US Unveils Plan To Protect Power Grid From Foreign Hackers

The White House unveiled on Tuesday a 100-day plan intended to protect the U.S. power grid from cyber-attacks, mainly by creating a stronger relationship between U.S. national security agencies and the mostly private utilities that run the electrical.....»»

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Alzheimer"s study: A Mediterranean diet might protect against memory loss and dementia

Alzheimer's disease is caused by protein deposits in the brain and the rapid loss of brain matter. But a Mediterranean diet rich in fish, vegetables and olive oil might protect the brain from these disease triggers......»»

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Process for eliminating unneeded cells may also protect against cancer

Biologists find cell extrusion, a process that helps organisms eliminated unneeded cells, is triggered when cells can't replicate their DNA during cell division. In humans, extrusion may serve as a way for the body to eliminate cancerous or precancer.....»»

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IEEE’s Natural Disaster Relief Program Expanding to India, Jamaica, Pakistan, Turkey, and Puerto Rico

The initiative provides affected areas with power, cellphone service, and the Internet .entry-content .tisubhead { color: #999999; font-family: verdana; font-size: 14px; font-weight: bold; letter-spacing: 1px; margin-bot.....»»

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US and UK Release Details on Russia"s SolarWinds Hackers

The U.S. and U.K. released details on Friday about how Russia's foreign intelligence service operates in cyberspace, the latest effort to try to disrupt future attacks. From a report: The report contains technical resources about the group's tactics,.....»»

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Using probiotic bacteria to protect against coral bleaching

Images of bare, naked white coral reefs have been increasingly circulating around the world. The typically colorful reefs of tropical oceans, which are home to many species of the marine ecosystem, are suffering from rising water temperatures due to.....»»

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The first hydroxide conductivity in anion conducting polymer thin films

As decarbonization progresses rapidly in the world, fuel cells offer potentially higher electrical efficiency than conventional power-generating systems. Anion exchange membrane fuel cells offer advantages of using non-precious metal catalysts than p.....»»

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Scientists Create Record-Breaking Laser With Mind Blowing Power

An anonymous reader quotes a report from Motherboard: For the Korean research team led by senior author Chang-hee Nam, a plasma physicist and professor at Gwangju Institute of Science & Technology, their breakthrough in laser science may be a physica.....»»

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Microsoft Shelves Windows 10X, It is not Shipping in 2021

In late 2019, Microsoft announced Windows 10X, a new flavor of Windows 10 designed for dual-screen PCs. Windows 10X, Microsoft said at the time, will power dual-screen PCs from Asus, Dell, HP, Lenovo, and of course Microsoft. But it appears Microsoft.....»»

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Hertz bidding war builds as Centerbridge preps new counteroffer

Centerbridge, Warburg Pincus and Dundon Capital Partners plan to sweeten a previous offer that was surpassed by a plan from Knighthead Capital Management and Certares Management......»»

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How to use your business plan to grow your company

If you’re starting your own company or even a small freelance business at home, you need a business plan. A business plan is a roadmap that explains what your business does and outlines your business goals and your action plan to achieve them. It a.....»»

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Bitmain places orders for 5nm mining chips with TSMC

According to a report from DigiTimes (via Tom’s Hardware), Bitmain’s 5nm chip orders with TSMC will begin at the start of the third quarter before ramping up substantially in Q1 2022. The improved power-efficiency of the foundry’s N5 process wo.....»»

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Coldplay beam new song into space in chat with French astronaut

Coldplay gave new meaning to the idea of a single launch, playing new song "Higher Power" for the first time during a video link-up with French astronaut Thomas Pesquet......»»

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RiTdisplay steps into batteries for use in UPS

PM (passive matrix) OLED panel maker RiTdisplay is developing high-power batteries mainly for use in UPS and expects shipments to begin in the third or fourth quarter of 2021, according to the company at a May 6 investor conference......»»

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Online Safety Bill ignoring "epidemic of scams" faced by the UK, experts warn

New laws must be used to make sure online platforms protect their users from scams, the government has been warned......»»

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The best laptops for Minecraft

Minecraft doesn't require a lot of power to run, but our picks for the best laptops for Minecraft give you some headroom for mods and high graphical settings......»»

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Sitecore Set To Acquire Moosend as Part of Ongoing 1.2B Growth Plan

Sitecore announced the acquisition of Moosend, a marketing automation and campaign management platform, as part of Sitecore’s ongoing $1.2 billion growth plan. Continue reading........»»

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Evading the uncertainty principle in quantum physics

The uncertainty principle, first introduced by Werner Heisenberg in the late 1920's, is a fundamental concept of quantum mechanics. In the quantum world, particles like the electrons that power all electrical product can also behave like waves. As a.....»»

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World’s first 2nm chip could quadruple battery life with a quarter of the energy

IBM unveiled the world's first 2nm chip, marking a breakthrough in the semiconductor industry. The new design will deliver more power with less energy......»»

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Freemium isn’t a trend — it’s the future of SaaS

The merits of launching a free plan should no longer need to be debated. Instead, more companies should be asking: Are we giving enough away? Kyle Poyar Contributor Share on Twitter.....»»

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Frank Gehry unveils renovation and extension of the Philadelphia Museum of Art

Pritzker Architecture Prize-winning architect Frank Gehry has designed new galleries and public spaces as part of a revamp of the Philadelphia Museum of Art in Pennsylvania. Read more Pritzker Architecture Prize-winning architect Frank Gehry.....»»

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