Wolf social group dynamics matter for infectious disease spread, models suggest

By modeling wolves in Yellowstone National Park, researchers have discovered that how a population is organized into social groups affects the spread of infectious diseases within the population. The findings may be applicable to any social species a.....»»

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Chat App Discord Ends Takeover Talks With Microsoft

Microsoft and video-game chat company Discord have ended takeover talks after Discord rejected a $12 billion bid, Bloomberg reported Tuesday, citing a people familiar with the matter. From the report: Discord is now focused on a potential public list.....»»

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Braman dealerships affected by cyberattack, report says

Florida dealership group says it "experienced a network outage which is currently impacting our operations," but did not confirm that it was a cyberattack......»»

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Social media platforms brace for the Chauvin trial verdict

Social media companies are on high alert for a verdict in the trial of former Minneapolis Police Officer Derek Chauvin for the death of George Floyd, knowing that their platforms have been used in the past to inflame tensions in the United States and.....»»

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Predicting the next pandemic virus is harder than we think

The observation that most of the viruses that cause human disease come from other animals has led some researchers to attempt "zoonotic risk prediction" to second-guess the next virus to hit us. However, in an Essay publishing April 20th in the open.....»»

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Fearsome tyrannosaurs were social animals, study suggests

The fearsome tyrannosaur dinosaurs that ruled the northern hemisphere during the Late Cretaceous period (66-100 million years ago) may not have been solitary predators as popularly envisioned, but social carnivores similar to wolves, according to a n.....»»

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Genome editing in farm animals: Chickens and pigs with integrated genetic scissors

Researchers at the TUM have demonstrated a way to efficiently study molecular mechanisms of disease resistance or biomedical issues in farm animals. Researchers are now able to introduce specific gene mutations into a desired organ or even correct ex.....»»

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Water muting with THz optoacoustics: A breakthrough for biomedical applications

Radiation at terahertz frequencies (wavelengths between 0.03 and 0.3 mm) can be used successfully to analyze the structural dynamics of water and biomolecules. But applying the technique to aqueous solutions and tissues remains challenging, since ter.....»»

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Biologists discover a new type of placental structure in animals

The Cyclostomata is an ancient group of aquatic colonial suspension-feeders from the phylum Bryozoa. The fact that they have unique placentae has been discovered by researchers at St Petersburg University and the University of Vienna. The coenocytes,.....»»

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Apple’s new iPad Pros boast MacBook-level M1 chip, XDR display, and 5G

Apple has taken the wraps off of the new iPad Pro, which offers a similar design to previous-generation models, but adds Apple's M1 chip and more......»»

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Grimshaw models Shenzhen airport transport hub on mangrove trees

Mangrove trees informed the design of the Shenzhen Airport East Integrated Transport Hub, which architecture firm Grimshaw has won a competition to build at an airport in China. Read more Mangrove trees informed the design of the Shenzhen Ai.....»»

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SEOs rejoice: Core web vitals release moves to June; plus WordPress might block FLoC; Tuesday’s daily brief

And why you should use social media as a key component of your negotiation research Please visit Search Engine Land for the full article......»»

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Tesla apologizes as anxiety grows after driver protest

The government and social media blowback stemmed from an embarrassing incident Tesla faced on Monday at the Shanghai Auto Show. An angry protester climbed on top of one of its display vehicles shouting that her car’s brakes had lost control......»»

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AutoNation Q1 net income up; AutoNation USA store goal expanded

The dealership group announced a new expansion goal for its AutoNation USA store network to more than 130 outlets by the end of 2026. It also said it plans to acquire 11 dealerships from Peacock Automotive Group......»»

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Crucial action needed for coral reefs

An international group of scientific experts co-directed by CNRS oceanographer Jean-Pierre Gattuso has stated the requirements for coral reef survival in an article published in Biological Conservation. Over 500 million people rely on coral reefs for.....»»

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Why it"s good for kids to have friends from different socioeconomic backgrounds

Friendships that bridge across social class—"cross-class friendships"—can minimize middle school academic achievement differences that are based on the level of parents' education, according to research from the UCLA School Diversity Project......»»

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Social Status calculator shows what "class" you would have been in Shakespeare"s time

Researchers from the University of Kent, King's College London and the University of Birmingham have developed a class calculator to explore the cultural and social world of the 16th and 17th Century England. The calculator will allow individuals to.....»»

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New pulsed magnet reveals a new state of matter in Kondo insulator

A recent series of experiments at the National High Magnetic Field Laboratory (National MagLab) at Los Alamos National Laboratory leveraged some of the nation's highest-powered nondestructive magnets to reveal an exotic new phase of matter at high ma.....»»

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Study finds reduction in milk production among anaplasmosis-infected cattle

Researchers at the Kansas State University College of Veterinary Medicine have published new data suggesting a negative effect on a dairy cow's milk production because of bovine anaplasmosis, a globally widespread livestock disease......»»

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Mass fossil site may prove tyrannosaurs lived in packs

Ferocious tyrannosaur dinosaurs may not have been solitary predators as long envisioned, but more like social carnivores such as wolves, new research unveiled Monday found......»»

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Elon Musk suggests Autopilot was off in fatal Texas Tesla crash

Tesla CEO Elon Musk has said that the automaker’s early investigations suggest the Model S in Saturday's fatal accident in Texas didn’t have Autopilot enabled......»»

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