Probing small molecule-RNA interactions by looking through the FOREST

A team of researchers has recently demonstrated the utility of employing a previously established screening system to probe the interactions between small molecules and RNA. Their study is published in Communications Chemistry......»»

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NASA faces $80,000 claim after space debris hit family home

An American family is claiming more than $80,000 from NASA after a small piece of debris fell from space and smashed through the roof of their Florida home, a law firm said Friday......»»

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X will soon limit the ability to livestream to Premium subscribers

There’s been a lot going on at X recently when it comes to attempts to make more money from the platform. After Elon Musk confirmed his plans to introduce a small fee for new users, X has now confirmed that it will soon limit the ability to livestr.....»»

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Space instruments provide early warnings for solar flares

When a solar flare leaps out from around the sun, a small fleet of scientific instruments designed and built at the University of Colorado Boulder form a first line of defense—spotting these massive eruptions before any other instrument in space, t.....»»

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Supporting the right small changes can have big impacts on climate action, say researchers

Small changes in our everyday actions can trigger significant, rapid societal shifts especially when it comes to climate action. A new IIASA-led study highlights the importance of analyzing these dynamics with a comprehensive framework to harness the.....»»

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Latin American cattle block road to Paris goals

Dense forest and patchy regulations mean Latin America is struggling to shake off its mantle as the world's leading emitter of greenhouse gas from livestock production......»»

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Study challenges popular idea that Easter islanders committed "ecocide"

Some 1,000 years ago, a small band of Polynesians sailed thousands of miles across the Pacific to settle one of the world's most isolated places—a small, previously uninhabited island they named Rapa Nui. There, they erected hundreds of "moai," or.....»»

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Brother HL-L3295CDW review: a low-cost, scalable color laser printer

I reviewed Brother's HL-L3295CDW color laser printer to find out if it's the right choice for your home office or small business......»»

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Inspired by nature: Synthetic nightshade molecule effective against leukemia cells

Nightshade plants produce a diverse array of compounds with therapeutic potential. Researchers at CeMM have now identified an artificial variant inspired by the Withanolides group that acts highly specifically against leukemia cells......»»

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Is this our first look at the OnePlus Watch 3?

OnePlus has a small portfolio of wearables, especially smartwatches. Despite its bankable hardware, the launched earlier this year had some evident cutbacks. These include the lack of LTE connectivity, the half-baked crown button, and the absence of.....»»

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Anti-trust regulators should consider their options carefully when start-ups are acquired, new study suggests

Promoting a competitive marketplace has been the main focus for regulators concerned with "killer acquisitions"—when big companies swallow small startups to eliminate a potential rival......»»

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This small Windows update brings a highly requested change

The Windows 11 Build 26241 for Insiders in the Canary Channel will make moving your files around a lot easier with this new difference......»»

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New photonic chip spawns nested topological frequency comb

Scientists on the hunt for compact and robust sources of multicolored laser light have generated the first topological frequency comb. Their result, which relies on a small silicon nitride chip patterned with hundreds of microscopic rings, appears in.....»»

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Transcriptomic insights into Chinese cabbage"s unique morphology

Understanding the genetic mechanisms behind leaf development is crucial for improving crop yields and resilience. In Chinese cabbage, the formation of leafy heads involves complex gene interactions that determine leaf shape and orientation. Despite p.....»»

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Harnessing ecological theory for successful ecosystem restoration

Scientists have created a research framework to incorporate ecological theory—mathematical models and concepts to understand interactions and dynamics of ecosystems—into ecosystem management and planning to more effectively scale restoration and.....»»

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In the hunt for a second Earth, look to small planets, says new research

Scientists around the world are constantly on the hunt for planets outside our solar system that could potentially provide a habitable environment for life......»»

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New simulations reveal hot neutrinos trapped during neutron star collisions

When stars collapse, they can leave behind incredibly dense but relatively small and cold remnants called neutron stars. If two stars collapse in close proximity, the leftover binary neutron stars spiral in and eventually collide, and the interface w.....»»

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Laying the foundation for lunar base construction: Elucidating lunar soil-microwave interactions

NASA aims to construct a lunar base through the Artemis program, a manned lunar exploration initiative. However, the practical reality of what the general public envisions for the space base differs somewhat from well-known science fiction movies. To.....»»

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New method enhances X-ray microscopy for detecting tiny defects

X-ray microscopes are essential for examining components and materials because they can be used to detect changes and details in the material. Until now, however, it has been difficult to detect small cracks or tiny inclusions in the images......»»

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Investigating nematode-microbe interactions in lab-simulated decomposed beetle environments

Beneath the surface, bacterivorous nematodes are key players in the nutrient cycle, consuming bacteria that decompose organic matter. Traditionally, these nematodes are studied in laboratory environments where isolated bacterial strains are used to m.....»»

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Beats Solo Buds review: Apple"s best wireless audio bargain yet

The Beats Solo Buds are the cheapest wireless earphones Apple produces, yet still offer outstanding battery life and an astoundingly small case.Beats Studio budsIf you want to buy some wireless earphones made by Apple, you have a fairly decent select.....»»

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