Gaming monitor shipments are down for the first time ever

Trendforce's Anita Wang released a report on the matter that also covers details such as sales for panel types and screen curvature. In 2021, there were 22.8 million shipments of gaming monitors compared to an estimated 20.5 million units shipped for.....»»

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NASA capsule flies over Apollo landing sites, heads home

NASA's Orion capsule and its test dummies swooped one last time around the moon Monday, flying over a couple Apollo landing sites before heading home......»»

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How to watch The Game Awards 2022: when it airs and what to expect

The Game Awards 2022 show goes live on December 8. Here's how to watch the end-of-year gaming highlight reel and what to expect......»»

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The Nothing Phone is finally coming to the U.S., and I can’t wait

Nothing CEO Carl Pei has confirmed plans to sell phones in the U.S. It's about time buyers in the U.S. get a taste of competitive goodness and more value......»»

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Biggest Apple News+ magazines may be having a tough time

New data shows that people are reading fewer big-name publications in the Apple News+ subscription service — but it's not clear if it's a sign of a wider trend.Apple NewsCirculation numbers recently published by Press Gazette show that the top 25 m.....»»

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Cooler Master’s massive workstation pod is an extravagant alternative to desks

Cooler Master announces waitlist for long-awaited Orb X. Enlarge (credit: Cooler Master) When is an office or gaming chair more than a seat? When it's an entire mechanical pod equipped with monitors, wireless charging,.....»»

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This Gravity Defying “Chomp” Lamp Harkens Back To The Old Days Of Nintendo

Retro gaming is such a fun topic. It’s interesting how beloved it is, both with those who lived through it and see it with the rose colored glasses of nostalgia, and those who are approaching it with fresh new eyes. Aweirdguy tapped into this.....»»

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Opinion: Jobs are up! Wages are up! So why am I as an economist so gloomy?

In any other time, the jobs news that came down on Dec. 2, 2022, would be reason for cheer......»»

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Researchers solve pre-harvest sprouting in rice and wheat

Seed dormancy is an important survival tool for plants because it allows them to weather conditions not conducive to survival. At the same time, excessive dormancy may lessen cultivation time. In response, farmers often plant low dormancy cultivars o.....»»

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Homeless numbers have jumped since COVID housing efforts ended. And the problem is spreading beyond the big cities

The numbers of people who are homeless have risen sharply across Australia, with soaring housing costs emerging as the biggest driver of the increase. The Australian Homelessness Monitor 2022, released today, reports that the average monthly number.....»»

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Alienware teases a monster new 18-inch laptop ahead of CES

Alienware just dropped a short trailer teasing a new 18-inch gaming laptop. This is very exciting news indeed, but the video prompts more questions than answers......»»

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Are volcanoes impacted by climate change? Or is it the other way around?

The eruption of Mauna Loa for the first time in 40 years on the Big Island of Hawaii follows a summer and fall that saw record-high temperatures around the world......»»

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Securing iPads in medical offices, retail stores with MacLocks

Long-time Apple security solution provider Maclocks is noticing a shift in Apple's focus with every new launch. Here's what to pay attention to.MacLocks offer business solutions for Apple productsThe 2022 iPad provides businesses and enterprise users.....»»

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Is Taiwan"s IC design sector impacted by declined Samsung phone shipments?

Samsung Electronics has reduced smartphone production at its Vietnam production line, which could have some negative impacts on Taiwanese IC design houses like MediaTek. However, this likely won't impact the IC design houses that seek collaborations.....»»

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This 38-inch curved Alienware monitor is $450 off (51% claimed)

Right now, you can save a huge sum on a high-end 38-inch curved Alienware monitor. If you're looking for the ultimate gaming setup, it's ideal......»»

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iPhone 14 Pro lead time shortening, but has much room for improvement

Supplies of the iPhone 14 Pro models have improved and moderated lead times for getting into the hands of customers, JP Morgan's tracker indicates, but lead times will continue to be a focus throughout December.The iPhone 14 Pro Max camera bumpApple'.....»»

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Taiwan power components makers to strengthen support for Tesla in 2023

Taiwan power component makers are expected to see increasing shipments for EV, industrial control and green energy applications in 2023, and particularly will play a more important role in the Tesla supply chain, according to industry sources......»»

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Silicon Motion Technology actively competes for automotive application

NAND flash controller IC design house Silicon Motion Technology in early 2022 entered the automotive application for the first time by providing Toyota Motor with such ICs used in automotive memory storage of Toyota car models launched in the China m.....»»

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How to track NASA’s Orion spacecraft on its voyage back to Earth

NASA's Orion spacecraft has been in space since last month, and is about to begin its journey back from the moon. You can track its voyage home in real time......»»

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Chinese smartphone brands see shipments decline in 3Q22, says DIGITIMES Research

As a result of the feeble smartphone sales in their home market China and inflation-induced smartphone purchases reduction by overseas consumers, Chinese smartphone brands, to lower channel inventory levels, stayed conservative with their global ship.....»»

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Watch space station’s new solar array unfurl in space

Watch a time-lapse showing NASA's latest solar array unfurling shortly after being installed on the space station on Saturday......»»

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