Victoria has implemented all 227 recommendations from its Royal Commission into family violence. So was it a success?

In 2016, the Victorian Royal Commission into Family Violence released its findings following an exhaustive 13-month inquiry. In it were 227 recommendations to completely transform the state's family violence services......»»

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Apple"s headset will need killer apps & services to be successful

As Apple reportedly prepares to announce a mixed-reality headset at WWDC, analysts predict that the high cost and reliance on immersive apps and ecosystem integration will be key factors for its success.An Apple headset may launch in 2023With Apple's.....»»

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Decline in wealth due to commission ban in Europe estimated at 375 billion euros annually

As part of the study titled "The impact of commission bans on household wealth: Findings from OECD countries," a team led by Professor Steffen Sebastian, Director at the Center for Finance at the University of Regensburg, investigated the impact of c.....»»

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Corvus Signal provides continuous threat analysis, tailored alerts and always-on recommendations

Corvus Insurance has unveiled Corvus Signal, the risk prevention solution that brings together brokers, policyholders, and Corvus security experts in partnership. Corvus Signal has been shown to reduce cyber breach frequency and cost by up to 20 perc.....»»

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Study finds people who expect others to vote are more likely to vote themselves

What role does a person's circle of acquaintances play in whether they will turn out to vote? If people think their friends and family will vote, does that create social pressure for them to vote as well? Does the thought that others will know whethe.....»»

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American Born Chinese review: a charming, imperfect coming-of-age adventure

American Born Chinese isn't a knockout success, but it is immensely charming and watchable......»»

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How can universities better understand students" experiences of violence and victimization?

Researchers from City, University of London, in collaboration with the University of Surrey, De Montfort University, Universities UK (UUK) and the National Centre (NatCen) for Social Research have conducted the first pilot study into students' experi.....»»

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Database stores names for family members in 1,200+ languages

The words different cultures use to describe family members have revealed some intriguing insights—including why in Balto-Slavic languages there is a complicated relationship between in-laws and weasels......»»

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Netflix is finally implementing its password sharing policy in the US

Netflix has finally implemented its password sharing policy in the US, meaning that users who have been sharing passwords all this while will no longer be able to do so. Netflix is cracking down on password sharing, but for a while, those.....»»

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Apple"s headset success depends on ecosystem integration

The adoption rate of Apple's mixed-reality headset among iPhone users might parallel that of the AirPods and Apple Watch. However, the headset will be at a much higher cost.Render of Apple's upcoming headsetReports suggest that shipments of the upcom.....»»

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Apple’s Irish tax battle will be decided by Europe’s highest court, after final appeal

The outcome of the long-running Irish tax battle between Apple and the European Commission will be decided by Europe’s highest court, after the EC lodged a final appeal against the ruling that the iPhone maker is not liable for underpaid tax in Ir.....»»

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Legion AWS credential harvester and hijacker analyzed

Researchers from Cado Labs recently encountered an update to the emerging cloud-focused malware family, Legion. This sample iterates upon the credential harvesting features of its predecessor, with a continued emphasis on exploiting PHP web applicati.....»»

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Why the future of ghost kitchens looks a lot like MrBeast Burger

While many ghost kitchens fade away, startups like actor Noah Schnapp’s new chain are following MrBeast’s recipe for success. Branded is a weekly column devoted to the intersection of marketing, business, design, and culture.Read.....»»

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Is Buying a Used Car Safe for My Family?

Buying a brand-new vehicle ensures that no one else has used and abused it. But, many parents don’t have the funds to afford a new car for their family when they’re also paying for many other expenses. Is it safe for families to buy a used car th.....»»

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Proton’s new Family plan is tempting me to spend even more on encryption

I recently told you I was tempted to switch my password manager from 1Password to Proton Pass, a newly announced service from the Swiss software … The post Proton’s new Family plan is tempting me to spend even more on encryption appeared.....»»

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New orchid species found in Tibet

Bulbophyllum is one of the largest genera in the orchid family, with about 2,200 species, and is widely distributed in the tropics and subtropics. In the course of botanical exploration in southeastern Xizang in 2020–2022, researchers collected sev.....»»

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A troubling reaction to school violence compounds the crisis

High school students who experience violence or bullying at school are more likely to bring weapons like a gun, knife, or club to school than those who have not experienced violence, according to a new study in the American Journal of Preventive Medi.....»»

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Long-term study shows tree species diversity increases likelihood of planting success

Planting forests with diverse species can help ensure their success, according to a new study published May 18 from the Smithsonian Environmental Research Center (SERC) and The Nature Conservancy. The discovery is the result of a decade of research f.....»»

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Investors overvalue companies that align with presidential policies; their mistakes "leave money on the table"

Republican politicians typically favor low taxes and less regulation, which seems like a recipe for corporate profits and stock market success. In reality, however, this is not what happens......»»

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Folk Art Can Be a Powerful Tool for Explaining Biodiversity

To demonstrate our university’s biodiversity, we created maps using Indian folk art, and they have been a resounding success.....»»

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Proton encrypted email, calendar, storage, VPN, and all future services are now family-friendly

Following up on debuting its end-to-end encrypted password manager beta last month, Proton is out today with a new offering for families. The new Proton Family plan gives access to all of the company’s services – and all future services – for.....»»

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