Euclid space telescope captures stunning images of far-off galaxies

New images from the European Space Agency's Euclid telescope show a range of cosmic objects, from bustling stellar nurseries to enormous galaxy clusters......»»

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Verizon screwup caused 911 outage in 6 states—carrier agrees to $1M fine

Verizon initially failed to remove a flawed update file that caused two outages. Enlarge (credit: Getty Images | David Ramos) Verizon Wireless agreed to pay a $1,050,000 penalty to the US Treasury and implement a complia.....»»

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Is generative AI really going to “wreak havoc” on the power grid?

AI is just one small part of data centers’ soaring energy use. Enlarge / Someone just asked what it would look like if their girlfriend was a Smurf. Better add another rack of servers! (credit: Getty Images) Late last.....»»

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US to launch satellite to better prepare for space weather

The United States is aiming Tuesday to launch a new satellite expected to significantly improve forecasts of solar flares and coronal mass ejections—huge plasma bubbles that can crash into Earth, disrupting power grids and communications......»»

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Pooping on the Moon Is a Messy Business

If humans are to return to the moon, space agencies and governments need to figure out the legal, ethical, and practical dimensions of extraterrestrial waste management......»»

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Jupiter"s upper atmosphere surprises astronomers

Using the NASA/ESA/CSA James Webb Space Telescope, scientists observed the region above Jupiter's iconic Great Red Spot to discover a variety of previously unseen features. The region, previously believed to be unremarkable in nature, hosts a variety.....»»

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Predicting changes inside astronauts" bodies during space travel through blood sample analysis

The acceleration of space exploration, promoted by astronaut recruitment and private space travel, heralds an imminent future where space travel becomes increasingly common. However, numerous questions persist regarding the physical changes that huma.....»»

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Year"s 1st SpaceX Falcon Heavy launch on tap Tuesday with NOAA satellite

SpaceX is locked and loaded for what would be only the 10th launch for its powerhouse Falcon Heavy rocket Tuesday, scheduled to take a powerful weather satellite to space if weather cooperates......»»

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NASA calls off spacewalk after spacesuit water leak

NASA on Monday canceled a spacewalk at the International Space Station after water leaked from an astronaut's spacesuit......»»

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Using sound waves, scientists develop findings that challenge standard theories of solar convection

A team of solar physicists at NYU Abu Dhabi's Center for Astrophysics and Space Science (CASS), led by Research Scientist Chris S. Hanson, Ph.D., has revealed the interior structure of the sun's supergranules, a flow structure that transports heat fr.....»»

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NASA sued by Florida man whose house was hit by space junk

NASA is being sued by a man whose house was damaged by a piece of space junk that came from the International Space Station......»»

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Developers can now create larger apps and games for iOS 18 and tvOS 18

Some users may not be familiar with this, but Apple sets size limits for iOS and tvOS apps, so that a single app can’t take up too much space. However, as apps and especially games get more advanced, they also get larger and require more storage. B.....»»

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Backdoor slipped into multiple WordPress plugins in ongoing supply-chain attack

Malicious updates available from create attacker-controlled admin account. Enlarge (credit: Getty Images) WordPress plugins running on as many as 36,000 websites have been backdoored in a supply-chain attac.....»»

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Music industry giants allege mass copyright violation by AI firms

Suno and Udio could face damages of up to $150,000 per song allegedly infringed. Enlarge / Michael Jackson in concert, 1986. Sony Music owns a large portion of publishing rights to Jackson's music. (credit: Getty Images).....»»

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Larry Finger made Linux wireless work and brought others along to learn

Remembering Finger, 84, who learned as he went and left his mark on many. Enlarge (credit: Aurich Lawson | Getty Images) Linux and its code are made by people, and people are not with us forever. Over the weekend, a brie.....»»

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Revived technology used to count individual photons from distant galaxies

Using an instrument on the 4.1-meter Southern Astrophysical Research Telescope, researchers have obtained the first astronomical spectrum using skipper charge-coupled devices (CCDs)......»»

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Boeing"s Starliner Faces an Indefinite Wait in Space While NASA Investigates Its Faults

The space agency has pushed back the spacecraft’s return to an unspecified date in July, to give it more time to look into the problems that beset the vehicle on its journey into orbit......»»

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Space radiation can damage satellites—next-generation material could self-heal when exposed to cosmic rays

The space environment is harsh and full of extreme radiation. Scientists designing spacecraft and satellites need materials that can withstand these conditions......»»

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Webb Space Telescope captures star clusters in Cosmic Gems arc

An international team of astronomers has used the NASA/ESA/CSA James Webb Space Telescope to discover gravitationally bound star clusters when the universe was 460 million years old. This is the first discovery of star clusters in an infant galaxy le.....»»

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EU says Apple violated app developers’ rights, could be fined 10% of revenue

EU: Apple fees and rules stop devs from steering users to other sales channels. Enlarge (credit: Getty Images | SOPA Images ) The European Commission today said it found that Apple is violating the Digital Markets Act (D.....»»

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Could we put data centers in space?

Artificial intelligence has taken the world by storm lately. It also requires loads of band-end computing capability to do the near-miraculous things that it does. So far, that "compute," as it's known in the tech industry, has been based entirely on.....»»

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