Why Iceland’s volcanoes may aid future Mars exploration

Scientists are using the country to test drone tech that could one day explore the planet's terrain......»»

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Infineon, Hyundai to nurture startups focusing on future mobility and digitalization

Infineon Technologies has disclosed it has signed a memorandum of understanding with Hyundai Motor Group where Infineon will support startups with product level technical expertise to enhance their success-rate and offer them the opportunity for clos.....»»

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SpaceX ‘Gateway to Mars’ video shows off its Starship spacecraft

SpaceX has released a new video showing off its Starship spacecraft that it believes will one day transport astronauts to Mars......»»

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NASA lets you meet its Mars rover and helicopter here on Earth

NASA is offering space fans the chance to come face to face with full-scale models of its trailblazing Mars Perseverance rover and Ingenuity helicopter......»»

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Electric robots are mapping the seafloor, Earth"s last frontier

Seatrec and Bedrock Ocean Exploration are two startups taking electric robots to new depths in an attempt to map the ocean floor......»»

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You can help train NASA"s rovers to better explore Mars

Members of the public can now help teach an artificial intelligence algorithm to recognize scientific features in images taken by NASA's Perseverance rover......»»

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Between the lines, Morrison"s plan has coal on the way out, with the future bright

The most striking feature of Prime Minister Scott Morrison's long-term emissions reduction plan outlined on Tuesday is not the long-telegraphed commitment to net-zero emissions by 2050, or the promise of a A$20 billion clean energy program (around 0.....»»

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A new strategy for detecting non-conformist particles called anyons

A team of Brown University researchers has shown a new method of probing the properties of anyons, strange quasiparticles that could be useful in future quantum computers......»»

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Managing water resources in a low-to-no-snow future

Mountain snowpacks around the world are on the decline, and if the planet continues to warm, climate models forecast that snowpacks could shrink dramatically and possibly even disappear altogether on certain mountains, including in the western United.....»»

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Virtual IEEE-USA Conference Focuses on Tips for How to Enhance Your Career

Registration is now open for EVO 2.0, IEEE-USA's third and final virtual event of the year, taking place on 3 November. The free half-day conference features all-new speakers, with a continued focus on emerging technology, future perspectives, and ca.....»»

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Is the Collaboration Development Platform the Future Desktop?

Slack, Zoom and Microsoft Teams are morphing into a new generation of development platforms that will become tomorrow’s desktops ... wherever we work. Continue reading........»»

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Communication with Mars rover has been restored after multi-week blackout

NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) celebrated this week as connectivity with the Mars-based Perseverance rover was restored. The planned period of radio silence was the result of a natural phenomenon known as a solar conjunction. The re-establish.....»»

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Crunchy algae, anyone? NASA shares ideas for food in space

From bugs to algae, and from 3D printing to artificial photosynthesis, NASA has announced a plethora of ideas about the future of food in space......»»

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Egyptian Security Forces Detain Humanoid Robot, Suspecting Espionage

The Guardian reports: She has been described as "a vision of the future" who is every bit as good as other abstract artists today, but Ai-Da — the world's first ultra-realistic robot artist — hit a temporary snag before her latest exhibit.....»»

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Mars helicopter is back in action and will attempt high rotor speed flight today

Mars helicopter Ingenuity will attempt another test flight this weekend, spinning its rotors faster than before to compensate for changing weather on Mars......»»

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Hear Sounds From Mars Captured By NASA"s Perseverance Rover

NASA's Perseverance rover has recorded up to five hours of sounds on the Mars, giving engineers a sense of how the Red Planet sounds different from Earth. reports: NASA now has a Perseverance rover website filling up with Martian audio, ran.....»»

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Intel"s Future Now Depends On Making Everyone Else"s Chips

An anonymous reader quotes a report from Ars Technica, written by Tim De Chant: Over the last year and a half, as the pandemic has everyone turned to their screens, demand has surged for devices (phones and laptops) and cloud services (Netflix and Zo.....»»

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NATO Launches AI Strategy and $1 Billion Fund As Defense Race Heats Up

The North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO), the military alliance of 30 countries that border the North Atlantic Ocean, this week announced that it would adopt its first AI strategy and launch a "future-proofing" fund with the goal of investing ar.....»»

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John Carmack Pushes Out Unlocked OS For Defunct Oculus Go Headset

An anonymous reader quotes a report from Ars Technica: Oculus may have officially discontinued its low-end Oculus Go headset last year, but the company has one more "official" update to help future-proof the hardware. On Thursday, Oculus released an.....»»

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Future Apple Watch bands could include a stretchable blood pressure cuff

Apple continues to pursue adding accurate blood pressure measurement to the Apple Watch, and now that research includes potentially utilizing a stretchable Watch band.Many patent drawings are stick figures, but this one has some art to itApple Watch.....»»

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Apple"s iPod was one of the biggest risks the company ever took

Tony Fadell says that the iconic iPod was a giant risk for Apple to take, but Steve Jobs had promised that Apple would "go the distance" on the product's lineup and future.Credit: AppleAhead of the 20th anniversary of the iPod's unveiling by Jobs on.....»»

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