Twitter Testing Notes, a Long-Form Content Feature

An anonymous reader quotes a report from Search Engine Land: Twitter is testing a new feature that would eliminate the constraints of its 280-character tweet limit and allow users to publish long-form tweets. Twitter confirmed the test via a tweet......»»

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The best movies on Disney+ right now (July 2022)

Spend the long Fourth of July weekend with some of your friends from work in Thor: Ragnarok, as well as a selection of films from Disney, Pixar, and more......»»

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Advocating a new paradigm for electron simulations

Although most fundamental mathematical equations that describe electronic structures are long known, they are too complex to be solved in practice. This has hampered progress in physics, chemistry and the material sciences. Thanks to modern high-perf.....»»

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Technoblade, Minecraft YouTuber watched by millions, dead at 23

Minecraft YouTuber Technoblade has died at the age of 23 following a year-long battle with cancer, his family announced Friday......»»

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It takes three: The genetic mutations that made rice cultivation possible

Rice has a long history as a staple food in Japan and other parts of Asia. The results of a new study by an international research collaboration suggest that the emergence of cultivated rice from wild rice plants is the result of three gene mutations.....»»

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Historical irrigation leaves long-lasting legacies on the prairie

A hallmark of environmental science is understanding how ecosystems respond to global change. Much of this research focuses on short-term ecosystem responses, such as how an ecosystem responds to a sudden onset of drought. But previous conditions can.....»»

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Red supergiant stars bubble and froth so much that their position in the sky seems to dance around

Making a 3D map of our galaxy would be easier if some stars behaved long enough to for us to calculate the distances to them. However, red supergiants are the frisky kids on the block when it comes to pinning down their exact locations. That's becaus.....»»

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Samsung Launches Gaming Hub for Smart TVs and Monitors

The company has officially taken off the wraps on its game-streaming interface. The post Samsung Launches Gaming Hub for Smart TVs and Monitors first appeared on Phandroid. A while back, Samsung announced a new and upcoming feature for its.....»»

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The challenges and advantages of building behavior-based threat detection

In this video for Help Net Security, Scott Sutherland, Senior Director, Adversary Simulation and Infrastructure Testing, NetSPI, discusses how, in order to stay ahead of malicious actors, organizations must shift their gaze to detect attackers before.....»»

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Capturing the onset of galaxy rotation in the early universe

As telescopes have become more advanced and powerful, astronomers have been able to detect more and more distant galaxies. These are some of the earliest galaxies to form in our universe that began to recede away from us as the universe expanded. In.....»»

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LTA deals to sustain 8-inch foundry VIS growth

Long-term order commitments from customers will buoy Vanguard International Semiconductor's (VIS) near-term sales prospects, as the 8-inch foundry has seen no adjustment made to the LTA contracts it has obtained, according to industry sources......»»

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Ardentec breaks ground for new factory site in Taiwan

Dedicated IC testing house Ardentec has broken ground for a new factory site in Longtan, northern Taiwan, and expects to start operating the site by 2024......»»

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Apple CarPlay feature to offer an easy way to pay for fuel

Apple is developing a new CarPlay feature that will let drivers pay for gas via their vehicle’s dashboard. The tech company is aiming to release it in the fall......»»

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How flowers are "put to sleep" for long sea voyages

Kenya's flower exporters are switching to sea freight as new tech helps keep flowers fresh at sea......»»

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Track medications on iPhone: How the new iOS 16 feature works

The Health app gets fresh capabilities with iOS 16 that will be valuable for many users with the major new feature being the ability to track medications on iPhone (vitamins and supplements too). Read on for a look at how it works to use the iOS 16.....»»

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Pioneering NASA official on aerospace industry: "Bro-culture" is bad for business

Lori Garver spearheaded the NASA program that paved the way for SpaceX to return human spaceflight to the United States after a decade-long wait. In her new book and in a recent interview she reflects on that success, the controversial cast of charac.....»»

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Apple Support app learns Arabic and improves contact feature

The Apple Support app is being updated today to version 4.7. With that, the company is bringing a few new features for those who need Apple’s online or in-person support. One of the most important functions is the inclusion of the Arabic language.....»»

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Comcast launches Xfinity Stream app on Apple TV 4K, Apple TV HD

The Xfinity Stream app has officially launched on the Apple TV set-top boxes, allowing users to view both live channels and Comcast's library of on-demand content on tvOS.Credit: ComcastAvailable now for Apple TV 4K and Apple TV HD, the Xfinity Strea.....»»

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Tap to Pay on iPhone has been live for weeks, here"s who supports it

Apple earlier in June released Tap to Pay on iPhone to developers. Here are the apps that currently support the Apple Pay feature, as well as platforms that eventually will.Tap to Pay on iPhoneThe iPhone maker first announced the feature in February......»»

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Nation"s most sweeping law to phase out single-use plastics approved by California lawmakers

Striking a blow against a pernicious form of pollution, California lawmakers on Thursday passed the nation's most far-reaching restrictions on single-use plastics and packaging, with Gov. Gavin Newsom expected to sign the bill Thursday......»»

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Team discovers signaling molecule that potently stimulates hair growth

University of California, Irvine-led researchers have discovered that a signaling molecule called SCUBE3 potently stimulates hair growth and may offer a therapeutic treatment for androgenetic alopecia, a common form of hair loss in both women and men.....»»

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