Tri-party effort needed to realize EV ambitions in the future

A global transition to EVs continues despite challenges like charging station scarcity and high car prices lying ahead. To ensure the EV goals set by countries are met in the future, efforts from the government, EV makers and charging point operators.....»»

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Apple confirms iOS 17 fix for overheating iPhones is on the way

The iPhone 15 overheating issue is being worked on by Apple, the company has confirmed, with an iOS 17 bug and third-party apps blamed for some of the hot iPhone reports.iPhone 15 ProFollowing the launch of the iPhone 15 and iPhone 15 Pro lines, Appl.....»»

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Atari 2600+ sees its future in retro gaming

The Atari home video game system took the late1970s and early 1980s by storm, complete with faux wood paneling and a classic joystick with a big red button. Rival systems eventually surpassed the video-game pioneer but its iconic status, and fans, re.....»»

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Research team envisions a bright future with active machine learning in chemical engineering

Chemical engineering researchers have a powerful new tool at their disposal: active machine learning. In a recent perspective article published in Engineering, Kevin M. Van Geem's research team at Ghent University explores the potential of active mac.....»»

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Researchers reveal genetic and evolutionary characteristics of tricotyledony in sand rice

Known as a pioneer herb on the moving sand dunes of Central Asia, sand rice has been recommended as a potential future crop due to its excellent drought tolerance and rich nutritional value......»»

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How should organizations navigate the risks and opportunities of AI?

As we realize exciting new advancements in the application of generative pre-trained transformer (GPT) technology, our adversaries are finding ingenious ways to leverage these capabilities to inflict harm. There’s evidence to suggest that offensive.....»»

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First of its kind dataset shows future flooding risk at neighborhood level

If you've lived in the same geographic location for several years, you've probably noticed the seasons changing. And no, not from spring to summer and fall to winter......»»

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Genetic research is identifying disease-resistant super corals in the Caribbean

Witnessing disease outbreaks that have nearly annihilated staghorn coral colonies in the Caribbean, Northeastern scientist Steven Vollmer wondered what lessons a few lone survivors might offer for the future of coral reefs. Would it be possible to id.....»»

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Ethics rules needed for human research on commercial spaceflights, panel says

New guidelines are needed to assure that research on human subjects performed on commercial spaceflights is conducted ethically, a panel of experts say in a commentary appearing in the September 28 issue of the journal Science. Their paper is titled.....»»

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GM, Stellantis deny UAW claims they are enabling strike violence

Stellantis said it was ‘appalled' by UAW President Shawn Fain's accusations, and GM said it had banned a third-party contractor believed to be responsible for a hit-and-run that injured five striking workers......»»

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New report adds heat to "Leveling Up" debate by revealing England"s most "insecure" regions

Accessing stable employment with fair pay and predictable hours is harder for workers in the North and Midlands, which can severely affect their living standards, health, and future job prospects......»»

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The dairy industry is trying to outlaw plant-based “milk” labels—again

The FDA previously found that no one is confused about where almond milk comes from. Enlarge (credit: Getty | Thomas Trutschel ) In an utterly firm effort to undercut plant-based rivals, big players in the dairy industry.....»»

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Advancing technologies for using cells as biofactories

A new comprehensive review published in Industrial Biotechnology examines how industrial biotechnology and biopharmaceutical manufacturing utilize the same framework for efficient biochemical production, which can be leveraged in current and future c.....»»

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The Meta Quest 3 is the mixed reality future I’ve been waiting for

After months of anticipation, we finally had a chance to strap on Meta's Quest 3 VR headset, and it's a game-changing device......»»

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Researchers develop advanced wastewater treatment system with promise for greener future

Researchers from King Khalid University have made significant progress in addressing environmental concerns related to the oil industry by developing an advanced wastewater treatment system. The team, led by Dr. Atef El Jery, recently published their.....»»

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Raw material requirements for reducing global poverty calculated by weight for the first time

Today, 1.2 billion people live in poverty. To lift them out of it, an average of about six tons of raw materials are needed per person and year—in particular minerals, fossil fuels, biomass and metal ores. This is the result of a study published in.....»»

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Examining the genesis of CRISPR"s molecular scissors

Genome engineering may be the future of medicine, but it relies on evolutionary advances made billions of years ago in primordial bacteria, the original masters of gene editing......»»

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Ruapehu has had a great ski season, but we need to reimagine the future of NZ"s iconic volcano

As a former competitive snowboarder and instructor, and later a researcher of snow sports, I've been lucky to enjoy ski resorts around the world. But nothing compares to Mount Ruapehu on a good day......»»

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Q&A: Xiaohan Yang on transforming plants for a cleaner future

Scientist Xiaohan Yang's research at the Department of Energy's Oak Ridge National Laboratory focuses on transforming plants to make them better sources of renewable energy and carbon storage......»»

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FCC details plan to restore the net neutrality rules repealed by Ajit Pai

Democrats finally have 3-2 majority needed to regulate ISPs as common carriers. Enlarge / Federal Communication Commission Chairwoman Jessica Rosenworcel, then a commissioner, rallies against repeal of net neutrality rules in Dec.....»»

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Government policies work to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, analysis finds

Policies designed to reduce greenhouse gas emissions have been effective, however more stringent regulations are needed to limit global warming to the Paris temperature goals, finds a new analysis by UCL researchers of international efforts to fight.....»»

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