World migration down 30 percent due to pandemic: UN

The coronavirus pandemic has slowed global migration by nearly 30 percent, with around two million fewer people than predicted migrating between 2019 and 2020, according to a UN report released on Friday......»»

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"A bridge to music"s future?": Abbey Road sets stage for festival avatar 5,000 miles away

In March 2020, the world-famous Abbey Road recording studio shut its doors for the first time in almost 90 years......»»

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The End of the Just in Time Supply Chain Method

A pandemic and weather anomalies have revealed the fragility of the just in time supply chain method, all but assuring that we will see changes......»»

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One Year After the Pandemic Started, Our Workplaces Are at a Crossroads

The pandemic shifted priorities, exposing pressing needs in the workplace including gaps in employee skills, employee diversity and leadership capabilities. Continue reading........»»

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GM defends top spot in IHS Markit loyalty awards; Ford wins other top honors

IHS Markit said GM took the top spot thanks to a 69 percent customer retention rate and the popularity of its utility and pickup lineups......»»

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Despite rising PC shipments, AMD’s GPU market share is rapidly shrinking

Despite strong performance of the Radeon RX 6000 graphics cards, AMD's market share is down, and it has the global pandemic to blame......»»

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New evidence COVID-19 antibodies, vaccines less effective against variants

New research has found that new variants of the virus that causes COVID-19 can evade antibodies that work against the original form of the virus that sparked the pandemic, potentially undermining the effectiveness of vaccines and antibody-based drugs.....»»

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Torvalds warns the world: Don’t use the Linux 5.12-rc1 kernel

Please, please don't use cowboy kernels in production—especially not this one! Enlarge / Penguins aren't all equally trustworthy. (credit: Bernard Spragg) In a message to the Linux Kernel Mailing List yesterday, founding developer Linus Torv.....»»

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How and when to hire your first product manager

In the world of early-stage startups, job titles are often a formality. In reality, each employee may handle a dozen responsibilities outside their job description. The choose-your-own-adventure type of work style is part of the magic of startups and.....»»

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This ethical hacking bundle is on sale for 98 percent off

When it comes to getting a career in IT, there are different paths you can take, but only a few of them will really help you stand out in a crowd of applicants. One thing that can set you apart as you enter or progress through the field is expertise......»»

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Coastal changes worsen nuisance flooding on many US shorelines, study finds

Nuisance flooding has increased on U.S. coasts in recent decades due to sea level rise, and new research co-authored by the University of Central Florida uncovered an additional reason for its added frequency......»»

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Smartwatch shipments stalled in 2020 due to the pandemic, but there were a few bright spots

According to Counterpoint Research’s latest Global Smartphone Shipments Tracker, Apple further solidified its position as the top smartwatch manufacturer during the holiday quarter. Compared to the same period a year earlier, Apple managed to grow.....»»

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Engineering marvel: Sixth mirror cast for Giant Magellan Telescope

The Giant Magellan Telescope announces fabrication of the sixth of seven of the world's largest monolithic mirrors. These mirrors will allow astronomers to see farther into the universe with more detail than any other optical telescope before. The si.....»»

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Species traded legally through Hong Kong with inadequate traceability

Biodiversity is declining at an unprecedented rate, due primarily to human activity. Illegal and unsustainable wildlife trade is one of the major drivers of these declines, while much wildlife trade is legal, and the quantity of trade provides the op.....»»

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People are turning to Nextdoor for tips on getting a vaccine. Why that may be a problem

Like many across the United States, Deanne Primozic Kasim watched her mother struggle to secure a vaccine appointment online. Then, she turned to a service that's become a lifeline for many in the pandemic: Nextdoor......»»

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How to Achieve Interoperability in Healthcare After the Pandemic

The role of digitization in the healthcare industry has been significant over the past few years. Leveraging digital software and hardware, doctors have been successfully treating their patients with more care and precision. However, despite the use.....»»

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Workplace Automation 2.0 – what is it and what’s in store for you?

The sudden outbreak of a pandemic had made us go through several drastic transformations, one of which has taken over today’s workplaces,globally. Workplace automation, which had been a good-to-have requirement till then, has suddenly transformed.....»»

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X-ray microscopy reveals the outstanding craftsmanship of Siberian Iron Age textile dyers

The Pazyryk carpet is the world's oldest example of a knotted-pile carpet and is kept at the State Hermitage Museum in St. Petersburg, Russia. The carpet, which was made out of new wool at around 400 BC, is one of the most exciting examples of centra.....»»

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Stellantis to distribute its stake in Faurecia to shareholders

Company shareholders will decide on the distribution of the 39 percent stake and the $368 million raised from a previous equity sale in the supplier......»»

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VW brand will accelerate electric vehicle shift

Full-electric vehicles are expected to account for more than 70 percent of the brand's European sales by 2030, VW said as it unveiled its 'Accelerate' strategy......»»

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How wearable tech helped elite athletes through the pandemic

From the English Premier League to the NFL, sport is a multibillion-dollar industry, and top teams are increasingly turning to technology to give them the edge......»»

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