Why we need a blue carbon investment roadmap

As the world's scientists research ways to slow the ongoing impact of climate change, blue carbon continues to surface as an effective natural climate solution......»»

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Review of technologies that boost potential for carbon dioxide conversion to useful products

The excessive emission of greenhouse gases, especially carbon dioxide, is rapidly raising the average global temperature. Capturing the carbon dioxide and converting it to useful fuels and chemicals can be an ideal way to reduce carbon dioxide concen.....»»

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Environmental justice advocates slam Supreme Court ruling

The Supreme Court decision to limit how the Environmental Protection Agency regulates carbon dioxide emissions from power plants could make an already grave situation worse for those affected most by climate change and air pollution, advocates say......»»

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Construction Begins on Largest Direct-Air Capture Plant

Mammoth will be able to capture 36,000 tons of carbon dioxide from the air once fully operational. The post Construction Begins on Largest Direct-Air Capture Plant appeared first on ExtremeTech......»»

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Thrive acquires Edge Technology Group to strenghten its international presence for all customers

Thrive announced that it has acquired Connecticut-based Edge Technology Group, a global technology advisory and fully-managed IT service provider for alternative investment managers. The acquisition of Edge Technology Group adds new global offices an.....»»

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How carbon emissions got caught up in a Supreme Court showdown

Conservatives want to limit the ability of agencies to set new regulations. Enlarge / A man walks up the steps of the US Supreme Court. (credit: Mark Wilson/Getty Images) Thursday's Supreme Court decision regarding the use of.....»»

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Active transportation projects offer solid returns on investment, economic study finds

Active transportation investments offer many types of benefits related to safety, reduced greenhouse gas emissions, physical activity and the economy. Metro, Oregon's regional government for the Portland metropolitan area, wants to better understand.....»»

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Supreme Court severely limits the EPA’s ability to regulate carbon emissions

EPA can compel lower emissions on existing sources, not drive a shift to renewables. The sulfer-coal-burning John E. Amos Power Plant in West Virginia. (credit: Cathy) On Thursday, the US Supreme Court issued a ruling in a cas.....»»

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Making carbon dioxide into protein for innovative animal feed

Having a big idea may not be enough to change the world—innovation is a commercial process as well as scientific inspiration. Turning research into marketable products is partly a business challenge......»»

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Cultivating seaweed for carbon removal in California: Barriers and recommendations

Growing interest in using the oceans to enhance removal of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere has in turn spurred more interest in seaweed cultivation. A recent report by the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine concluded that th.....»»

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Team reassesses greenhouse gas emissions from African lakes

The emissions of carbon dioxide (CO2) and methane (CH4)—the most potent greenhouse gases—into the atmosphere from African lakes are reassessed in a study undertaken by the Laboratory of Chemical Oceanography (FOCUS research unit / Faculty of Scie.....»»

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Snapchat Plus is now live, and feels a whole lot like Twitter Blue

Snapchat Plus is now live. And in terms of features and pricing, it looks a lot like Twitter Blue......»»

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Apple"s services & installed hardware base key to growth despite Q3 challenges

Apple isn't likely to see significant effects on its 2022 growth despite macroeconomic challenges in the June quarter, according to investment bank Wedbush.iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 13 Pro MaxIn a note to investors seen by AppleInsider, Wedbush lead a.....»»

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Novel catalyst radically enhances rate of conversion of carbon dioxide into solar fuels

Carbon dioxide or CO2 can potentially be used as a feedstock to be converted into carbon-neutral "solar fuels" that store energy from the sun. But for them to be competitive with fossil fuels, the chemical reaction that performs this conversion needs.....»»

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Investigating positron scattering from giant molecular targets

New research looks at positron scattering from rare gas atoms encapsulated in carbon 60 to investigate quantum properties that can't be tested with electrons......»»

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Better freight data might be next step in lowering carbon emissions from supply chain

A report recommends the logistics industry strength its data standards, a move that might result in substantial reductions in carbon emissions, according to the Coalition for Reimagined Mobility......»»

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Exploring nature"s own assembly line

Today the raw ingredients for virtually all industrial products, ranging from medicines to car tires, come from non-renewable chemical feedstocks. They are produced in fossil fuel refineries that emit greenhouse gases, such as carbon dioxide. However.....»»

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Climate protection: CO2 turned into methanol

For reasons of climate protection, carbon dioxide must not be released into the atmosphere. Wherever the formation of carbon dioxide cannot be prevented, it should be captured and converted into other substances......»»

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Exotic carbon microcrystals in meteorite dust

Unusually shaped microcrystals formed of pure, graphite-like carbon were discovered in the dust of the 21st-century's largest meteorite. They are likely to have grown in layers from complex carbon nuclei such as fullerene......»»

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Intento Design secures third round of investment to accelerate commercial deployment

The Paris-based French company, Intento Design, has secured a third round of investment to accelerate its international and commercial deployment on June 22, 2022. Intento Design is an EDA software provider developing intelligent tools to accelerate.....»»

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MOEA amends cogeneration regulation in line with efforts to reduce carbon emissions

Ministry of Economic Affairs (MOEA) has drafted an amendment to the regulation on cogeneration in a bid to boost replacement of coal with natural gas used in cogeneration in line with Taiwan's goal of attaining net-zero carbon emission in 2050, accor.....»»

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