Tracing changes to the human diet during the transition from hunting to agriculture

A large team of researchers affiliated with a host of institutions across Italy has used DNA found in the dental calculus of ancient peoples to help trace changes to the human diet during the transition from hunting to agriculture in Italy over thous.....»»

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Twitter running major brands’ ads with extremist tweets—until they get flagged

Promoted tweets from "roughly 40 brands" appeared near extremist posts. Enlarge (credit: Anadolu Agency / Contributor | Anadolu Agency) After the US Department of Health and Human Services realized its promoted tweet abo.....»»

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Deal with sophisticated bot attacks: Learn, adapt, improve

A computer program known as a “bot” acts as an agent for a user or another program or mimics human action. Bots are typically used to automate particular tasks so they can be used without specific human instructions. In this Help Net Secu.....»»

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Health Big Data Platform Program takes on responsibility to drive precision medicine in Taiwan

The completion of human genome sequencing has given rise to the trend of precision medicine and prompted governments worldwide to formulate the relevant healthcare policies. Meanwhile, Taiwan's healthcare standard, and information and communication t.....»»

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Jawbone may represent earliest presence of humans in Europe

For over a century, one of the earliest human fossils ever discovered in Spain has been long considered a Neandertal. However, new analysis from an international research team, including scientists at Binghamton University, State University of New Yo.....»»

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Researcher creates algorithms to predict arsenic contamination in private wells

Despite the risks to human health, testing for arsenic isn't required for most private drinking wells in New Jersey. To help address this regulatory gap, a Rutgers researcher developed a machine learning model that can estimate arsenic contamination.....»»

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Enhancing and protecting Canada"s carbon stocks is essential but insufficient to meet GHG emission targets: Report

Enhancing carbon storage in natural ecosystems could put a small but significant dent in Canada's GHG emissions, but an aggressive commitment to reducing human-caused emissions remains critically important, according to a new expert panel report from.....»»

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Long-lived lakes reveal a history of water on Mars

The northern hemisphere of Mars is divided into two broadly distinctive areas: the smooth northern lowlands and the pockmarked southern highlands. The region of Arabia Terra sits along the transition between these two regions and is thought to contai.....»»

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More flexible than we thought: Worms provide new insights into the evolution and diversification of TGF-beta signaling

The TGF-ß cellular signaling network, essential to various functions in all metazoans and involved in many severe human pathologies like autoimmune diseases and cancer, is more flexible than previously thought......»»

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Europe is looking for ways to counter the new US climate law

The European Union should improve its state aid rules and consider more green transition funding to offset possible distortions from the new U.S. climate and tax law, European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen said......»»

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Study finds climate change exacerbates the food gap between North and South Mediterranean countries

The Mediterranean region is widely acknowledged as one of the most exposed in the world to the effects of climate change, water scarcity, biodiversity loss and land degradation, coupled with a nutrition transition of its populations......»»

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Organic aerosols in remote regions are forming clouds and may have an underestimated effect on climate change

A research group from Nagoya University in Japan has developed a model to clarify the importance of analyzing the formation of clouds from human and natural particles. Since many climate models simplify the formation of atmospheric particles from org.....»»

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The future of replacement organs is (quite possibly) here: Robust human intestinal organoids created in a lab

Growing miniature organ-like tissues in the lab is already within our reach. Now, researchers from Japan have developed a new approach that enables intestinal mini-organs to be grown more easily and efficiently in the lab. This holds immense promise.....»»

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Decoding the cell signals between young proteins and their "chaperones"

Of the 25,000 different proteins in the human body, insulin, antibodies, and collagen are among the few that perform their biological jobs by literally folding into 3D shapes......»»

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What does Polly say? Community science data reveal species differences in vocal learning by parrots

While most animals don't learn their vocalizations, everyone knows that parrots do—they are excellent mimics of human speech. But how large is the vocabulary of different parrot species? Do males "talk" more than females? Does a parrot's vocabulary.....»»

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Tri-party effort needed to realize EV ambitions in the future

A global transition to EVs continues despite challenges like charging station scarcity and high car prices lying ahead. To ensure the EV goals set by countries are met in the future, efforts from the government, EV makers and charging point operators.....»»

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Pokémon Scarlet and Violet: shiny hunting guide

If you want to know how to get the best chances of catching rare shiny Pokémon, here's everything you need to know about shiny hunting in Scarlet and Violet......»»

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Researchers suggest the climate crisis requires international minerals agreement

As the United States and other countries around the world begin to transition to utilizing green technologies on a larger scale, it will be necessary to have access to the minerals needed to build the infrastructure for those green technologies......»»

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54% of projects extracting clean energy minerals overlap with Indigenous lands, research reveals

Vast quantities of minerals are needed to accelerate the transition to a clean energy future. Minerals and metals are essential for wind turbines, solar panels, and batteries for electric vehicles. But Indigenous peoples have raised concerns about mo.....»»

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Veeam Backup for Salesforce helps users resolve issues and retrieve data

Veeam Software has launched the new Veeam Backup for Salesforce on Salesforce AppExchange which eliminates the risk of losing Salesforce data and metadata due to human error, integration issues and other data loss scenarios. This new solution from Ve.....»»

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Over a year later, Musk’s Neuralink still 6 months from human trials

Lots of tech in development, but we're still waiting for indications of an application. Enlarge / The on-stage demo of the surgical robot practically extended into the audience. (credit: Neuralink) On Wednesday night, El.....»»

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