Working out at home? These are the best total gyms for home use for December 2021

If you are planning on getting into shape and need some new home gym equipment, we have you covered......»»

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The best smart light switches for 2022

Smart light switches are wise investments for a home, adding programmable control to even the most basic bulbs. Here are our picks for the best of 2022......»»

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Hairy Nanocrystals Capture Chemo Drugs

Researchers at Penn State working with collaborators have developed a nanomaterial that can ‘mop up’ chemotherapeutics in the bloodstream, helping to reduce off-target effects. The technology is intended for use in situations where a chemotherape.....»»

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Facebook Could Soon Notify You on the Time Spent on the Facebook App

TechCrunch sources claim that Facebook is working on a new feature that could keep track of your time spent on the Facebook app. The feature dubbed “Your Time on Facebook” will enable you to manage your time spent online. Jane Manchun Wo.....»»

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How to Hide Likes on Twitter

So you’re sick and tired of getting random messages and/or follower requests from total strangers on Twitter. You’ve tried everything and they still keep spamming you. There’s always a quick fix to everything; you just have to look deeper. In t.....»»

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Google working on AR headset codenamed ‘Project Iris’ with custom chip, cloud streaming for 2024

Back in September, we spotted that Google was developing an “Augmented Reality OS” for an “innovative AR device.” A new report today reveals that Google is working on an AR headset with “Project Iris.” more….....»»

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iOS 15.3 RC fixes Safari bug that gives websites access to browsing history and Google ID data

We recently reported that Apple was working on a fix for a Safari bug that led to the leaking of users’ browsing history and Google ID. Luckily it seems that Apple was able to fix the bug with iOS 15.3 RC and macOS Monterey 12.2 RC, which were.....»»

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Wondershare PDFelement, the ultimate Adobe Acrobat alternative

Have you tried to edit PDFs on iPhone, iPad, or Mac with the built-in software? You’ve probably realized the Files app and Preview aren’t very powerful for working with the format. Whether you’re looking for a solution for personal.....»»

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Codenotary raises $12.5 million to accelerate product development and expand sales

Codenotary announced that it has raised $12.5 million in series B funding by new and existing investors Bluwat, Elaia and others. The financing follows a series A round in July 2020 of $5.5 million with the same investors, bringing the total funding.....»»

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James Webb is ready to settle into its new home: Lagrange Point L2

Webb is set to arrive at its new home on Monday: A location almost one million miles away called L2, or the second Sun-Earth Lagrange point......»»

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Can This Startup Solve Our Recycling Problems With a New AI-Powered Appliance?

The Washington Post profiles Lasso Loop, the startup behind "a hefty home appliance machine that automatically sorts and breaks down the recyclables you toss inside it," saying the company tackles "a flaw in our waste management systems that many peo.....»»

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This 22-year-old builds chips in his parents’ garage

Sam Zeloof's creations show what’s possible for small-scale silicon tinkerers. Enlarge / Sam Zeloof completed this homemade computer chip with 1,200 transistors, seen under a magnifying glass, in August 2021. (credit: Sam Kang).....»»

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MIT Is Working On An All-In-One Approach To Diabetes Treatment

MIT, Brigham, and Women's Hospital researchers are working to eliminate many of the headaches associated with treating diabetes. According to Engadget, "They're developing all-in-one devices that measure glucose, calculate the necessary insulin dose.....»»

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2022 Could Be a Turning Point In the Study of UFOs

In 2021, there was an upsurge in peculiar sightings reported, thanks to people with smartphones or other video gear that captured these strange glimmers in the sky. In 2022, UAP will get more attention from both the scientific community and the feder.....»»

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Why Investors Are Paying Real Money For Virtual Land

A blank square of pixels in a virtual metaverse world like The Sandbox can cost as much as a home in the real world. But investors are buying in A version of this article was published in TIME’s newsletter Into the Metaverse. Subscr.....»»

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Stir it up with the best mixing bowls

Most home cooks consider a set of mixing bowls an indispensable addition to their kitchen cupboards. As well as for baking, caking, and pancake-making, mixing bowls serve their purpose as somewhere to mix and make salads, a place to marinate proteins.....»»

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Make the most of mealtimes with the best dining table

If you're fortunate enough to spare the space in your home, a dining table can be a lifestyle-changing purchase. Eating at least one meal a day at the table is an excellent way for families to bond, entertaining gets taken to a different, more elegan.....»»

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Here are the best grills to keep your cooking indoors

From all-year-round grilling to being in the comfort of your home, there are a lot of great reasons to choose an indoor grill. To ease your shopping pressures, our favorite is the Cuisinart 5-in1 Griddler. It has five different uses, including a pa.....»»

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Your teeth, body, and home will love these activated charcoal products

It's funny how simple ancient remedies come back into vogue as scientists realise that no chemical combinations can replace honest nature. As many indigenous civilisations of old could tell you, activated charcoal is an excellent, all-natural whiteni.....»»

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8 Houseplants to Keep You Healthy this Winter

Winter has arrived and freezing outdoor temperatures have forced many people to spend an extended amount of time indoors. This can leave your home feeling stale, causing allergies and other illnesses such as the flu to occur. Purify your home during.....»»

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Save $141 on a wood fire pizza oven and make authentic pies at home

TL;DR: As of Jan. 20, the Fremont Wood Fire Pizza Oven is just $227 with the code PIZZA27, which gives you 38% off its regular price of $368.Pizza is one of those things that even when it’s bad, it’s still pretty good. So, you might have.....»»

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