Why even giant ships can"t solve the shipping crisis

A shortage of vessels is hampering global trade and may lead to empty shelves before Christmas......»»

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Mysterious clouds could offer new clues on dark matter

The hunt for gravitational waves, ripples in space and time caused by major cosmic cataclysms, could help solve one of the Universe's other burning mysteries—boson clouds and whether they are a leading contender for dark matter......»»

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Elon Musk says SpaceX facing "risk of bankruptcy" in leaked email

According to a Thanksgiving companywide email leaked to CNBC and Space Explored this week, the crisis with the production of Raptor engines is worse than Musk had earlier realized. The SpaceX exec ended up canceling his planned Thanksgiving break, re.....»»

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Stamping Bar Codes on Cells To Solve Medical Mysteries

No one really knew why some patients with a white blood cell cancer called chronic lymphocytic leukemia, or C.L.L., relapsed after treatment and got a second cancer. Were some cancer cells just resistant? An unexpected answer to this mystery has been.....»»

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Amazon Builds Out Network To Speed Delivery, Handle Holiday Crunch

Online retail giant has nearly doubled its fulfillment capacity since the start of the Covid-19 pandemic. From a report: In the past two years, has added workers at an unprecedented clip to keep up with a pandemic-induced surge in demand......»»

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Crypto miners blamed for Kazakhstan energy crisis

The Financial Times reports that demand for electricity in Kazakhstan has risen around eight percent this year, much more than its usual average growth rate of one to two percent. The surge has led to power shortages, blackouts in six regions of the.....»»

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Will China power shortage help LCD prices?

The power crisis in China has reduced the output of LCD panels used for TVs. With the panel price expected to return to normal, South Korean companies such as Samsung Display (SDC) and LG Display (LGD) are set to benefit......»»

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"Malicious Actors" are Compromising Google Cloud Accounts, Installing Cryptocurrency Miners

CNBC reports: Cryptocurrency miners are using compromised Google Cloud accounts for computationally-intensive mining purposes, Google has warned. The search giant's cybersecurity team provided details in a report published Wednesday. The so-called ".....»»

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AWS Embraces Fedora Linux for Its Cloud-Based "Amazon Linux"

ZDNet reports: By and large, the public cloud runs on Linux. Most users, even Microsoft Azure customers, run Linux on the cloud. In the case of market giant Amazon Web Services (AWS), the cloud provider will let you run many Linux distros or their o.....»»

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Save $500 on this GIANT Samsung 49-inch 4K gaming monitor for Black Friday

If you're looking to pick up a high-performance gaming monitor, look no further than this Samsung Odyssey G9 Black Friday deal at $500 off......»»

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Want to solve the housing crisis? Address super-charged demand

A recent news item about New Zealand's radical new housing law and whether such measures could work in Canada implies that soaring home prices are due to a lack of supply......»»

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Delhi"s choked roads worsen India"s toxic smog crisis

After decades commuting on New Delhi's parlous roads, office worker Ashok Kumar spends more time than ever stuck in the gridlock that packs the Indian capital's thoroughfares and pollutes the city......»»

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Loss of ancient grazers triggered a global rise in fires

From 50,000 years to 6,000 years ago, many of the world's largest animals, including such iconic grassland grazers as the woolly mammoth, giant bison, and ancient horses, went extinct. The loss of these grazing species triggered a dramatic increase i.....»»

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Black Friday is Causing Toxic Traffic Jams at US Ports and Warehouses

As millions of Americans rush to take advantage of Black Friday deals this weekend, the shopping spree will add to a pollution crisis unfolding at America's ports . For months, broken supply chains have saddled port-side neighborhoods with more pollu.....»»

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China Suspends Tencent From Updating Existing Apps or Launching New Apps

China has suspended Tencent Holdings from updating its existing apps or launching any new apps as part of a "temporary administrative guidance" against the tech giant, Chinese media outlets including Shanghai-based reported. From a.....»»

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A Smart Artificial Pancreas Could Conquer Diabetes

In some ways, this is a family story. Peter Kovatchev was a naval engineer who raised his son, Boris, as a problem solver, and who built model ships with his granddaughter, Anna. He also suffered from a form of diabetes in which the pancreas cannot.....»»

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Can Earth"s Digital Twins Help Us Navigate the Climate Crisis?

Powerful climate models have helped dispel any uncertainty about the scale of the climate crisis the world faces. But these models are large global simulations that can't tell us much about how climate change will impact our daily lives or how to re.....»»

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Nanograins: Study finds curious properties of tiny crystals hold clues to earthquake formation

In Earth's crust, tectonic blocks slide and grind past each other like enormous ships loosed from anchor. Earthquakes are generated along these fault zones when enough stress builds for a block to stick, then suddenly slip......»»

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British Columbia floods reveal fragile food supply chains: Four ways to manage the crisis

The COVID-19 pandemic has taught the world that our supply chains are fragile and vulnerable to disruptions. Panic-buying and product hoarding, like the irrational run on toilet paper in the early stages of pandemic, cause shortages, a lesson Canadia.....»»

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The world"s largest organism is slowly being eaten by deer

In the Wasatch Mountains of the western US on the slopes above a spring-fed lake, there dwells a single giant organism that provides an entire ecosystem on which plants and animals have relied for thousands of years. Found in my home state of Utah, ".....»»

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Intel has started shipping Alder Lake-P processors to laptop makers

Intel Alder Lake-S CPUs brought several new great options to the table for people looking to upgrade their desktops. The Core i5-12600K is better value than AMD’s Ryzen 5 5600X if you ignore motherboard pricing, and there’s now a new desktop perf.....»»

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