Will audio-only apps change our use of social networks?

From Clubhouse to Twitter's Spaces, LJ Rich looks at the rise of a new type of social network......»»

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A 23-Year-Old Coder Kept QAnon Online When No One Else Would

Bloomberg's William Turton and Joshua Brustein have published a profile of the 23-year-old proprietor of VanwaTech, an internet provider in Vancouver, Wash. that "provides tech support to the U.S. networks of White nationalists and conspiracy theoris.....»»

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Social wasps lose face recognition abilities in isolation

Just as humans are challenged from the social isolation caused by the coronavirus pandemic, a new study finds that a solitary lifestyle has profound effects on the brains of a social insect: paper wasps......»»

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Shape-shifting Ebola virus protein exploits human RNA to change shape

The human genome contains the instructions to make tens of thousands of proteins. Each protein folds into a precise shape—and biologists are taught that defined shape dictates the protein's destined function. Tens of thousands of singular shapes dr.....»»

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Climate change is making it harder to good cup of coffee

Ethiopia may produce less specialty coffee and more rather bland tasting varieties in the future. This is the result of a new study by an international team of researchers that looked at the peculiar effects climate change has on Africa's largest cof.....»»

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When Corporate Values, Customer Values and Politics Meet, What Happens to the Customer Experience?

As companies think about the causes and values they support, they must also consider how a social responsibility decision factors into the customer experience. Continue reading........»»

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Transforming circles into squares: Researchers reconfigure material topology on the microscale

Reconfigurable materials can do amazing things. Flat sheets transform into a face. An extruded cube transforms into dozens of different shapes. But there's one thing a reconfigurable material has yet to be able to change: its underlying topology. A r.....»»

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China"s environmental data: The world"s biggest polluter in numbers

US envoy John Kerry will visit China this week for climate change talks—the first official trip under the Biden administration—in a trip Washington hopes will put aside diplomatic spats and focus on joint environment challenges......»»

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Ocean temperature reconstructed over the last 700,000 years

Researchers from the Oeschger Centre for Climate Change Research at the University of Bern reconstructed for the first mean ocean temperatures over the last 700,000 years using ice core data. The new knowledge serves to improve our understanding of t.....»»

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"Polluter elite" needs to act first on climate change

A new report by the Cambridge Sustainability Commission on Scaling Behavior Change calls on policymakers to target the UK's 'polluter elite' to trigger a shift to more sustainable behavior, and provide affordable, available low-carbon alternatives to.....»»

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In world first, New Zealand to make banks report climate impact

New Zealand will force banks to reveal the impact their investments have on climate change under world-first legislation intended to make the financial sector's environmental record transparent, officials said......»»

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Cascading effects of noise on plants persist over long periods and after noise is removed

Though noise may change moment by moment for humans, it has a more lasting effect on trees and plants......»»

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Kick It Out would back Premier League-wide boycott of social media

Anti-discrimination charity Kick It Out says it would back a Premier League-wide boycott of social media in protest at online racist abuse......»»

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Giant electronic conductivity change driven by artificial switch of crystal dimensionality

The electronic properties of solid materials are highly dependent on crystal structures and their dimensionalities (i.e., whether the crystals have predominantly 2D or 3D structures). As Professor Takayoshi Katase of Tokyo Institute of Technology not.....»»

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"Why It"s Easier To Move Country Than Switch Social Media"

Cory Doctorow, writing at Wired: When we talk about social media monopolies, we focus too much on network effects, and not enough on switching costs. Yes, it's true that all your friends are already stuck in a Big Tech silo that doesn't talk to any o.....»»

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EU Poised To Set AI Rules That Would Ban Surveillance and Social Behavior Ranking

The European Union is poised to ban artificial intelligence systems used for mass surveillance or for ranking social behavior, while companies developing AI could face fines as high as 4% of global revenue if they fail to comply with new rules govern.....»»

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Victory for municipal broadband as Wash. state lawmakers end restrictions

Proposed law allowing public broadband networks awaits governor's signature. Enlarge / State Capitol building in Olympia, Washington. (credit: Getty Images | traveler1116) The Washington state legislature has voted to end limits on municipal b.....»»

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Study of US tuna fisheries explores nexus of climate change, sustainable seafood

A new study published in Elementa by researchers at the University of California, Santa Cruz and NOAA examines traditional aspects of seafood sustainability alongside greenhouse gas emissions to better understand the 'carbon footprint' of U.S. tuna f.....»»

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Ansys 5G Mobile/UE Solutions

Ansys Whitepaper 5G Mobile/UE Solutions Ansys simulation software for 5G provides a compelling set of design solutions from mobile user equipment to networks and beyond. Simulation applications include electronics thermal manageme.....»»

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Ville de Bitche: Facebook mistakenly removes French town"s page

The social network says it mistakenly took down the town's official page......»»

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Deeplite raises $6M seed to deploy ML on edge with fewer compute resources

One of the issues with deploying a machine learning application is that it tends to be expensive and highly compute intensive.  Deeplite, a startup based in Montreal, wants to change that by providing a way to reduce the overall size of the model, a.....»»

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