Upcoming Snapchat parental controls will offer limited opportunities for chat monitoring

Parent company Snap has been slower to offer Snapchat parental controls than other social media apps, but it will be offering parents and guardians limited chat-monitoring capabilities. Limited because teens will have to approve the monitoring, and.....»»

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Best 4th of July washer and dryer deals for 2022

In preparation for the upcoming 4th of July washer and dryer sales, we’ve collected some of the best washer and dryer deals taking place right now......»»

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Best air purifier deals for July 2022

These air purifier deals from major retailers offer something for everyone, from allergy sufferers to pet owners......»»

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Will Apple lead global supply chain to grow again with new product offering?

Apple CEO Tim Cook has been hinting at Apple's work on augmented reality (AR) in an interview with media, telling fans to "stay tuned" and see what they have to offer. Something is already in the making, is it? Then observations from suppliers of App.....»»

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India roundup: IGSS looking to set up chip fab in southern India

IGSS, an applicant for the US$10 billion semiconductor incentive scheme, is looking to set up its fab in southern India. Renesas, eyeing opportunities in India, has expanded its relationship with Tata Group......»»

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Semiconductor equipment makers to see slipping sales in upcoming years

With several wafer foundries considering postponing or canceling their capacity expansion plans as a result of the weakening global economy and rising inflation, semiconductor equipment makers' sales in the next few years are expected to be undermine.....»»

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Toyota exhausts U.S. tax credits for EV purchasers

The company said Friday that it sold 3,876 plug-in hybrid and electric cars in June. The U.S. allows automakers to offer a $7,500 tax credit to buyers of fully or partly electric cars, but only up to 200,000 per company......»»

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Researchers use AI to detect new family of genes in gut bacteria

Using artificial intelligence, UT Southwestern researchers have discovered a new family of sensing genes in enteric bacteria that are linked by structure and probably function, but not genetic sequence. The findings, published in PNAS, offer a new wa.....»»

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"Soft" CRISPR may offer a new fix for genetic defects

Curing debilitating genetic diseases is one of the great challenges of modern medicine. During the past decade, development of CRISPR technologies and advancements in genetics research brought new hope for patients and their families, although the sa.....»»

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Nvidia RTX 4090 could shatter GPU speed records — but at a big cost

Nvidia's RTX 40-series will offer a massive jump in performance, but a new report states that these GPUs will be even better than previously believed......»»

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Don’t expect a new Sly Cooper or Infamous game anytime soon, says Sucker Punch

Sucker Punch is celebrating its 25th anniversary and shared what its upcoming plans were, and they don't include revisiting its legacy franchises......»»

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Upcoming Microsoft Teams update could finally make chatting easier

Microsoft continues to plan updates for its Teams app, continuing its 2022 productivity initiative with new features that could make chatting much easier......»»

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Smart contact lens prototype puts a Micro LED display on top of the eye

The Mojo Lens has a Micro LED display the wearer controls with their eyes. Enlarge / Smart contact lenses don't work quite this easily yet. (credit: Getty) Since 2015, a California-based company called Mojo Vision has been de.....»»

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FCC lets Starlink offer Internet service on moving vehicles throughout US

FCC approves Starlink application for Earth stations in motion. Enlarge / A Starlink satellite dish. (credit: Starlink) SpaceX has secured US approval to provide Starlink satellite Internet service on moving vehicles, ships, a.....»»

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What the FTC"s proposals on car dealer ads, F&I mean

The proposed Federal Trade Commission regulations on car dealers go beyond existing federal law and offer more specificity than the law that forbids unfair and deceptive dealership practices......»»

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The 64 best movies on Hulu right now (July 2022)

It's a blockbuster summer of action epics on everyone's favorite streaming platform, Hulu. Here are all of our favorite flicks that the streamer has to offer......»»

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The best iPhone apps to download in July 2022

Are you looking for the best iPhone apps? We take a deep dive into what the App Store has to offer, finding you the best options sorted by category......»»

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Samsung Launches Gaming Hub for Smart TVs and Monitors

The company has officially taken off the wraps on its game-streaming interface. The post Samsung Launches Gaming Hub for Smart TVs and Monitors first appeared on Phandroid. A while back, Samsung announced a new and upcoming feature for its.....»»

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Apple launches $50 gift card incentive for Apple TV 4K

In a rare move, Apple is now including a $50 gift card with every purchase of an Apple TV 4K or an Apple TV HD, although exclusively in the US and for a limited period.After briefly taking down the online Apple Store in the US early on July 1, 2022,.....»»

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Monitoring tools ensure machine learning models drive positive value: Aporia interview

In November 2021, Zillow, a US-based real estate online marketplace, announced it would terminate the practice of relying on algorithms to buy and sell houses. Thanks to the malfunctioned machine learning (ML) models, the company lost almost US$330 m.....»»

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Apple CarPlay feature to offer an easy way to pay for fuel

Apple is developing a new CarPlay feature that will let drivers pay for gas via their vehicle’s dashboard. The tech company is aiming to release it in the fall......»»

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