Tiny TnpB: The next-generation genome editing tool for plants unveiled

Genome editing stands as one of the most transformative scientific breakthroughs of our time. It allows us to dive into the very code of life and make precise modifications. Imagine being able to rewrite the genetic instructions that determine almost.....»»

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OpenAI reportedly nears breakthrough with “reasoning” AI, reveals progress framework

Under new classification, Level 2 AI can perform "human-level problem solving." Enlarge (credit: Getty Images) OpenAI recently unveiled a five-tier system to gauge its advancement toward developing artificial general in.....»»

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Complex impact of large wildfires on ozone layer dynamics unveiled

In a revelation that highlights the fragile balance of our planet's atmosphere, scientists from China, Germany, and the U.S. have uncovered an unexpected link between massive wildfire events and the chemistry of the ozone layer. Published in Science.....»»

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Visualization tool helps oceanographers predict sediment sample hotspots

A new data visualization tool designed by a Georgia Tech Ph.D. student is helping a team of microbial ecologists, geobiologists, and oceanographers gain more insight into how deep-sea microorganisms interact within their environment......»»

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Webb captures a Penguin and an Egg for its two-year anniversary

Today, July 12, marks two years since the first images from the James Webb Space Telescope were unveiled, and scientists have release a new image to celebrate......»»

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free watchband when you preorder the Galaxy Watch Ultra

The next generation of the Samsung smartwatch is here. Preorder the Galaxy Watch Ultra today and get a second watchband for free!.....»»

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Deals: Apple’s current iPad 10 down at $319, Apple Pencil from $69, 13-inch M2 iPad Air $729, AirPods Pro 2, more

Today’s Apple deals are now up for grabs down below. We have a solid offer on the iPad 10th Gen for folks looking to score a casual current-generation Apple tablet without breaking the bank. That deal joins new all-time low pricing on the most affo.....»»

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Arduino’s Plug and Make Kit lets your hacking imagination run wild, sans solder

Daisy-chain tiny boards into weather stations, game controllers, and way more. Enlarge / Having this on the wall, right by your front door, would serve the purpose of informing guests where your priorities lie. (credit: Arduino).....»»

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Jaguar Land Rover will ax five "zero profit" models this year

Jaguar's lineup will be reduced to just one model ahead of the launches of new-generation EVs......»»

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Prussian blue analogs unlock affordable, long-lasting lithium-ion batteries

Prussian blue (PB), a well-known pigment used to dye jeans, has been recognized as an emerging material for next-generation batteries. A team of researchers, led by Professor Hyun-Wook Lee in the School of Energy and Chemical Engineering at UNIST has.....»»

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Evolutionary biologists investigate how plant cold specialists can adapt to the environment

Plant cold specialists like the spoonworts have adapted well to the cold climates of the Ice Ages. As cold and warm periods alternated, they developed a number of species that also resulted in a proliferation of the genome......»»

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Earliest known ancestors of scorpions were tiny sea beasts

A local fossil collector in Morocco found the specimen decades ago. Enlarge (credit: UNIVERSITY OF LAUSANNE) In the early 2000s, local fossil collector Mohamed ‘Ou Said’ Ben Moula discovered numerous fossils at Fezou.....»»

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Securely propagating entanglement at the push of a button

Entanglement, Einstein's "spooky action at a distance," today is THE tool of quantum information science. It is the essential resource for quantum computers and used to transmit quantum information in a future quantum network. But it is highly sensit.....»»

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The new AI tool that was deemed ‘too dangerous’ to release

The AI system will be available "for research purposes only" for the foreseeable future......»»

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Hurry! AirPods 3 are down to $129 at Walmart for just a few more hours

Want a brand-new pair of Apple AirPods? The third-generation version of these popular buds are on sale at Walmart for just $130!.....»»

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9to5Mac Daily: July 11, 2024 – iPhone camera rumors, Apple and Google’s new tool

On today’s episode of 9to5Mac Daily, we discuss the news that the iPhone 16 Pro will get the same 5x zoom camera as the Pro Max, with bigger upgrades expected next year. We also cover Apple’s new feature that makes it easier to switch from Google.....»»

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Wild plants and crops don"t make great neighbors: Study finds pathogens spill from one population to the other

Native plants and non-native crops do not fare well in proximity to one another, attracting pests that spread diseases in both directions, according to two new UC Riverside studies......»»

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Kanguru’s hardware-based internal SEDs secure data on laptops, tablets, and computers

Kanguru has unveiled its latest security product line aimed at helping organizations safeguard sensitive data on laptops, tablets, and computers. The new hardware-based internal Self-Encrypting Drives (SEDs) are high-performance solid state drives de.....»»

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Should there be an Apple Ring with health tracking and gesture support? [Poll]

Health and fitness tracking is the primary pitch of the Apple Watch, but has the time now arrived for the option of a more compact device in the form of an Apple Ring? Samsung yesterday unveiled its Galaxy Ring, which collects health data (includi.....»»

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WhatsApp voice messages are about to handy transcription tool

It looks like WhatsApp is testing out a new feature that will allow users to create transcripts for voice messages. The post WhatsApp voice messages are about to get a handy transcription tool appeared first on Phandroid. WhatsApp, like ma.....»»

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Elon Musk’s Neuralink Is Ready to Implant a Second Volunteer

In a livestreamed update on X, Elon Musk and Neuralink executives gave an update on the company's next study participant—and its next-generation brain implant......»»

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