end of two eras." The most noteworthy change in this update is what's not included......»»

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Common Skype problems and how to fix them

With videoconferencing and distributed teams more popular than ever before, fixing errors is crucial. Learn more about common Skype issues and their solutions......»»

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Google Nest Mini vs. Amazon Echo Dot

We put the two most popular smart home speakers together and tested them on appearance, audio, and abilities......»»

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Incredible treatment allows paralyzed mice to walk again

A new treatment is giving hope that paralysis from spinal cord damage could one day be reversible......»»

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Follow these 5 simple tips for a healthier relationship with technology

If you've developed an unhealthy dependency on technology, here are a few easy steps you can take to fight back and cultivate a healthier relationship with it......»»

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Your air purifier isn’t protecting you from this silent killer. It should be

Air purifiers help filter the air inside homes. While many do this, very few of them can actually detect an invisible gas that can be fatal......»»

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NASA has a new dish for talking to spacecraft in the far reaches of space

NASA is upgrading the network it uses to communicate with craft in deep space, with a new 34-meter-wide dish in Spain which has just been added......»»

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How to watch SpaceX launch its Transporter-1 mission today

SpaceX is gearing up for a launch for its SmallSat Rideshare Program today, when it will deploy 133 spacecraft into orbit......»»

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Re:Verse continues Capcom’s struggle to find Resident Evil’s multiplayer niche

Capcom still struggles to make Resident Evil into a viable multiplayer series, though the answer seems obvious......»»

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SpaceX Starship prototype is almost ready for its big high-altitude test

SpaceX is almost ready for the next test of its Starship SN9 prototype: The high-altitude test, in which the rocket will fire its engines and rise into the air......»»

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Stuff of nightmares: Black holes one hundred billion times the mass of the sun

If the idea of a black hole millions of times the mass of our sun makes you uncomfortable then we have bad news......»»

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Watch UFC 257 online: Live stream Poirier vs. McGregor 2

Want to watch UFC 257 online today? You’ve come to the right place — here’s everything you need to know about UFC 257, including the start time, the full card, and where to tune into the UFC 257 live stream. UFC 257 Date: January 23.....»»

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Report Finds Extremists Did Use Facebook to Plan Capitol Attack

NBC News reports: A number of pro-Trump extremists used Facebook to plan their attack on the U.S. Capitol, a watchdog organization has found, contradicting claims by Facebook's leadership that such planning was largely done on other sites. Private.....»»

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DDoSers are abusing Microsoft RDP to make attacks more powerful

DDoS amplification attacks have abused all kinds of legit services. Now, it's Windows. Enlarge / Hacker attacking server or database. Network security, Database secure and personal data protection (credit: Getty Images) DDoS-for-hire services.....»»

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How DNSpooq Attacks Could Poison DNS Cache Records

Earlier this week security experts disclosed details on seven vulnerabilities impacting Dnsmasq, "a popular DNS software package that is commonly deployed in networking equipment, such as routers and access points," reports ZDNet. "The vulnerabilitie.....»»

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Are Experts Underselling the Effectiveness of Covid-19 Vaccines?

David Leonhardt won a Pulitzer Prize for commentary in 2011. This week in a New York Times newsletter, he argues that early in the pandemic experts around the world mistakenly discouraged mask use because of "a concern that people would rush to buy h.....»»

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