Why spiders are cloaking Gippsland with stunning webs after floods

Stunning photographs of vast, ghostly spider webs blanketing the flood-affected region of Gippsland in Victoria have gone viral online, prompting many to muse on the wonder of nature......»»

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Companies that survived the pandemic will recover

Natural disasters, such as hurricanes and floods, have proven that businesses both big and small have the ability to survive and thrive......»»

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Sunny-Day Flooding Is About to Become More Than a Nuisance

Sea level rise will soon combine with a host of other environmental factors to produce dozens of floods each fall in US coastal cities......»»

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Death toll in central China floods rises to 302, dozens still missing

The death toll from floods in central China last month is at least 302 with dozens of people still missing, officials said Monday, after record downpours dumped a year's worth of rain on a city in just three days......»»

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As China Boomed, It Didn"t Take Climate Change Into Account. Now It Must.

China's breathtaking economic growth created cities ill-equipped to face extreme weather. Last week's dramatic floods showed that much will have to change. From a report: China's breakneck growth over the last four decades erected soaring cities wher.....»»

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Climate change to fuel increase in human-wildlife conflict

With wildfires spreading across the parched Western U.S., severe floods in Europe and in the coming decade a potential surge in coastal flooding, 2021 could be a pivotal year in how governments, societies and families view the threat of climate chang.....»»

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Astronaut Watches Russian Space Station Module Fall From Space In Fiery Demise

On Monday, astronauts said goodbye to a cornerstone of the International Space Station and captured stunning images of the compartment burning up in Earth's atmosphere. reports: A Russian Progress cargo vehicle towed the module, called Pirs.....»»

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Small climate changes can have devastating local consequences–it happened in the Little Ice Age

In recent weeks, catastrophic floods overwhelmed towns in Germany and the Netherlands, inundated subway tunnels in China, swept through northwestern Africa and triggered deadly landslides in India and Japan. Heat and drought fanned wildfires in the N.....»»

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How scientists and communities can build partnerships to deal with floods: Learning from Indonesia

Millions of people in Indonesia, a vast low-lying archipelago in Southeast Asia with the second-longest coastline in the world, live in flood-prone river and coastal areas. Floods and storms are the most common type of disaster affecting Indonesian c.....»»

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Death toll from Henan floods rises to 71 as China braces for more rain

The death toll from floods in central China's Henan province rose to 71 on Tuesday as a tribute at a subway where 14 people died was sealed off in a sign of sensitivity to public criticism of the government's handling of the disaster......»»

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India begins landslide, flood clean-up as deadly monsoon rains ease

Rescuers waded through waist-deep mud in western India Monday to reach injured residents and start a massive clean-up after heavy monsoon rains triggered landslides and floods that killed 159 people......»»

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Key UN climate science talks open amid floods, fires

Nearly 200 nations start online negotiations Monday to validate a UN science report that will anchor autumn summits charged with preventing climate catastrophe on a planetary scale......»»

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India: on the frontline of climate change

Swathes of India are battling deadly floods and landslides after heavy monsoon rains, just the latest example of how the vast country is on the frontline of climate change......»»

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A 3-degree Celsius World Has No Safe Place

The extremes of floods and fires are not going away, but adaptation can lessen their impact. Economist (paywalled): If temperatures rise by 3C above pre-industrial levels in the coming decades -- as they might even if everyone manages to honour today.....»»

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Heat, floods, fires: Jet stream is key link in climate disasters

Devastating floods destroyed towns in Germany and Belgium. A ruthless heat wave broiled the Western U.S. and Canada. Heavy rains paralyzed a Chinese industrial hub home to 10 million people. These recent weather phenomena are being intensified by the.....»»

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Villagers flee fresh floods in central China as typhoon approaches

Villagers were evacuated over makeshift bridges Friday as floods submerged swathes of central China, following a historic deluge which claimed at least 33 lives, while an approaching typhoon threatened to dump more rain on the stricken area......»»

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Biggest iPhone assembly plant in China not affected by massive floods [U]

Update: According to a new report by WSJ, the Foxconn assembly plant in Zhengzhou was hit by flooding on Wednesday. Power went out and water seeped into the site, employees say, but the damage appears limited. After the torrential rain in Zhengzhou.....»»

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Astronomer shows stunning Milky Way iPhone photo

An astronomer has shown a highly impressive Milky Way iPhone photo, taken with the iPhone 12 Pro Max using the camera’s ProRAW mode. Tom Kerss says that this image isn’t even the best result possible with the phone … more….....»»

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Foxconn not affected by China floods, is on "emergency response"

Apple's major iPhone supplier Foxconn says that its operations have not been affected by the extreme floods in Zhengzhou, home of the company's main facility.FoxconnZhengzhou in China's central Henan province is experiencing severe flooding, so far r.....»»

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How Traditional Owners and officials came together to protect a stunning stretch of WA coast

Recent disasters such as the Black Summer bushfires and the Juukan Gorge destruction highlighted the need to put Indigenous people at the center of decision-making about Australia's natural places. But what's the right way to combine traditional anci.....»»

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Repairing hearts with deadly spider venom: Study

A potentially life-saving treatment for heart attack victims has been discovered from a very unlikely source - the venom of one of the world's deadliest spiders. A drug candidate developed from a molecule found in the venom of the Fraser Island (K'ga.....»»

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