Use of PFAS in cosmetics "widespread," new study finds

Many cosmetics sold in the United States and Canada likely contain high levels of per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS), a potentially toxic class of chemicals linked to a number of serious health conditions, according to new research from the U.....»»

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Study casts doubt on electronic ankle monitors as alternative to incarceration

The use of GPS-equipped ankle monitors is increasingly viewed as a more humane alternative to incarceration, yet a report released today finds they cause many of the same harms associated with traditional incarceration. The report by Kate Weisburd, a.....»»

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Chromebook demand turns to 15-inch models

Chromebooks with 14- to 15-inch displays are currently having the worst shortages as orders from the education segment are shifting from the elementary to middle school levels - which are commonly using 11.6-inch models for their study-from-home need.....»»

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New genomic analysis sorts out when Polynesians reached which islands

Figuring out people's movement across the Pacific is not a simple thing. Enlarge / The Island of Rarotonga, which the new study suggests was settled around 830 CE by people arriving from the vicinity of Samoa. (credit: Matthew Williams-Ellis / G.....»»

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More exit vehicle hunt as prices soar and options dwindle, study says

Most of those sitting on the sidelines are well aware that the market is being affected by a shortage of microchips, the research showed......»»

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The Fed Is Evaluating Whether To Launch a Digital Currency and In What Form

An anonymous reader quotes a report from CNBC: The Federal Reserve is pushing ahead with its study into whether to implement its own digital currency and will be releasing a paper on the issue shortly, Chairman Jerome Powell said Wednesday. No decisi.....»»

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NASA finds 2021 Arctic summer sea ice 12th-lowest on record

Sea ice in the Arctic appears to have hit its annual minimum extent on Sept. 16, after waning in the 2021 Northern Hemisphere spring and summer. The summertime extent is the 12th-lowest in the satellite record, according to scientists at the NASA-sup.....»»

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Study explores the role of landlords in housing discrimination

Examining the practices landlords use to screen potential tenants can offer significant insights into how racism continues to shape life outcomes. While sociological research on racial discrimination in housing has increasingly highlighted the key ro.....»»

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Electoral cycles influence destruction of Atlantic rainforest areas in southern and southeastern Brazil

A study conducted at the University of São Paulo (USP) in Brazil, and reported in an article published in the journal Conservation Letters, shows that destruction of the Atlantic Rainforest increases in election years......»»

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The Nail-Biting Journey of NASA"s James Webb Space Telescope Is About to Begin

Before it can study the first stars and galaxies, the observatory must endure a sea voyage, a rocket launch and an all-or-nothing deployment sequence in deep space -- Read more on»»

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Recording Roman resource exploitation and urban collapse

For hundreds of years, Carthage—the Phoenician city-state in North Africa—flourished, establishing itself as a robust trade empire with widespread colonies. As the Carthaginian and Roman empires expanded their reach across Mediterranean Europe an.....»»

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NASA"s InSight finds three big marsquakes, thanks to solar-panel dusting

On Sept. 18, NASA's InSight lander celebrated its 1,000th Martian day, or sol, by measuring one of the biggest, longest-lasting marsquakes the mission has ever detected. The temblor is estimated to be about a magnitude 4.2 and shook for nearly an hou.....»»

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Desert teamwork explains global pattern of co-operation in birds

A new study from the Kalahari Desert finds that teamwork allows birds to cope with brutally unpredictable environments......»»

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Earless worms "listen" through their skin

A species of roundworm that is widely used in biological research can sense and respond to sound, despite having no ear-like organs, according to a new study from the University of Michigan Life Sciences Institute......»»

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Predicting bear intrusions on settlements: A 15 year beech tree flower study

In recent years, black bears (Ursus thibetanus japonicus) encounter humans in rural and suburban areas of Japan leading to the deaths and injuries of people living near mountainous areas. Unfortunately, this means the suspected bears are exterminated.....»»

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Island-hopping: Genetics reveal how humans settled remote Pacific

Easter Island's famous megaliths have relatives on islands thousands of miles to the north and west—and so did the people who created them, a study said Wednesday......»»

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A Warning Sign of a Mass Extinction Event Is On the Rise, Scientists Say

An anonymous reader quotes a report from Vice: If you live near a freshwater river or lake, odds are good that you have seen warning signs about harmful algal and bacterial blooms posted on its shores. Alarmingly, a new study reports that these bloom.....»»

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Antlions use sand-throwing to help capture prey

A team of researchers from Kiel and Aarhus universities has found that there is more to the sand-throwing done by antlions than previously thought. In their paper published in Journal of the Royal Society Interface, the group describes their study of.....»»

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Baby Poop Is Loaded With Microplastics

An alarming new study finds that infant feces contain 10 times more polyethylene terephthalate (aka polyester) than an adult’s......»»

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Infants have more microplastics in their feces than adults, study finds

Microplastics—tiny plastic pieces less than 5 mm in size—are everywhere, from indoor dust to food to bottled water. So it's not surprising that scientists have detected these particles in the feces of people and pets. Now, in a small pilot study,.....»»

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Study: Unite solutions to climate and biodiversity crises to save life on earth

Leading experts on the ecological impacts of climate change are calling for urgent action to align the climate and biodiversity agendas to ensure that low cost, low risk, low maintenance opportunities to jointly and efficiently address these two envi.....»»

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