iPhone 13 vs 15: Time to upgrade?

iPhone 15 and 15 Plus are Apple’s latest non-pro smartphones that come with a number of new features. But are they worth the upgrade if you have an iPhone 13? Follow along for an in-depth look at the iPhone 13 vs 15 for everything that’s changed.....»»

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Stellar winds of three sun-like stars detected for the first time

An international research team led by a researcher from the University of Vienna has for the first time directly detected stellar winds from three sun-like stars by recording the X-ray emission from their astrospheres, and placed constraints on the m.....»»

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"Branded access offers" dilute parent brand via perceived lack of consumer commitment: Study

Why buy when you can rent? From cars to high-end clothing, the short-term renting or sharing of consumer goods through "branded access offers" has become an increasingly popular alternative to the traditional ownership model. But such time-limited co.....»»

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Pixelmator Pro update adds PDF text editing and new ‘bento’ templates

The popular image editing software Pixelmator Pro has just received another update with new features. This time, users are getting the ability to edit text in PDF files, as well as better support for Apple PDF files and new “bento” templates......»»

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Best iPhone 14 wireless chargers you can buy

Charge your iPhone 14 wirelessly with these amazing wireless chargers. The post Best iPhone 14 wireless chargers you can buy appeared first on Phandroid. One of the good things about the iPhone 14 is that it not only offers wired fast char.....»»

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Amazon virtually kills efforts to develop Alexa Skills, disappointing dozens

Most devs would need to pay out of pocket to host Alexa apps after June. Enlarge / The 4th-gen Amazon Echo Dot smart speaker. (credit: Amazon) Alexa hasn't worked out the way Amazon originally planned. There was a time.....»»

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Apple’s John Ternus defends iPhone parts pairing as ‘not evil’

Apple announced big changes to its repair policy today, saying that select iPhone repairs can be completed with used genuine parts for the first time. One controversial repair practice that remains in place, however, is parts pairing. In a new int.....»»

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Coupon: save 84% on Babbel"s lifetime language learning subscription

Babbel's lifetime language learning subscription just dropped to $159.99 thanks to a limited-time promo code, reflecting a $440 discount off retail.Using promo code ENJOY20, shoppers can pick up a lifetime Babbel subscription for $159.99. The offer i.....»»

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Fallout 4 Next-Gen Update: Release Date & Details

It might be time to dust off that old copy of Fallout 4 because Bethesda’s confirmed key details about the game’s next-gen update, including its release date. With all of the hype around the new Fallout series on Prime, it was only a matt.....»»

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iPhone 16 Will Be Apple’s First AI-Centric Phone

It’s the elephant in the room at this point, but yet another report suggests Apple is working to bring AI-centric upgrades to this year’s iPhone. Bloomberg reporter Mark Gurman has released a report outlining Apple’s plans for the M.....»»

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Why iPhone 7 Users Should Upgrade in 2024

If you’re still holding onto an iPhone 7 or iPhone 7 Plus, this is the year you should consider upgrading to a new iPhone model. Seven years is a long time in the tech world and that’s how long its been since Apple launched the iPhone 7 a.....»»

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Galaxy One UI 6.1 Update: 3 Reasons to Install & 3 Not To

Samsung has started pushing its One UI 6.1 update with Galaxy AI features to select Galaxy models. And while many users will want to install it right away, others may want to hold off for the time being. The One UI 6.1 update is moving out to the Gal.....»»

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Here’s How Long You Have to Return a New iPhone

While most of the questions we get from friends, family, and readers are about issues with their iPhone, another prominent one is about Apple’s iPhone return policy. Recently, a friend of mine who bought an iPhone 15 asked me how long he had to.....»»

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Apple will allow reuse of iPhone parts for repairs, with a notable catch

Announcement arrives as Colorado's Senate hears a bill banning parts pairing. (credit: Getty Images) Apple has always had a strong preference that only its own parts be used in repairs, but only if they're brand-new. Now.....»»

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Bird Flu Is Spreading in Alarming New Ways

H5N1 has infected cattle across the US and jumped from a mammal to a human for the first time. Experts fear it may someday evolve to spread among humans......»»

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The heat is on: What we know about why ocean temperatures keep smashing records

Over the last year, our oceans have been hotter than any time ever recorded. Our instrumental record covers the last 150 years. But based on proxy observations, we can say our oceans are now hotter than well before the rise of human civilization, ver.....»»

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No two worms are alike: New study confirms that even the simplest marine organisms tend to be individualistic

Sport junkie or couch potato? Always on time or often late? The animal kingdom, too, is home to a range of personalities, each with its own lifestyle. In a study just released in the journal PLOS Biology, a team led by Sören Häfker and Kristin Tess.....»»

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It just became the perfect time to buy a last-gen Intel CPU

Intel made an unexpected decision regarding its 13th generation of processors, which is why now is a good time to buy a Raptor Lake CPU......»»

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Russians Pirate Premier League, Add Their Own Graphics & Commentators

Russia's full-blown invasion of Ukraine in February 2022 triggered a Western rightsholder exodus. For the English Premier League, a £43m deal with Match TV was suspended but Russians wasted no time exploring other options. Pirate IPTV services, web-.....»»

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Pirate IPTV Investigations Are Expensive, Time-Consuming & Prone to Misfire

In September 2023, Swedish anti-piracy group Rights Alliance was looking forward to the upcoming trial of a man suspected of being behind a pirate IPTV service. He registered the site's domain and in 2020 received almost $190,000 in cryptocurrency fr.....»»

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Beyond Screen Time: Balancing Digital and Real-world Activities for Kids

The world has changed, and in this modern digital age, screens are all the rage right now. While everyone knows what kind of benefits state-of-the-art technology can offer, spending hours after hours in front of the screen can easily overthrow these.....»»

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