Toyota debuts Level 2 automated driving in Lexus LS and Toyota Mirai

Toyota has begun selling its most advanced automated driving system to date in a refreshed Lexus LS sedan and will soon expand deployment to the Mirai fuel cell vehicle......»»

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Oceanographers reveal links between migrating Gulf Stream and warming ocean waters

The Northwest Atlantic Shelf is one of the fastest-changing regions in the global ocean, and is currently experiencing marine heat waves, altered fisheries and a surge in sea level rise along the North American east coast. A new paper, "Changes in th.....»»

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Apple’s new iPad Pros boast MacBook-level M1 chip, XDR display, and 5G

Apple has taken the wraps off of the new iPad Pro, which offers a similar design to previous-generation models, but adds Apple's M1 chip and more......»»

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Why it"s good for kids to have friends from different socioeconomic backgrounds

Friendships that bridge across social class—"cross-class friendships"—can minimize middle school academic achievement differences that are based on the level of parents' education, according to research from the UCLA School Diversity Project......»»

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Atomic-level insights gained for a key lipid-binding protein implicated in cancer 

Scientists at Sanford Burnham Prebys have identified, at an atomic level, how a part of a protein called PLEKHA7 interacts with a cell's membrane to regulate important intercellular communications......»»

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House of Marley debuts eco-friendly wireless speakers just in time for Earth Day

House of Marley is back with another eco-friendly audio product -- the $150 Get Together Duo. These wireless bookshelf speakers can be used alone or as a pair......»»

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Can extreme melt destabilize ice sheets?

Nearly a decade ago, global news outlets reported vast ice melt in the Arctic as sapphire lakes glimmered across the previously frozen Greenland Ice Sheet, one of the most important contributors to sea-level rise. Now researchers have revealed the lo.....»»

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ASE stepping up purchases of automated wire-bonding machines

Taiwan's top OSAT company ASE Technology Holding has been stepping up its purchases of more automated wire-bonding packaging machines to expand capacity for clients, while also enhancing its smart production deployments, according to industry sources.....»»

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Eris to invest NT$300 million in automated production

Diode maker Eris Technology has disclosed plans to invest about NT$300 million (US$10.66 million) in the second phase of its automated production line expansion......»»

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Elon Musk Denies Autopilot Use In Fatal Tesla Crash Where Police Claim "No One Was Driving"

Rei writes: After a Tesla crash in The Woodlands killed two people last Saturday night, news reports were quick to jump to the conclusion that Autopilot (or even FSD) was being used and led to the strange crash, in which investigators reported nobody.....»»

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Who will win the self-driving race? Here are eight possibilities

The state of the self-driving industry, from Argo to Zoox. Enlarge (credit: Emanuel M Schwermer) The self-driving technology industry is in a strange state right now. A number of companies have been pouring millions of dollars into self-drivin.....»»

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How to Alter Session Date Format in Oracle

Learn how to alter the date format at the session-level in Oracle in this quick database tutorial......»»

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Outriders: All Legendary weapons and how to get them

Legendary Weapons are the main driving force behind Outriders' endgame builds. Here's everything you need to know, along with a full list of Legendary Weapons......»»

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Understanding interfaces of hybrid materials with machine learning

Using machine learning methods, researchers at TU Graz can predict the structure formation of functionalized molecules at the interfaces of hybrid materials. Now they have also succeeded in looking behind the driving forces of this structure formatio.....»»

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AutoX partners with Arbe to bring ultra-high resolution radars to its autonomous vehicle fleet

Tel Aviv-based ultra-high resolution radar startup Arbe Robotics has a new customer: Chinese autonomous driving company AutoX, which has procured 400,000 Arbe-based radar systems to go in its Level 4 fleet. The companies said in a statement that Arbe.....»»

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Volvo to supply cars for Didi’s global autonomous driving fleets

As the autonomous driving race in China heats up, Didi is rushing to expand its car fleets by picking Swedish automaker Volvo, an old partner of Uber, as its ally. Didi said on Monday it will be using the XC90 SUVs of Volvo, which has been owned by C.....»»

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Genesis says first EV will have sporty acceleration, generous range

Genesis unveiled a battery-powered version of its G80 sedan as the brand's first full-electric model, promising sporty acceleration and a generous driving range......»»

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Volvo will provide XC90s for Didi"s self-driving test fleet

Volvo will provide XC90s to the autonomous driving technology unit of China's top ride-hailing firm, Didi Chuxing, for its self-driving test fleet......»»

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SpaceX has given up trying to catch rocket fairings—fishing them out of the ocean is fine

If there is one driving force in the commercial space industry it is economics. The whole concept of reusable booster rocket emphasizes the importance of getting launch costs down. SpaceX, the company leading the charge in trying to bring launch cost.....»»

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Tesla with ‘no one’ driving crashes in Texas, killing 2

One victim was found in the front passenger seat of a 2019 Model S and the other was in the rear, Harris County police said......»»

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Tesla with ‘no one’ driving crashes in Texas, killing 2 men

One of the victims was in the front passenger seat and the other was in the rear, according to an NBC affiliate in Houston, which didn't report whether the Autopilot feature was engaged......»»

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