Planetary scientists discover brief presence of water in Arabia Terra on Mars

As part of a team of collaborators from Northern Arizona University and Johns Hopkins University, Northern Arizona University (NAU) Ph.D. candidate Ari Koeppel recently discovered that water was once present in a region of Mars called Arabia Terra......»»

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Researchers Find Evidence of Boulders Tumbling After Recent Earthquakes on Mars

"If a rock falls on Mars, and no one is there to see it, does it leave a trace?" jokes the New York Times, answering "Yes, and it's a beautiful herringbone-like pattern, new research reveals." Scientists have now spotted thousands of tracks on the re.....»»

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Scientists scrutinise characteristics of new Omicron sub-variant

 Image Credit:CIPhotos via Getty ImagesStudies are underway to find out the precise characteristics of the latest Covid-19 variant ‘BA.2’. It already accounts for the majority of most recent cases in a number of countries, including India, D.....»»

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Solving a crystal"s structure when you"ve only got powder

Crystals reveal the hidden geometry of molecules to the naked eye. Scientists use crystals to figure out the atomic structure of new materials, but many can't be grown large enough. Now, a team of researchers report a new technique in the January 19.....»»

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Mars lander InSight is awake from safe mode after dust storm

NASA's InSight lander on Mars has returned to normal operations after a break of around two weeks due to a regional dust storm......»»

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Mars Perseverance rover shakes loose troublesome pebbles

NASA has shared an update on progress of dislodging pebbles from the Perseverance rover, and the signs are looking good for its continuing mission......»»

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Martian dust storm delays next flight of Ingenuity helicopter

Earth isn't the only place where bad weather affects space flights. The weather on Mars can also be tricky, causing problems for the Ingenuity helicopter......»»

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Telltale Tsunami Sounds Could Buy More Warning Time

Scientists are figuring out how to detect a tsunami-generating earthquake’s unique, fast-traveling sound waves  -- Read more on»»

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New York"s Central Park Becomes a Living Climate Laboratory

Scientists will study how rising temperatures affect trees, plants, wildlife and humans who use the park -- Read more on»»

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40 Quintillion Black Holes are Lurking in the Universe, Study Projects

"Scientists have estimated the number of 'small' black holes in the universe," reports Live Science. "And no surprise: It's a lot." Using a new method, outlined January 12 in The Astrophysical Journal, a team of astrophysicists has produced a fresh.....»»

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Your teeth, body, and home will love these activated charcoal products

It's funny how simple ancient remedies come back into vogue as scientists realise that no chemical combinations can replace honest nature. As many indigenous civilisations of old could tell you, activated charcoal is an excellent, all-natural whiteni.....»»

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Achieving a healthy immune system with TB-500

What does the TB-500 stand for? Scientists are scrambling to discover an immune system medicine due to the increasing need for a robust and healthy immune system. That’s exactly what TB-500, or Thymosin Beta 4, can achieve. Thymosin Beta 4 is a.....»»

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Orange M&M is now a Gen Z icon because of its extreme anxiety

Remember the orange M&M? Apparently, he's a Gen Z icon now. In an effort to make the M&M brand more inclusive, Mars has redesigned its beloved M&M characters for a "more dynamic, progressive world," reports CBS News. The 2022 updates include a signif.....»»

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Scientists developed low-cost 3D imaging of coral reef health — Future Blink

Keeping coral reefs healthy is extremely important as climate change encroaches on our most valuable habitats. Stanford scientists have developed a low-cost measuring technique to assess the health of an entire reef from just a few small measurements.....»»

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Study: Leidenfrost effect occurs in all three water phases: Solid, liquid, and vapor

But there's a much higher threshold of 550° C for levitation of an ice disk to occur. Slow-motion video of boiling ice, a research project of the Nature-Inspired Fluids and Interfaces Lab at Virginia Tech. Dash a few drops of water onto.....»»

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Simulations show iron catalyzes corrosion in "inert" carbon dioxide

Iron that rusts in water theoretically shouldn't corrode in contact with an "inert" supercritical fluid of carbon dioxide. But it does......»»

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Study finds river flows linked to the ups and downs of imperiled Chinook salmon population

A study led by Simon Fraser University researchers has discovered that sufficient water flows during summer can be critical to a Chinook salmon population in the interior of British Columbia......»»

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A sign the drought is easing: California officials to ship more water to farms, cities

State officials said Thursday they will increase deliveries to farms and cities that belong to the State Water Project—a sign that this winter's rain and snow has eased drought conditions in California......»»

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Scientists Are Racing to Understand the Fury of Tonga’s Volcano

The Hunga Tonga-Hunga Ha'apai volcanic eruption and tsunami that have devastated Tonga are unlike anything volcanologists have seen before......»»

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Beavers offer lessons about managing water in a changing climate, whether the challenge is drought or floods

It's no accident that both the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and the California Institute of Technology claim the beaver (Castor canadensis) as their mascots. Renowned engineers, beavers seem able to dam any stream, building structures with l.....»»

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Using ice to boil water: Researcher makes heat transfer discovery that expands on 18th century principle

Associate Professor Jonathan Boreyko and graduate fellow Mojtaba Edalatpour have made a discovery about the properties of water that could provide an exciting addendum to a phenomenon established over two centuries ago. The discovery also holds inter.....»»

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