US Regulators Exploring How Banks Could Hold Crypto Assets

A top U.S. bank regulator said U.S. officials are looking to provide a clearer path for banks and their clients that are looking to hold cryptocurrencies, in order to keep control over the fast-developing asset. Reuters reports: Jelena McWilliams, wh.....»»

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Supply Chain 101: How to become a shipper of choice

In tight markets, shippers of choice will have drivers willing to haul for them, allowing them to stay competitive.  In the current tumult that is the global supply chain, marked by extreme congestion and a lack of assets, the relationship between s.....»»

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Planetary scientists are starting to get stirred up by Starship’s potential

"It could provide a revolutionary new way of exploring these worlds." Enlarge / A rendering of SpaceX's Starship traveling to the Saturn system. (credit: SpaceX) Jennifer Heldmann stared at the computer screens on her desk, wa.....»»

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Your $1,000 flagship may not have faster 5G speeds than a budget phone

We put four 5G phones up against each other in a real-world test to see if cheap phones could hold their own against one of the most expensive phones......»»

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UK Regulators Order Facebook-owner Meta To Sell Giphy

Regulators in the U.K. on Tuesday said they have directed Facebook parent company Meta to sell Giphy after finding "the takeover could reduce competition between social media platforms and increase Facebook's already significant market power." From a.....»»

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Antarctica: Beyond Epica exploring the climate of the past

The first ice core drilling campaign of Beyond Epica-Oldest Ice is starting in Antarctica at the Little Dome C site. The aim of the project is to go back to 1.5 million years in time, by sampling and analyzing the deep ice, which will reveal invaluab.....»»

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Meta ordered to sell Giphy by UK antitrust authorities

Meta has been ordered to unwind its recent acquisition of Giphy by regulators worried about the deal's impact on competitors......»»

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Apple is exploring reverse and “true” wireless charging technology

Apple might leave inductive wireless charging pads behind for something better. Enlarge / AirPower, as announced in 2017 before its ultimate cancellation. (credit: Samuel Axon) A newsletter from Bloomberg reporter Mark Gurman.....»»

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Amazon Appstore Still Broken On Android 12 a Month After OS Release

An anonymous reader writes: People running Android phones may want to hold off upgrading to Android 12 if they also use apps purchased through the Amazon Appstore. The Appstore app itself is not compatible with Android 12, which prevents many, if not.....»»

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Crypto miners blamed for Kazakhstan energy crisis

The Financial Times reports that demand for electricity in Kazakhstan has risen around eight percent this year, much more than its usual average growth rate of one to two percent. The surge has led to power shortages, blackouts in six regions of the.....»»

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Gamifying tools to improve the resilience of Europe"s historic areas to climate change

From droughts to heatwaves, climate change is putting Europe's cultural heritage and historic urban centers more and more at risk. If damaged, these valuable assets lose their historic value because they cannot be rebuilt. According to the European C.....»»

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Getting a Crypto Refund Can Be Very Expensive

Long-time Slashdot reader smooth wombat writes: Recently, Slashdot posted a story about a group trying to purchase one of the few copies of the U.S. Constitution in the public domain. The idea was to use pool donations by people via Ethereum to get.....»»

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Crypto Miners in Kazakhstan Face Bitter Winter of Power Cuts

Illegal miners and mass relocations after a ban on crypto mining in China have overloaded energy grid. From a report: Matthew Heard, a software engineer from San Jose, is worried about his 33 bitcoin mining machines in Kazakhstan. In the past week, t.....»»

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From ambition to biodiversity action: Time to hold actors accountable

To achieve global goals for biodiversity conservation, national level implementation must be significantly improved. National policy instruments need to precisely define effective actions and the actors responsible for implementation. Accountability.....»»

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Babylon’s Fall Includes Gear Assets From Final Fantasy XIV, Confirms Game’s Producer

Babylon's Fall does in fact include gear assets from Final Fantasy XIV, as Yosuke Saito, producer for Babylon's Fall confirms. The post Babylon’s Fall Includes Gear Assets From Final Fantasy XIV, Confirms Game’s Producer appeared first o.....»»

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Europe Must Ban Bitcoin Mining To Hit the 1.5C Paris Climate Goal, Say Swedish Regulators

Faced with a sharp rise in energy consumption, Swedish authorities are calling on the European Union to ban "energy intensive" crypto mining. From a report: Erik Thedeen, director of the Swedish Financial Supervisory Authority, and Bjorn Risinger, di.....»»

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Crypto US constitution bidder refunds hit by high fees

Investors in an ill-fated scheme to buy the rare US document are being offered refunds with a catch......»»

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Tolkien estate blocks JRR Token crypto-currency

Lawyers representing the estate said the product, launched in August, infringed the author's trademark......»»

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Virtual Real Estate Plot Sells for Record $2.4 Million

A patch of virtual real estate in the online world Decentraland sold for a record $2.4 million worth of cryptocurrency, the buyer crypto investor and Decentraland said on Tuesday. From a report: Decentraland is an online environment -- als.....»»

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Hybrid species like the "coywolf" could hold clues about human evolutionary history

The offspring of two horses will be a horse, and the offspring of two donkeys will be a donkey. But the offspring of a horse and a donkey will be a mule. And most mules are infertile, so mules are not a species......»»

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Nanograins: Study finds curious properties of tiny crystals hold clues to earthquake formation

In Earth's crust, tectonic blocks slide and grind past each other like enormous ships loosed from anchor. Earthquakes are generated along these fault zones when enough stress builds for a block to stick, then suddenly slip......»»

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