When HBO Max and Discovery+ merge, they’ll have a new name

The more neutral name is intended to protect the premium HBO brand. Enlarge / Longtime AT&T executive John Stankey, who became CEO in July 2020, speaks onstage at the HBO Max WarnerMedia Investor Day on October 29, 2019, in Burba.....»»

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Artificial intelligence aids discovery of super tight-binding antibodies

Scientists at University of California San Diego School of Medicine have developed an artificial intelligence (AI)-based strategy for discovering high-affinity antibody drugs......»»

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Mirantis acquires Shipa to extend management capabilities beyond containers to applications

Mirantis has acquired Shipa to add automated application discovery, operations, security, and observability to the Lens Kubernetes Platform. Lens helps eliminate Kubernetes complexity – accelerating mainstream developer adoption – and empowers us.....»»

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Movements in proteins reveal information about antibiotic resistance spreading

Researchers at Umeå University have discovered how a certain type of protein moves for DNA to be copied. The discovery could have implications for understanding how antibiotic resistance genes spread between bacteria......»»

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Spacecraft design expert discusses the viability of interstellar travel

Researchers at NASA recently announced the discovery of another planet about 95% the size of Earth that is 100 light-years away and could potentially sustain life......»»

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How a sugar cane pathogen is gearing up a new era of antibiotic discovery

A potent plant toxin with a unique way of killing harmful bacteria has emerged as one of the strongest new antibiotic candidates in decades......»»

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Satellite images of penguin poop lead scientists to ‘exciting discovery’

Satellite images showing bird poop recently led scientists to make what they said was an exciting discovery in Antarctica......»»

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Discovery of anti-cancer chemistry makes skullcap plant fit for modern medicine

The evolutionary secrets that enable the medicinal herb known as barbed skullcap to produce cancer fighting compounds have been unlocked by a collaboration of UK and Chinese researchers......»»

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Mathematics at the speed of light

Researchers at AMOLF, University of Pennsylvania, and City University of New York (CUNY) created a nanostructured surface capable of solving equations using light. This discovery opens exciting new opportunities in the field of analog processing base.....»»

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Egypt unveils ancient royal tomb in Luxor

Egyptian authorities announced Saturday the discovery of an ancient tomb in Luxor dating back around 3,500 years that archaeologists believe holds the remains of an 18th dynasty royal......»»

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Artificial intelligence discovers new nanostructures

Scientists at the U.S. Department of Energy's (DOE) Brookhaven National Laboratory have successfully demonstrated that autonomous methods can discover new materials. The artificial intelligence (AI)-driven technique led to the discovery of three new.....»»

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Collector discovered Isaac Newton’s lost personal copy of Opticks

David DiLaura called his discovery "a once-in-a-collector’s-lifetime event." Enlarge / Isaac Newton's personal copy of the 1717 second edition of Opticks, long thought lost, has been found. (credit: Peter Harrington Rare Books).....»»

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Sweden finds the largest rare earth deposit in Europe. It could help cut dependence on China

Swedish mining company LKAB says it has found Europe's largest deposit of rare earth oxides in the country's north, a discovery that could reduce the continent's reliance on China for the critical resource......»»

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HBO Max is getting more expensive per month, following Apple TV+ and others

HBO Max is joining the ranks of streaming services getting more expensive. Warner Bros. Discovery, which owns HBO Max, announced today that the ad-free HBO Max plan will increase from $15 per month to $16 per month for both new and existing subscrib.....»»

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Discovery of cross-species signaling pathway unlocks mysteries around parasite immunity, development

Research led by a University of Maryland team has identified the first inter-species signaling pathway between an arthropod parasite and host, where molecules in the blood of a host animal triggers the immunity and development of a parasite. The stud.....»»

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Discovery of five new deep-sea squat lobster species calls for revision of current classification

Munidopsid squat lobsters (from the family Munidopsidae) are among the most abundant decapods found at abyssal depths of the ocean. They are the most diverse squat lobster group in the East Pacific region and make their homes in one of the harshest o.....»»

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Discovery of the temple of Poseidon located at the Kleidi site near Samikon in Greece

The ancient Greek historian Strabo referred to the presence of an important shrine located on the west coast of the Peloponnese some 2,000 years ago. Remains of such an Archaic temple have now been uncovered at the Kleidi site near Samikon, which pre.....»»

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Discovery of three faint, distant galaxies may expand knowledge of early universe

The discovery of the faintest known galaxies beyond the neighborhood of the Milky Way could help scientists develop universal models for how the universe's oldest galaxies formed, according to findings announced Jan. 11 at the 241st meeting of the Am.....»»

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Expert discusses the recent discovery of an Earth-sized planet outside the solar system

Working with data from NASA's Transiting Exoplanet Survey Satellite, or TESS, Michigan State University has helped discover an Earth-sized exoplanet—a planet outside of our solar system......»»

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Sweet discovery has potential for effective new virus and cancer drug treatments

Scientists have discovered sugar-based molecules can be used to block activity of a receptor in cells that are involved in the development a range of viral infections and cancer......»»

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Legionella bononiensis: A new Legionella species has been identified

They call it Legionella bononiensis: it is the 64th species of Legionella identified worldwide, the second to be isolated in Italy since the discovery of the pathogen. It was discovered in 2019 in a hotel facility by researchers from the Laboratory o.....»»

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