US stops trading with eight Chinese quantum computing groups

All eight entities developing quantum computing technologies were found to be pursuing potential military applications on behalf of the Chinese government. Three of them were found to be acquiring or attempting to acquire American technologies to ass.....»»

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Niantic shuts down Pokémon Go trading on hearing one player got 100 "lucky" trades

Getting just one lucky Pokémon is not easy, let alone being granted 100. Nintendo Life points out there are a couple of things that can increase your chances, like owning a monster for more than a year or trading with a "Lucky Friend." This last one.....»»

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Numbers show upcoming RTX 3050 isn"t worth it for mining

According to VideoCardz's Chinese sources, the RTX 3050 comes with Nvidia's Lite Hash Rate algorithm, which drops its hash rate from 20 megahashes per second to 12.5 MH/s, consuming only 75 watts. Twitter user @wxnod posted similar results in a separ.....»»

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Euler’s 243-Year-Old ‘Impossible’ Puzzle Gets a Quantum Solution

A surprising new solution to the famous “36 officers puzzle” offers a novel way of encoding quantum information......»»

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All Charges Dropped Against MIT Professor Accused of Hiding Ties to China

Remember that MIT professor accused of hiding the work he did for the Chinese government? (He was arrested for not disclosing it on federal grant applications, with a U.S. attorney announcing "It is not illegal to collaborate with foreign researchers.....»»

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What Is Spacetime Really Made Of?

Spacetime may emerge from a more fundamental reality. Figuring out how could unlock the most urgent goal in physics—a quantum theory of gravity -- Read more on»»

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Apple stops signing iOS 15.2, blocking downgrade from iOS 15.2.1

Following the release of iOS 15.2.1 earlier this month, Apple on Thursday stopped signing iOS 15.2 for all iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad models. This means that users can no longer downgrade their devices to iOS 15.2. more… The post Apple stop.....»»

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New infosec products of the week: January 21, 2022

Here’s a look at the most interesting products from the past week, featuring releases from Axonius, GrammaTech, Kovrr, SpyCloud, and TAC Security. Kovrr Quantum enables organizations to financially quantify their cyber risk exposure Quantum leverag.....»»

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This cloud computing course bundle is on sale for 98% off

TL;DR: The Cloud Computing Architect Certification Bundle is on sale for £21.96, saving you 98% on list price.If you’re interested in learning the essentials of cloud computing — and if you've got about £20 and 21 hours to spa.....»»

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Dell XPS laptops and desktops get big price cuts today

If you’re on the hunt for a new computing device, there are some amazing Dell XPS deals and Dell laptop deals going on at Dell today......»»

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Gender bias in lab groups not rooted in personal preference

Gender bias in physics labs—where women typically work more on the computer and on communication tasks, while men more often handle equipment—is not rooted in personal preference, according to new Cornell research......»»

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In science, small groups create big ideas

In research and development, new topics are always emerging, maturing, and converging. Some of them quietly fade away, but others become the fundamental driving forces of innovation. Research organizations want to encourage the development of emergin.....»»

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Faster technique for resetting quantum circuits proposed

Rebooting a quantum computer is a tricky process that can damage its parts, but now two RIKEN physicists have proposed a fast and controllable way to hit reset......»»

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Scientists map geographic patterns of soil microbe communities in Hexi Corridor deserts

A research group led by Li Yuqiang from the Northwest Institute of Eco-Environment and Resources (NIEER) of the Chinese Academy of Sciences recently mapped biogeographic patterns of soil microbe communities in the Hexi Corridor deserts of northern Ch.....»»

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Tracking quantum phenomena in 2D graphene

In recent years, a phenomenon called the quantum Hall effect has emerged as a platform for hosting exotic features called quasiparticles, with properties that could lead to exciting applications in areas like quantum computing. When a strong magnetic.....»»

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Paradoxical material a mashup of three different phases at once, quantum physicists find

Materials that look like mosaics of triangular tiles at the atomic level sometimes have paradoxical properties, and quantum physicists have finally found out why......»»

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Non-Apple handset vendors looking to galvanize sales with new models in 1H22

With Apple ending the fourth quarter of 2021 with the No.1 spot in global smartphone sales, Android handset vendors pin their hopes for a sales upturn on the Chinese New Year shopping festival and are set to release new models to stimulate sales in t.....»»

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Major Breakthrough As Quantum Computing In Silicon Hits 99% Accuracy

nickwinlund77 shares a report from SciTechDaily: UNSW Sydney-led research paves the way for large silicon-based quantum processors for real-world manufacturing and application. Australian researchers have proven that near error-free quantum computing.....»»

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Apple stops issuing iOS 14 security updates

The last security update for iOS 14—iOS 14.8.1 (along with iPadOS 14.8.1)—rolled out in October, but this week 9to5Mac reported that iOS 14 users could no longer update to that version. The only option that appears now is 15.2.1. Apple then confi.....»»

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New measuring method reveals there may be more plastic on than in your salad

It's now possible to measure how many plastic particles there are in our food. Chinese scientists and Leiden University professor Willie Peijnenburg applied their new method to lettuce and wheat. Their results were published January 20 in Nature Nano.....»»

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Research demonstrates a new technique for improving long-distance quantum key distribution in a real-world field

An experiment, performed by Istituto Nazionale di Ricerca Metrologica (INRIM) on 200 km of the Italian Quantum Backbone, in collaboration with Toshiba Europe, shows that coherent laser interferometry considerably improves the performances of quantum.....»»

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