Book: LEVERS – The Framework For Building Repeatability into Your Business

The best businesses are data-driven and metrics-driven. Instead of simply tracking top-line metrics, every person in the organization understands their role, how they impact the business metrics, and how this impacts its larger goals.  One of th.....»»

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We Know So Much. And So Little

On my run to Boulder on Saturday, I listened to The God Equation: The Quest for a Theory of Everything by theoretical physicist Michio Kaku. My run was about four hours long, which was roughly the time it took to listen to this spectacular book. The.....»»

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Book: Wintering

I listened to Wintering: The Power of Rest and Retreat in Difficult Times on Audible over the past week. It was spectacular. Danielle Morrill recommended it to me. We had an intense up and down journey together with Mattermark, which was doing great.....»»

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Are You Worried? … Would It Help?

Amy and I watched Bridge of Spies over the weekend. We enjoyed it, but particularly loved one interaction between the lawyer (James Donovan) and the accused Russian spy (Rudolf Abel). Donovan: You don’t seem alarmed? Abel: Would it help? At mul.....»»

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Calculating Leader Leverage

My partner Chris Moody recently sent around a note on a concept he refers to as Leader Leverage. I encourage every CEO to read and consider it. His rant follows. Many of you are probably tired of hearing me rant about some form of what I often refer.....»»

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Cleantech Open Northeast 2021

Over the past year, we’ve seen an increase of people from across the business and political spectrum join the fight against climate change and pledge to support a greener, more sustainable future. Investors are seeking both financial returns and en.....»»

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Shopping in Boulder at Table Mesa This Weekend

My partner Chris Moody came up with a great idea he’s calling #BoulderStrongTableMesa. This is in response to the mass murder that happened at the King Soopers in Table Mesa on Monday, March 22nd. What if the Boulder community doubled down on #.....»»

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Partial Q1 Vacation – Books and Running

I sort of took a Q1 Vacation last week. 2021 didn’t really feel like it started for me until January 21st. Yeah, I took a company public on January 4th, but then January 6th happened. It was a cold, dark, and anxious stretch where January felt.....»»

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Welcome to Spring

It has been a long winter. Really long. From my perspective, winter has been about 17 months, going back to November 2019. The Covid crisis started just as spring 2020 was beginning. As a result, winter continued through the spring, summer, and fall......»»

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Book: Generation X

Generation X: Tales for an Accelerated Culture is weekend reading for anyone who wants to understand me and my generation. I was born in 1965 – right at the beginning of the transition from “Boomers” to “Xers.” I’m.....»»

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Processing the Supermarket Shooting in Boulder

Thanks to everyone who sent a note to me in the past few days about the shooting in Boulder on Monday. 10 people murdered in a city of 100,000 people, in a place that I love where I’ve lived since 1995, is an extremely difficult thing for me to.....»»

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Book: The Business of Venture Capital

Today’s book recommendation, for anyone interested in venture capital, is The Business of Venture Capital: The Art of Raising a Fund, Structuring Investments, Portfolio Management, and Exits by Mahendra Ramsinghani. A decade ago, I got a cold e.....»»

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A Sad and Scary Day In Boulder

A mass shooting happened at a King Soopers on Table Mesa in Boulder Monday afternoon. Amy and I are safe. So are our friends and family. But 10 people in Boulder, including one police officer, are dead. The King Soopers was the one that Amy and I sho.....»»

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Give First Podcast with Maëlle Gavet, Techstars New CEO

David Cohen and I recently interviewed Maëlle Gavet, Techstars new CEO. It’s a great way to get to know a little more about her in under 30 minutes. I met Maëlle about a week before I talked to her for the first time by reading her book Tram.....»»

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BIPOC Artists in Colorado

Amy and I have been collecting contemporary art since we started dating in 1990. Every morning at our place in Aspen, over morning coffee, we get to enjoy this amazing piece by Julie Maren. When I wrote the original post, I got a short email from Phi.....»»

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What I Mean When I Say I’m Indifferent

I no longer subscribe to many daily email newsletters, but I’ve kept a few. My favorite to wake up to is Ryan Holiday’s The Daily Stoic. Today’s headline was It’s Possible to Tune These Things Out but it linked to an older post ti.....»»

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Happy Birthday Dad and Dave

Two of my favorite men on planet Earth have birthdays today. Happy birthday Dad. Happy birthday Dave. I’ve learned an incredible amount from each of you. And, given all the time the three of us have spent together, from both of you. One of the.....»»

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Writing about SPACs

Like many people, I’m currently deep in SPACland. I’ve been writing privately about it a lot but have now crossed over into a zone where I feel like writing more publicly about it. When Jason and I wrote the first edition Venture Deals in.....»»

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$avvy: Women. Money. Freedom.

$avvy, the latest movie that Amy and I helped underwrite, is now out. It’s another movie from Robin Hauser and Finish Line Features. $avvy investigates the historical, cultural, and societal norms around women and money. This documentary questi.....»»

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One Year Ago Today

My first full day in isolation was one year ago. My last dinner out was on Tuesday, March 10, 2020, with Mike Platt. I remember driving home that night pondering when I’d be back in the office. On Wednesday, March 11, 2020, I had a full schedul.....»»

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