Watch this: Halo Infinite gets a new and improved campaign gameplay reveal

Now, a full year later, it seems like the studio has been on the right track. Halo Infinite just got another campaign gameplay reveal, and it looks incredible......»»

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Role of disordered protein interactions in gene expression

Researchers reveal a novel mechanism that coordinates the assembly of components inside cells that control gene expression......»»

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Method to reveal undesired biological effects of chemicals

How do pollutants and other chemicals that we are exposed to affect our health? Researchers have applied a method to identify the proteins in the body affected by chemicals. The method can be used to discover at an early stage whether a substance has.....»»

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Coffee time: Caffeine improves reaction to moving targets

In the first study of its kind to explore caffeine's effects on dynamic visual skills, researchers concluded that caffeine increases alertness and detection accuracy for moving targets. Caffeine also improved participants' reaction times......»»

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Developers say Halo Infinite cheaters were expected and will be dealt with

Developer 343 Industries has finally acknowledged that it needs to address the rampant cheating in Halo Infinite's multiplayer beta, and it will. In a Wednesday tweet, 343 Community Manager John Junyszek said the dev is aware of the cheating situatio.....»»

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Xbox Game Pass adds Stardew Valley, Halo Infinite perks and more this month

Microsoft spoils Xbox Game Pass subscribers this month with a star-studded December lineup, including Among Us, Stardew Valley, and Halo Infinite......»»

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Halo Infinite has come a long way since the days of Craig

Halo Infinite's campaign launch trailer has been posted to the official Halo YouTube channel, and it's a gorgeous preview of what to expect......»»

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Image: Hubble"s view of planetary nebula reveals complex structure

NGC 6891 is a bright, asymmetrical planetary nebula in the constellation Delphinus, the Dolphin. This Hubble image reveals a wealth of structure, including a spherical outer halo that is expanding faster than the inner nebula, and at least two ellips.....»»

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Best Apple Watch deals and sales for December 2021

The Apple Watch has surged to prominence in recent years. If you're in the market for an iOS wearable, we've sniffed out the best Apple Watch deals available right now......»»

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Timex and Finisterre’s collaboration surf watch makes tide tracking simple

If all you want to know from your tide tracking watch is the tide time at your favorite local spot, then Timex and Finisterre's Tide Watch will be ideal......»»

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Industry watch: How high is the EV entry barrier?

In terms of market concentration, the top-6 mobile phone brands account for 75.6% of the market, and the top-5 PC vendors have 77.5%. Both industries show a considerably stable market structure. It is a different scenario in the automotive industry t.....»»

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Microsoft shareholders back protest vote over sexual harassment claims

Company called on to reveal more about handling of claims in wake of pervasive cases. Enlarge / The shareholder revolt comes in the shadow of recent cases and the revelation that co-founder Bill Gates had a relationship with a company.....»»

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Shrinking qubits for quantum computing with atom-thin materials

For quantum computers to surpass their classical counterparts in speed and capacity, their qubits—which are superconducting circuits that can exist in an infinite combination of binary states—need to be on the same wavelength. Achieving this, how.....»»

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Antihistamines can influence immunotherapy response by enhancing T cell activation

Researchers discovered that antihistamines are associated with improved responses to immunotherapy. Their work revealed a role for the histamine receptor in suppressing T cell activation to block anti-tumor immune responses......»»

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Apple Cyber Monday deals — you can still save on Apple Watch, iPad and more

You should shop the remaining Apple Cyber Monday deals as soon as possible if you want them to arrive in time for the holidays......»»

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How to level up the Halo Infinite battle pass quickly

While 343 is taking feedback and making changes to the system, there are still a few ways you can speed up your progress through Halo Infinite's battle pass......»»

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How to watch Premier League football on Amazon Prime: all you need to know

Amazon's streaming service is showing all 10 EPL fixtures this week. Find out how to watch - and for free - with our guide to the Premier League on Amazon Prime......»»

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Where to buy an Apple Watch with delivery in time for Christmas

If you purchase the Apple Watch Series 7 from Amazon right now, you'll get the wearable device in time for Christmas, in addition to enjoying a $20 discount......»»

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Antarctica: Beyond Epica exploring the climate of the past

The first ice core drilling campaign of Beyond Epica-Oldest Ice is starting in Antarctica at the Little Dome C site. The aim of the project is to go back to 1.5 million years in time, by sampling and analyzing the deep ice, which will reveal invaluab.....»»

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Radio emission detected from the Vela X-1 bow shock

An international team of astronomers has conducted radio observations of a bow shock in the X-ray binary Vela X-1 using MeerKAT telescope. The observational campaign resulted in the detection of radio emission from this source. The finding is detaile.....»»

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Mapping enzyme catalysis with metabolic sensing

Enzymes maintain a range of protein sequences and diverse structural forms with activities that far exceed the best chemical catalysts. However, research on engineering them with new and improved features are limited due to technical inadequacies. In.....»»

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