Which groups of people tend to overestimate their IQ?

Vaitsa Giannoul, a social scientist with European University Cyprus, has looked into the question of which group or groups of people tend to overestimate their own level of intelligence. The study is published in the journal Brain and Behavior......»»

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$250 discount drops this popular Dell 2-in-1 laptop to just $550

The versatile Dell Inspiron 14 2-in-1 laptop may end up in the hands of even more people with this $250 discount from Dell that brings its price down to $550......»»

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Detecting face morphing: A simple guide to countering complex identity fraud

Our reliance on face matching for identity verification is being challenged by the emergence of artificial intelligence (AI) and facial morphing technology. This technique involves digitally creating an image which is an average of two people’s fac.....»»

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Oura Ring review: love the feature changes, hate the new subscription

We're taking a second look at the Oura Ring, a fitness tracker packed into a discreet piece of jewelry, to see how the third generation compares to its predecessors.Like many people, I got the Apple Watch because I was excited to use it to track and.....»»

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At least 14 killed as strong quake jolts Ecuador and Peru

At least 14 people were killed, several were wounded and buildings were damaged in a powerful earthquake that shook Peru and Ecuador Saturday, authorities said......»»

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How on-demand buses in Australia can transform travel and daily life for people with disabilities

People with disabilities arguably stand to gain the most from good public transport, but are continually excluded by transport systems that still aren't adapted to their needs as the law requires. One in six people aged 15 and over with disability ha.....»»

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SEMCO"s next hit product: automotive components

Samsung Electro-Mechanics (Semco) has decided to restructure and expand its R&D division for its automotive and related electronic component products. The company aims to accelerate the development of next-generation product groups and increase high-.....»»

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Federal agency hacked by 2 groups thanks to flaw that went unpatched for 4 years

A code-execution bug with a 9.8 severity rating gave control over agency's network. Enlarge (credit: Getty Images) Multiple threat actors—one working on behalf of a nation-state—gained access to the network of a US f.....»»

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At least 67 people got botulism after trying to paralyze their stomachs

The aim was to slow digestion, but it instead led to life-threatening paralysis. Enlarge / Micrograph of Clostridium botulinum (credit: Getty | BSIP) Health officials in Europe are warning of an outbreak of botulism link.....»»

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Floods fill some of California"s summer strawberry fields

As river water gushed through a broken levee, thousands of people in a California farming town were forced to evacuate as their homes were flooded and businesses destroyed......»»

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Water restrictions lifted for 7 million in Southern California, but region still urged to conserve

Mandatory water restrictions are being lifted for nearly 7 million people across Southern California following winter storms that have boosted reservoirs and eased a severe shortage that emerged during the state's driest three-year period on record......»»

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Does the media propagate stereotypes?

The media have a powerful influence on how people view and treat different groups based on gender and ethnicity, as news stories shape people's stereotypes, beliefs, and ultimately behaviors in areas such as education, family, and politics. It is, th.....»»

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A new approach to measuring and understanding multidirectional polarization

Germany, India, Mexico, and Spain. As multiparty democracies, these countries present a more complex picture of what brings people together—or divides them. Using social media data, a group of researchers proposes a novel approach to measuring pola.....»»

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Genomic analysis shows the Amazon"s Ashaninka people are made up of two subgroups with distinct histories

The Ashaninka are the most numerous Indigenous people living in the rainforests of Peru and Brazil where they inhabit a crucial area between the Andes and sources of the Amazon River. And yet, despite the size of the population and their importance i.....»»

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Study shows links between Australia"s false killer whales and endangered groups from Hawaii

False killer whales off the Northern Australia coast need their conservation status reviewed because of similarities they share with groups from Hawaii listed as Endangered in the U.S., a Charles Darwin University (CDU) researcher says......»»

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Stuck in a "talking stage" or "situationship"? How young people can get more out of modern love

"Going together" sounds like a romantic term from yesteryear. Today's young people have a newer label: the "talking stage." It happens between being introduced to someone and officially dating, and it can involve talking or texting for days—even mo.....»»

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DEAL: Get up to 33% Off on the Amazon Fire TV Stick!

Amazon's Fire TV Stick is a great option for people looking to access services such as Netflix, Hulu, YouTube, and more. The post DEAL: Get up to 33% Off on the Amazon Fire TV Stick! first appeared on Phandroid. While Smart TVs come with a.....»»

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Employees tend to avoid taking breaks despite high levels of stress

Heavy workloads make employees feel a greater need for a break, but new research finds they may actually discourage employees from taking breaks at work despite causing high levels of stress, fatigue, and poor performance......»»

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Lithia enters U.K. with acquisition of Jardine Motors

Lithia Motors CEO Bryan DeBoer confirms the acquisition of one of Europe's biggest dealership groups, part of the No. 1 U.S. auto retailer's big expansion plans......»»

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Here Are 3.14 Projects To Make Your Pi Day Complete

Today, March 14, has become widely known as Pi day. While some of you may be looking at the never ending, never repeating mathematical phenomenon that is the number Pi, here at Make:, we tend to think of the Raspberry Pi. Here are three awesome Rasp.....»»

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Tasmanian devil whiskers may hold the key to protecting these super-scavengers

Despite the damage humans cause to the planet, in some cases wildlife can benefit from the presence of people. The Tasmanian devil, for example, frequently feeds on roadkill left by humans......»»

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