Gaming monitor shipments are down for the first time ever

Trendforce's Anita Wang released a report on the matter that also covers details such as sales for panel types and screen curvature. In 2021, there were 22.8 million shipments of gaming monitors compared to an estimated 20.5 million units shipped for.....»»

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This smartphone company made a shockingly small watercooled gaming PC

The Tecno Mega Mini Gaming G1 is one of the smallest mini-PCs that comes with a custom watercooling solution......»»

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Fullscreen vs. Windowed borderless: which is best for gaming?

Fullscreen and windowed borderless are two popular screen modes for gaming, but which is best, and why? Here's why and when you should use one over the other......»»

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Nvidia is reportedly ‘worried that it’s missing the boat’

Nvidia has completely neglected the gaming handheld market, which is where AMD absolutely dominates -- but that might not be the case for long......»»

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Dell unveils 5K 40-inch UltraSharp Curved Thunderbolt Hub Monitor with 120Hz refresh [U: Now available]

Dell is out the gate early with one of its CES announcements this year. Joining its is the new 40-inch 5K Curved Thunderbolt Hub Monitor. Here are all the details on this big boy. more….....»»

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The ASUS Rog Phone 8 Goes on Sale for the US

Mobile gaming enthusiasts in North America can finally get their hands on the ASUS ROG Phone 8, which brings a ton of new features packed into a powerful little smartphone. The post The ASUS Rog Phone 8 Goes on Sale for the US appeared first on Phand.....»»

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Dell is starting March with a huge sale on laptops and gaming PCs

Dell has a huge sale on right now with big discounts on a wide range of products including laptops, gaming PCs, and monitors......»»

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HP Omen Transcend 14 review: going for gold

HP is entering the 14-inch gaming laptop market, and despite a few stumbles, the Omen Transcend 14 still manages to impress......»»

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March is here, and so are AirPods Pro 2 at $189, a Beats spring sale, and today’s other best Apple deals

An all-time low is back on AirPods Pro 2, complete with the new USB-C charging case at $189. If you’re looking for another listening experience, Apple is launching a Beats spring sale to go alongside this 29% off Nomad iPhone 15 cases sale. Hit the.....»»

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Apple launches Beats spring sale on latest Studio Pro headphones at $200 and Studio Buds+ at $130

Beats is starting off March with a new sale on its latest headphones and earbuds. While you’ll find discounts at Amazon and other retailers, the savings are also going live at this time. We hardly ever see first-party price cuts, and now.....»»

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Apple says iOS 17.4 won’t remove Home Screen web apps in the EU after all

Last month, Apple confirmed that iOS 17.4 would remove support for Home Screen web apps in the European Union. At the time, Apple said this decision was due to requirements under the Digital Markets Act related to support for alternative browser engi.....»»

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Apple TV+ adds a limited time library of 50 movies to stream for free

Apple TV+ has launched a limited time collection of movies to stream for free as part of your Apple TV+ subscription. The company has done this occasionally in the past to coincide with the themed release of new originals, but this is by far the bigg.....»»

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Watch 51 classic movies for free on Apple TV+

Apple TV+ has made available 51 movies ranging from "American Sniper" to "Zodiac," all for free for a limited time to subscribers.Films from Apple's free movie selectionApple has occasionally made one-off films like "Silver Linings Playbook," or seri.....»»

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A software engineer wore Apple Vision Pro to his wedding, much to his new bride"s chagrin

A new viral image circulating the internet shows a young man wearing the Apple Vision Pro in his wedding pictures, after his new bride explicitly asked him not to.image Credit: Jacob WrightFor most people, a wedding is a time of excitement, new begin.....»»

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Does trying to look younger reduce how much ageism older adults face?

Every year, millions of older Americans spend money and time to try to look younger than they are. They color graying hair, buy anti-balding products, use teeth whiteners and wrinkle fillers, and much more......»»

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Flash deal: save 60% on a lifetime Rosetta Stone subscription

You have the perfect tool for learning a new language at your fingertips with Rosetta Stone, and now StackCommerce is offering the famous language-learning software at a 60% discount with more than enough time before spring break travel.Learn a new l.....»»

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Similar genetic elements underlie vocal learning in mammals

The vocalizations of humans, bats, whales, seals and songbirds vastly differ from each other. Humans and birds, for example, are separated by some 300 million years of evolution. But scientists studying how these animals learn to "speak" have time an.....»»

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Research explores the cooling effects of "scuba-diving" in lizards

Anoles are the scuba-diving champions of the lizard world, able to stay underwater for more than 16 minutes. For animals whose body temperature depends on the environment, time spent in a cool running stream can have some tradeoffs......»»

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The 13 best cheap gaming laptop deals in March 2024

With plenty of gaming laptop deals around, we've highlighted some of the best from Alienware, Lenovo, HP, and many more great laptop manufacturers......»»

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Cutting-edge tracking technology proves Australian whale shark tourism leads the world

Using technology akin to a "fitbit" for sharks, a team of researchers has tagged and tracked whale sharks to study the effects of tourism at Ningaloo Reef in Western Australia for the first time. In a resounding endorsement of local tourism practices.....»»

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HP just hatched its $7-a-month subscription plan for printers

You don't need to own a printer to print at home. HP's All-In Plan provides a selection of printers, ink shipments, and more at a low monthly price......»»

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