Valorizing into urban biowaste locally: Conclusive results of the European DECISIVE project

Biowaste, food waste and other natural biodegradable refuse make up a third of French household waste. This biodegradable waste is a potential source of energy for producing electricity and heat but can also provide a wealth of products with high add.....»»

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Statin use affects prostate cancer screening results

Prostate cancer screening results differ in men taking cholesterol-lowering statin drugs compared with non-users, a study finds. In statin users, screening did not increase the incidence of prostate cancer as it did in other men......»»

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How to Get Startup Ideas & Turn Them Into Successful Business: 2021 Guide

It all sounds insane when you do a quick Google search for “Startup ideas” and it yields 52,800,000 results. End result: “wanna be a dog walker?” But, if business ideas are so plentiful, why would people think there’s such a signi.....»»

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Earthquakes and tsunamis in Europe?

Since the tsunami that devastated coasts around the Indian Ocean in December 2004 and the Fukushima disaster in March 2011, people worldwide are aware that geological processes in the ocean can cause significant damage. From a European perspective, s.....»»

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Less ploughing enables carbon storage in agricultural soils

The value of long-term studies can be found when you're ready to dig deep. WUR scientists and European partners asked: what happens when organic farmers stop plowing? In a joint effort, we sampled nine field trials across Europe and assessed the impa.....»»

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How to format SD cards on Mac

If you have an SD card that you want to use for a new project or system, or one that’s receiving errors, learn how to format an SD card on Mac......»»

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Academic proposes radical new way to make cricket toss less decisive

Game theory expert Haris Aziz says cricket should introduce a new way of conducting the toss so there's less of an advantage gained just from calling heads or tails correctly......»»

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Study suggests crop insurance plays small role in discouraging cover crop use in Indiana

A new study suggests that having crop insurance may have discouraged Indiana farmers' use of cover crops to promote soil health, although the results also suggest that the statistically significant effect is small. The findings could help researchers.....»»

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Chrono Cross Remaster Rumors Gather Pace As Another Source Backs Reports

The Chrono Cross Remaster hasn't been announced yet, but now Gematsu has claimed that the project is happening. The post Chrono Cross Remaster Rumors Gather Pace As Another Source Backs Reports appeared first on PlayStation Universe. Gematsu ha.....»»

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Browser Extension Shows How Many Brands On Amazon Are Actually Just Amazon

A new browser extension promises to show you which products in your Amazon search results are sold by brands that are either owned by or are exclusive to Amazon, giving you a better idea of who's selling what you're buying. The Verge reports: It's ca.....»»

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Researchers develop a camera the size of a salt grain

The camera leverages imaging hardware and computational processing to produce stunning results compared to previous state-of-the-art equipment. The primary innovation is a technology called a "metasurface.".....»»

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Meta exec behind Facebook"s cryptocurrency project to step down

David Marcus, the executive in charge of the troubled cryptocurrency project at Meta Platforms — the company formerly known as Facebook — announced Tuesday he will step down at the end of the year to pursue other projects......»»

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Facebook"s David Marcus, Creator of Embattled Diem Project, To Leave Company

David Marcus, one of the top executives at Meta Platforms and the co-creator of the yet-to-be-launched Diem digital currency, is leaving the company after seven years to pursue other projects. From a report: Marcus, who joined the Facebook parent com.....»»

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Xbox Cloud Gaming"s Clarity Boost promises to enhance visual quality of streamed games

Named Clarity Boost, the new feature results from the joint work between the Xbox Cloud Gaming and Edge browser teams, hence why it only works with Microsoft's browser. This feature promises to improve visual quality in games streamed over Edge brows.....»»

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Severe COVID-19 patients suffer alterations on their tissue microcirculation, study finds

Researchers report that severe COVID-19 patients have alterations in their microcirculation associated with the degree of severity of the disease. The results suggest that there is significant endothelial impairment......»»

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Antarctica: Beyond Epica exploring the climate of the past

The first ice core drilling campaign of Beyond Epica-Oldest Ice is starting in Antarctica at the Little Dome C site. The aim of the project is to go back to 1.5 million years in time, by sampling and analyzing the deep ice, which will reveal invaluab.....»»

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Mortal Kombat Trilogy 4K Remaster Petition Started By Indie Studio In Hopes To Get Warner Bros Support

A petition for a Mortal Kombat Trilogy 4K Remaster has launched via an indie studio, who wants to get Warner Bros on board the project. The post Mortal Kombat Trilogy 4K Remaster Petition Started By Indie Studio In Hopes To Get Warner Bros Support ap.....»»

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We were at COP26. It had mixed results

The recent COP26 was eagerly awaited. Originally planned for 2020, the event was postponed due to the COVID-19 pandemic. It was also meant to be a major step toward implementing the Paris Agreement......»»

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Panel makers to see mixed results in 2022, says AUO chairman

Panel makers with larger proportions of output for consumer-use or standard-specification applications in large-volume shipments will be more affected by fluctuations in operating environment in 2022, according to Paul Peng, chairman and CEO of AU Op.....»»

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Big Tech Firms Should Pay ISPs To Upgrade Networks, Telcos In Europe Claim

An anonymous reader quotes a report from Ars Technica: The CEOs of 13 large European telecom companies today called on tech giants -- presumably including Netflix and other big US companies -- to pay for a portion of the Internet service providers' n.....»»

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How well do wet masks contain droplets?

Researchers modeled what happens to respiratory droplets when they come in contact with wet masks. Their results show that damp masks are still effective at stopping these droplets from escaping the mask and being atomized into smaller, easier-to-spr.....»»

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