Tired of Zoom Calls? Try Beaming in on a Hologram

Holographic tech in the corporate sector is rapidly advancing, but will today’s hybrid workplace see widespread adoption? Holograms, in the post-COVID hybrid workforce, may be joining in-person attendees at business conferences befo.....»»

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The most common Zoom problems and how to fix them

Here are some of the most common Zoom problems and how to troubleshoot them. From issues with your video to problems sharing your screen, we've got you covered......»»

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G7 Calls on Russia To Crack Down on Ransomware Gangs

In light of the recent wave of high-profile ransomware attacks that have caused havoc in the US and Europe, the member states of the G7 group have called on Russia and other countries to crack down on ransomware gangs operating within their borders......»»

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Barks in the night lead to the discovery of new species

The raucous calls of tree hyraxes—small, herbivorous mammals—reverberate through the night in the forests of West and Central Africa, but their sound differs depending on the location......»»

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New Battlefield gameplay trailer reveals more features, calls back to old titles

While we saw a number of new mechanics in the Battlefield 2042 trailer today, it also confirmed that the game will call back to Battlefield 3 and 4......»»

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Microsoft"s GitHub Releases "Visual Studio Code" Extension Allowing Editing Without Cloning Repositories

A new extension for Microsoft's code-editing tool, Visual Studio Code, "allows you to open, edit, and commit back to source-control repos without having to clone them on your local machine," explains a new video. A Microsoft blog post calls it "a n.....»»

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UNESCO report calls for investments in science in the face of growing crises

Spending on science worldwide increased (+19 percent) between 2014 and 2018, as did the number of scientists (+13.7 percent). This trend has been further boosted by the COVID crisis, according to UNESCO's new science report, "The Race against Time fo.....»»

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Novel liquid crystal metalens offers electric zoom

Researchers from Cornell University's School of Applied and Engineering Physics and Samsung's Advanced Institute of Technology have created a first-of-its-kind metalens—a metamaterial lens—that can be focused using voltage instead of mechanically.....»»

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The First "Google Translate" For Elephants Debuts

An anonymous reader quotes a report from Scientific American: Elephants possess an incredibly rich repertoire of communication techniques, including hundreds of calls and gestures that convey specific meanings and can change depending on the context......»»

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How to Protect Species and Save the Planet—at Once

A major new report calls on humanity to tackle the biodiversity and climate crises simultaneously. Here's what that might look like......»»

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How cities can avoid "green gentrification" and make urban forests accessible

Many people have developed stronger relationships with urban nature during the pandemic. Some have enjoyed views of nearby trees and gardens during periods of isolation, taken walks after Zoom-filled days or socialized at a distance with friends in l.....»»

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Biden To Revoke and Replace Trump"s Executive Order That Sought To Ban TikTok

President Biden on Wednesday will revoke a Trump-era executive order that sought to ban the popular app TikTok and replace it with one that calls for a broader review of a number of foreign-controlled applications that could pose a security risk to A.....»»

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Floyd Mayweather vs. Logan Paul Will Be Another Piracy Bonanza

This weekend, boxing legend Floyd Mayweather will fight YouTuber Logan Paul for bragging rights, and the not insignificant prospect of tens of millions of dollars each, whatever the outcome. Despite calls from anti-piracy groups for people to watch t.....»»

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As targets $6B+ IPO valuation, Zoom and Salesforce commit $150M

As the company is expected to price tomorrow and trade Thursday, we're looking at data that could prove final, unless manages to push its IPO price range higher, or prices above estimates. Team management software company Monday......»»

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Report calls for "comprehensive action" to tackle poverty in UK city

Rising unemployment, inadequate benefits and low paid work are the main causes of poverty and destitution in Stoke-on-Trent according to the findings of a new study......»»

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Apple announces FaceTime updates

Over a year into a global pandemic, Apple announced some major updates to its FaceTime app at WWDC 2021, which will be available in iOS 15. Notably, Android users will now be able to join in on FaceTime calls, posing some competition to apps like Zoo.....»»

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Apple refines iOS 15 notifications with Focus, Summary features

As part of the update to iOS 15, Apple will allow iPhone users to better customize how they want to be notified about incoming calls, texts or updates from apps based on their current status. With the new Focus feature instead of just silencing calls.....»»

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FaceTime is Coming To Android and Windows Via the Web

Android and Windows users will finally be able to join FaceTime calls. From a report: During its WWDC keynote, Apple announced that FaceTime is going to be available on the web so users can call in from Android devices and Windows PCs. The video call.....»»

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Apple unveils iOS 15 with new features for post-pandemic life

Apple kicked off its annual developers conference on Monday by unveiling new features on iOS 15 that cater to our lives as the world begins to emerge from the pandemic, including updates to video calls on FaceTime and digital keys in Apple Wallet as.....»»

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Judge"s Ruling Calls Disney"s Star Wars Sequels "Mediocre" and "Schlocky"

"It is now written in the annals of legal history that Disney's Star Wars sequels, specifically The Last Jedi and The Rise of Skywalker, are mediocre," writes MovieWeb: This, according to Ninth Circuit Court Judge Kenneth K. Lee, who recently referr.....»»

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Carriers Agree To Start Sharing Vertical Location Data For 911 Calls

The three major carriers in the U.S. have now agreed to start providing vertical location data for 911 calls, which will help first responders quickly locate 911 callers in multi-story buildings. XDA Developers reports: The FCC wrote in its announcem.....»»

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