Video: How lemur research can help endangered species

Research scientists Marina Blanco, Ph.D. and Lydia Greene, Ph.D. study lemurs at the Duke Lemur Center in Durham, North Carolina (home to the largest population of lemurs outside of Madagascar). Some people might assume that they do this just to hang.....»»

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First large-scale census of coral heat tolerance published

In a first-of-its-kind study, Florida's  critically endangered staghorn corals were surveyed to discover which ones can better withstand future heatwaves in the ocean. Insights from the study, led by scientists at Shedd Aquarium and the University o.....»»

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Proceeding with Caution: First global guidelines proposed for ancient DNA research

As ancient DNA research sweeps the globe, ballooning from zero genomes sequenced as of 2009 to more than 6,000 as of 2021, those involved in and affected by the genetic analysis of human remains have pressed with ever greater urgency for ethical stan.....»»

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Going off the rails: Research reveals ecological impact of rail transport on UK bat species

New research from the University of Sussex has revealed the ecological impact of rail transport on bats in the UK, throwing light on a previously unstudied area......»»

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Tailoring affects people"s perceptions of dates suggested by online dating apps

Users of online dating apps evaluate date-worthiness of recommended partners based on the tailoring process used by the app, according to new research led by Penn State. The team's results suggest that it matters whether the app uses an algorithm to.....»»

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PlayStation 5 beta temporarily stores screenshots and video in the cloud for easy sharing via PS app

Sony announced via Twitter that it is beta testing a PlayStation 5 feature to allow users to share screenshots and videos through the PlayStation mobile app. The beta is only available in Japan and Canada currently. Sony did not share any plans to op.....»»

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How the Demise of Dinosaurs Led to the Rise of Snakes

The Cretaceous–Paleogene extinction killed 75 percent of all species—and prompted a snakesplosion of biodiversity......»»

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Research suggests canals can help the UK to cope with the climate emergency

Research published by The University of Manchester and the Canal & River Trust has shown that the presence of canal water can cool urban areas by up to 1.6°C during heatwaves in a 100-meter-wide corridor along the waterway......»»

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New tool offers ways to improve CRISPR gene-editing method

The ability to edit the genome by altering the DNA sequence inside a living cell is powerful for research and holds enormous promise for the treatment of diseases. However, existing genome editing technologies frequently result in unwanted mutations.....»»

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Study reveals patterns of fern communities turnover during the late triassic mass extinction

The end-Triassic mass extinction (ETME), one of the five most severe extinction events in Earth history, caused the disappearance of ~80 percent of all species......»»

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It’s time for a Marvel-style video game crossover universe

Video games shouldn't try to turn into movies, but the concept of a gaming shared universe is becoming more appealing......»»

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Instagram will finally let you post a photo or video on the web

Reels, fundraising and posting on the web are the big features coming this week from Instagram......»»

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Simulating chaotic interactions of three black holes

Dutch student Arend Moerman (Leiden University, the Netherlands) has defended his thesis research on the simulation of chaotic interactions of three black holes. The simulations, which he carried out together with researchers from Leiden and Oxford,.....»»

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NASA time-lapse shows Mars rover speeding across planet’s surface

A time-lapse video released by NASA this week shows its six-wheeled Perseverance rover tackling the rocky terrain of Mars......»»

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EPA: Chemicals called PFAS will see more research and new regulations

A large class of widely used chemicals is the target of a major EPA initiative. Enlarge / Michael Regan, administrator of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), has announced a major effort to handle environmental contamination by.....»»

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Wyze Video Doorbell Pro gets double the features at double the price

The new Wyze Video Doorbell Pro improves on the previous model with new features while still retaining a low price point......»»

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Introduction To Color Grading For Makers

Get that color looking fantastic through your entire video with some color grading. Read on to learn how to get started. The post Introduction To Color Grading For Makers appeared first on Make: DIY Projects and Ideas for Makers......»»

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Nonchlorinated solvent-processed high-performance ambipolar transistors

This research is led by Prof. Yunqi Liu (Institute of Chemistry Chinese Academy of Sciences) and Prof. Yunlong Guo (Institute of Chemistry Chinese Academy of Sciences). Ambipolar polymer semiconductors have wide applications in electronic devices suc.....»»

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The surprising marine biodiversity in the Barcelona Forum beach

A study identified 514 marine species in the bathing areas of the Barcelona Forum, an artificial beach affected by different anthropogenic impacts. This high biodiversity—which includes the presence of exotic species—is a shocking finding in such.....»»

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Road impacts on ecosystems in sub-Saharan Africa

Sub-Saharan Africa is developing rapidly. With growing economies and increased trade, major road infrastructure plans have been developed for the region, which also hosts some of the world's most unique and diverse ecosystems. New research looked int.....»»

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How climate change affects animal behavior

Humans are shaping environments at an accelerating rate. Indeed, one of the most important current topics of research is the capacity of animals to adapt to human-induced environmental change and how that change affects the expression of animal trait.....»»

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