Uber, Lyft Tout US Ride-Hail Driver Pay, Incentives Amid Demand Uptick

Uber and Lyft said U.S. drivers on their ride-hail platforms were earning significantly more than before the pandemic as trip demand outstrips driver supply, prompting the companies to offer extra incentives. From a report: Uber on Wednesday said it.....»»

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Taiwan LCD driver IC firms to post profit gains in 2Q21

Taiwan-based LCD driver IC suppliers have already notified their customers about price hikes of 10-20% or more for their TDDI and other DDI chips starting April, and are poised to post significant profit gains in the second quarter, according to indu.....»»

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Lingoda, an on-demand online language school with live instructors and Zoom classrooms, raises $67M

A startup out of Berlin that’s built and grown a successful online language learning platform based around live teachers and virtual classrooms is announcing some funding today to continue expanding its business. Lingoda, which connects student.....»»

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Watch Ford testing its next-gen driver-assist tech on a mega road trip

Ford has posted a video showing off its next-generation driver-assist tech — called BlueCruise — on a road trip covering more than 100,000 miles......»»

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The Rise and Fall of Microsoft Search

No one's ever made a business case for a Microsoft app on the basis of its search. The CIO decided to implement and search came along for the ride. Continue reading........»»

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Uber expects employees to spend at least three days a week at the office

As offices reopen, Uber says its employees can work from home if they choose — but only for two days a week......»»

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Comparing the actual US grid to the one predicted 15 years ago

Demand and carbon emissions are way down, renewables far more common than expected. Enlarge (credit: VCG / Getty Images) On Monday, the US Department of Energy's Lawrence Berkeley Lab released a report entitled "Halfway to Zero," referring to.....»»

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Uber hit with default ‘robo-firing’ ruling after another EU labor rights GDPR challenge

Labor activists challenging Uber over what they allege are ‘robo-firings’ of drivers in Europe have trumpeted winning a default judgement in the Netherlands — where the Court of Amsterdam ordered the ride-hailing giant to reinstate.....»»

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Ford"s ‘BlueCruise" hands-free system to cost $600 for 3 years

The driver-assist technology system will be available through a software update starting in the third quarter on adequately equipped F-150s and Mustang Mach-Es......»»

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Tight foundry capacity, component shortages to affect smartphone sales in 2021

Tight capacity at foundry houses, coupled with shortages of some crucial components such as CMOS sensors, power management and driver ICs, could affect sales of individual handset brands in 2021, according to industry observers......»»

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Passive components shipments to stay in higher gear in 2Q21

Taiwan's passive components vendors are optimistic their shipments for second-quarter 2021 will continue to be bolstered by strong demand for automotive, stay-at-home and 5G applications, according to industry sources......»»

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Tesla tells customers they’ll have to pay more for solar roof

One customer under contract told Ars his price rose from $66,000 to $87,000. Enlarge (credit: Tesla) Tesla has jacked up the price of its solar roof, which integrates solar panels directly into roof tiles, Electrek reports. A 12.3 kW system th.....»»

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There"s Another Facebook Phone Number Database Online

An online tool lets customers pay to unmask the phone numbers of Facebook users that liked a specific Page, and the underlying dataset appears to be separate from the 500 million account database that made headlines last week, signifying another data.....»»

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NASA satellites detect signs of volcanic unrest years before eruptions

Although there are telltale signs that a volcano is likely to erupt in the near future—an uptick in seismic activity, changes in gas emissions, and sudden ground deformation, for example—accurately predicting such eruptions is notoriously hard......»»

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Consumers are willing to pay for ecosystem services

Many consumers are willing to pay for improved environmental quality and thus non-market values of impacts of food production on e.g. water quality, carbon sequestration, biodiversity, pollution, erosion or GHG emissions may even be comparable to the.....»»

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Nvidia admits its horrible GPU shortage will continue throughout 2021

During a call with shareholders, Nvidia explained that GPU demand will continue to exceed supply throughout 2021......»»

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Home gym startup Tempo raises $220M to meet surge in demand for its workout device

When the pandemic forced everyone to stay at home last year, many gym-goers looked to at-home fitness makers to fill the void for their cardiovascular and strength-training workouts. To help meet that demand, Tempo, the five-year-old fitness startup.....»»

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Hatch, a neobank for SMBs, launches with $20M in funding from investors like Kleiner Perkins, Foundation and Plaid’s founders

After his last startup, Framed Data, was acquired by Square, Thomson Nguyen began exploring new ideas. While an entrepreneur-in-residence at Kleiner Perkins, Nguyen interviewed hundreds of small business owners and realized that many pay hundreds of.....»»

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VW must repay customers who took loans on rigged diesels, court says

A court in Germany on Tuesday dismissed the carmaker's appeal and said it has to pay $3,920 to a customer who bought one of its diesel cars in 2013, Reuters reported......»»

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Why South Africa-based car subscription company Planet42 is going carbon neutral

Since ride-hailing companies like Uber and Bolt disrupted the transportation industry, one of the thorns on their sides has been traffic congestion and pollution. Research has shown that trips from ride-hailing cars have more emissions than those fro.....»»

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On-demand pediatrics app Biloba adds prescriptions and raises $1.7 million

French startup Biloba has raised a $1.7 million funding round (€1.4 million) a few months after launching its pediatrics app that lets you chat with a doctor whenever you have a question. In addition to raising some money, the startup also recently.....»»

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