TSMC promises performance and power efficiency gains with its new 5nm "N4P" process

On Tuesday, Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company (TSMC) announced its N4P process. The 5nm enhancement should provide more choices for customers alongside its N5, N4, and N3 processes......»»

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Early interventions could help counteract muscle loss

Weakening muscles are a natural part of the aging process, but for some people with a condition called sarcopenia the decline is abnormally fast. A new study suggests that the early stages of sarcopenia could be counteracted with timely interventions.....»»

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Respawn Has Discontinued Sales Of The Original Titanfall Starting Today

Respawn has officially discontinued sales for the original Titanfall, though promises to keep the servers running for fans who still play it. The post Respawn Has Discontinued Sales Of The Original Titanfall Starting Today appeared first on PlayStati.....»»

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Particle accelerator magnet sets record using high-temperature superconductor

Cost- and energy-efficient rapid cycling magnets for particle accelerators are critical for particle physics research. Their performance determines how frequently a circular particle accelerator can receive a bunch of particles, propel them to higher.....»»

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Using less-profitable farmland to grow bioenergy crops also supports biodiversity

An analysis by Oak Ridge National Laboratory showed that using less-profitable farmland to grow bioenergy crops such as switchgrass could fuel not only clean energy, but also gains in biodiversity......»»

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Development of polyimide-mica nanocomposite film with high resistance to low-Earth-orbit environments

Polyimide (PI) composite films are widely used on the external surfaces of spacecraft to protect them from the adverse environments of low Earth orbit (LEO) due to their outstanding comprehensive performance. However, current PI composite films have.....»»

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New dually charged, acid-resistant nanofiltration membranes for ion separation

A research group led by Prof. Wan Yinhua from the Institute of Process Engineering (IPE) of the Chinese Academy of Sciences developed a novel dually charged acid-resistant nanofiltration (NF) membrane for efficient ion separation......»»

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Intel 12th-Gen Core Alder Lake Architectural Benchmark

As a follow up to our feature on how CPU cores and cache impact gaming performance, we're testing different Intel 12th-gen Core Alder Lake CPUs configurations to see how fast those P-Cores and E-Cores really are......»»

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The point of no return: Chromatin enforces cell fate decisions

Stem cells balance self-renewal with differentiation into mature cells. A fundamental and intriguing question is when during the process of maturation a cell reaches a "point of no return," losing its capacity to self-renew and becoming committed to.....»»

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TSMC advanced packaging enters next phase of development, says company VP

TSMC's 3DFabric family of 3D silicon stacking and advanced packaging technologies is in the next stage of its development, advancing from system integration to system scaling, according to Douglas Yu, company VP of Pathfinding for System Integration......»»

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Highlights of the day: Server makers may see chip shortage last into 2H22

Demand for servers remain robust, but component shortages have been undermining server shipments. Chip supply for servers is expected to persist into second-half 2022. TSMC is making progress in its advanced packaging technology. The foundry house ha.....»»

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Wanted: A Town Willing to Host a Dump for U.S. Nuclear Waste

The Biden administration is looking for communities willing to serve as temporary homes for tens of thousands of metric tons of nuclear waste currently stranded at power plants around the country. Bloomberg reports: The Energy Department filed (PDF).....»»

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Samsung intros new logic solutions to power next-gen automobiles

Samsung Electronics has introduced three automotive chip solutions, the Exynos Auto T5123 for 5G connectivity, the Exynos Auto V7 for comprehensive in-vehicle infotainment systems and the ASIL-B certified S2VPS01 power management IC for the Auto V se.....»»

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First commercial geothermal power plant comes into operation in Taiwan

Chingshuei Geothermal Power (CGP) has inaugurated a geothermal power plant in Yilan County, northeastern Taiwan - the first established by private investors for commercial operation in Taiwan, according to Ministry of Economic Affairs (MOEA)......»»

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Server ODMs expect server component shortage to persist through 2H22

Quanta Cloud Technology (QCT), a subsidiary of Quanta Computer specializing in the manufacture of datacenter servers, expects chip shortages, particularly the shortage of power management ICs (PMIC), to persist through the second half of 2022......»»

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Princeton Team Disables Long-Targeted Gene Behind Spread of Major Cancers

An anonymous reader writes: The mysterious ways cancer spreads through the body, a process known as metastasis, is what can make it such a difficult enemy to keep at bay. Researchers at Princeton University working in this area have been tugging at a.....»»

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"Massive" Startup Wants To Rent Your Spare Compute Power To Pay For Apps

What if users could pay for apps or services not with money or attention, but with their spare compute power? A startup called "Massive" is working to take this concept "into the modern world as an alternative to charging users or pounding them with.....»»

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Browser Extension Shows How Many Brands On Amazon Are Actually Just Amazon

A new browser extension promises to show you which products in your Amazon search results are sold by brands that are either owned by or are exclusive to Amazon, giving you a better idea of who's selling what you're buying. The Verge reports: It's ca.....»»

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Nvidia might use TSMC"s 5nm process node for upcoming GeForce RTX 4000 GPUs

Nvidia’s RTX 4000 graphics cards could break cover as early as next summer, and it’s also possible that we’ll see an RTX 3000 series refresh before that. The next generation of cards from Team Green carry the Ada Lovelace codename internally, b.....»»

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Finnish Researchers Say Their First Quantum Computer Is Up and Running

Finland's first quantum computer was commissioned at a research center near the capital Helsinki, where scientists will use it to study next-generation computing power. From a report: The 5 quantum-bit computer was developed "to learn how to build a.....»»

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UK Regulators Order Facebook-owner Meta To Sell Giphy

Regulators in the U.K. on Tuesday said they have directed Facebook parent company Meta to sell Giphy after finding "the takeover could reduce competition between social media platforms and increase Facebook's already significant market power." From a.....»»

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