Embargo Jan 25 00:00: Bowers & Wilkins’ wireless earbuds get better battery life and longer range

Bowers & Wilkins has announced a minor update of its two wireless earbuds, the Pi5 S2 and Pi7 S2, with slightly longer battery life and better Bluetooth range......»»

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Hugging Face, the GitHub of AI, hosted code that backdoored user devices

Malicious submissions have been a fact of life for code repositories. AI is no different. Enlarge (credit: Getty Images) Code uploaded to AI developer platform Hugging Face covertly installed backdoors and other types of.....»»

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Dell is starting March with a huge sale on laptops and gaming PCs

Dell has a huge sale on right now with big discounts on a wide range of products including laptops, gaming PCs, and monitors......»»

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Apple launches Beats spring sale on latest Studio Pro headphones at $200 and Studio Buds+ at $130

Beats is starting off March with a new sale on its latest headphones and earbuds. While you’ll find discounts at Amazon and other retailers, the savings are also going live at this time. We hardly ever see first-party price cuts, and now.....»»

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98% of businesses linked to breached third parties

According to the updated SEC regulations on cybersecurity incident disclosure, findings by SecurityScorecard reveal that 98% of companies are associated with a third party that has experienced a breach. It often takes months or longer for breaches to.....»»

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This new Spotify feature is like a Magic 8 Ball for music

Spotify's new Song Psychic feature hopes to answer some of life's burning questions while suggesting music as answers......»»

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Apple Car canceled, iOS 18 design changes, AirPods with cameras

Benjamin and Chance react to the shock news of the cancellation of the long-gestating Apple Car project, and Mark Gurman details some of the future wearables Apple is pondering including smart glasses, rings, and AirPods earbuds with integrated camer.....»»

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Two new Apple Watch ads highlight real-world life-saving features

Apple has shared two new videos of true stories where the Apple Watch has saved a wearer's life via heart monitoring and crash detection.Image Credit: AppleThe first ad, published by Apple Australia is "Lexie's Heart." It tells the story of Lexie Nor.....»»

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X quietly revived anti-misgendering policy that Musk dropped last year

GLAAD pushes to close loopholes allowing targeted misgendering of celebrities. Enlarge (credit: paul mansfield photography | Moment) Last April, Twitter quietly edited its abuse and harassment policy to no longer explici.....»»

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Why automakers and suppliers are scrambling for silicon carbide microchips for EVs

Automakers and suppliers have been scrambling to secure supplies of silicon carbide semiconductors, which could prove to be a significant factor in increasing charging times and battery ranges on EVs......»»

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House lawmakers say more research needed to understand EV battery fire risks

A House subcommittee says first responders are not prepared to handle the novel difficulties and dangers of EV fires......»»

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Study reveals that decreased cloud cover dominated rapid spring temperature rise in Central Asia

Central Asia has experienced a faster temperature rise than the global land over the past decades, which has brought unprecedented challenges to the survival and flourishing of life. The role of the drivers and their associated underlying mechanisms.....»»

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Scientists reveal how first cells could have formed on Earth

Roughly 4 billion years ago, Earth was developing conditions suitable for life. Origin-of-life scientists often wonder if the type of chemistry found on the early Earth was similar to what life requires today. They know that spherical collections of.....»»

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Radio waves can tune up bacteria to become life-saving medicines

Scientists from Australia and the United States have found a new way to alter the DNA of bacterial cells—a process used to make many vital medicines including insulin—much more efficiently than standard industry techniques......»»

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Colorado"s wolves roamed from northwesternmost county to across Continental Divide last month

Wolves from Colorado's new pack expanded their roaming range over the past 35 days to the state's northwesternmost county and across the Continental Divide, according to a map state officials released Feb. 28......»»

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This HP laptop can last for up to 15 hours, and it’s $300 off

The HP Dragonfly Pro, an AMD Ryzen 7 laptop with a battery that can last up to 15 hours on a single charge, is on sale from HP for $1,100 after a $300 discount......»»

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Astronomers reveal a new link between water and planet formation

Researchers have found water vapor in the disk around a young star exactly where planets may be forming. Water is a key ingredient for life on Earth and is also thought to play a significant role in planet formation, yet until now, astronomers have n.....»»

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The best MagSafe stands for iPhone and StandBy

One of my favorite features in iOS 17 is StandBy, which turns your iPhone into a smart display when it’s in landscape orientation and charging. One of the best ways to take full advantage of StandBy is with an upright wireless charger. Head bel.....»»

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Eufy’s new 360-degree security camera is the ultimate wireless solution

The Eufy 4G LTE Cam S330 is a new 360-degree security camera that does not need WiFi or power to work, thanks to LTE and solar power. The post Eufy’s new 360-degree security camera is the ultimate wireless solution appeared first on Phandroid......»»

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Cryptojacking is no longer the sole focus of cloud attackers

As commercial adoption of cloud technologies continues, cloud-focused malware campaigns have increased in sophistication and number – a collective effort to safeguard both large and small enterprises is critical, according to Cado Security. Docker.....»»

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Samsung’s Galaxy Buds Live true wireless earbuds are 54% off today

The unique design of the Samsung Galaxy Buds Live make them stand out among other wireless earbuds. If you're interested, they're on sale for $69 from Walmart......»»

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